Fixturlaser Shaft 30 Product Brochure

Fixturlaser Shaft 30 Product Brochure
Fast, easy and accurate alignment of rotating machines, pumps, drives, etc.
The Fixturlaser
Shaft 30 system in
Fully upgradeable to
include advanced
shaft alignment, roll
alignment and geometric measurements
Live values provide
easy adjustments
Measurement resolution down to 0,01 mm
Bolt bound and base
bound solutions
Shaft Alignment System
Measurement and alignment
The Fixturlaser Shaft30 is an advanced alignment
system providing functions for measuring and
aligning machines.
tool displaying only the necessary information.
The system is self intuitive and guides the user
towards a perfect alignment result.
The Fixturlaser Shaft30 is an entry level to the
Fixturlaser alignment platform. It is an easy-to-use
tool that anyone can use for the shaft alignment
process. It includes pre-alignment functions and
memory management.
Touch screen technology
The user interface is entirely based upon icons and
graphics. The touch sensitive screen provides the
user with a clear and easily operated alignment
The Fixturlaser Shaft30 can be upgraded adding
more comprehensive functions protecting your
investment and allowing you to upgrade with
future functions and developments, whenever your
pro-cess requires it.
The Fixturlaser Shaft30 comes with the following
• Shaft alignment of horizontal machines
• Shaft alignment of vertical machines
• Memory management
• Repeatability test
• Softcheck™ – soft foot measurement
• Feetlock – bolt bound and base bound solutions
• Tripoint - alignment with limited rotation
The Fixturlaser ® Shaft 3 0*
1 Robust aluminum case
2 Combined transmitter/detector units
1 Display unit with software
2 Chain fixtures
2 Cables
1 Manual
AC adapter
Fixturlaser Documenter PC software Measurement result database
Fixture for narrow space (10 mm)
Non-rotating shafts accessories
Leatherette; Protection cover for the
display unit
Thin chain fixtures
System printer
Upgrade packages
The only information required to enter is the measurement values shown above in order to perform a
precision alignment.
Three readings are required in order to determine
the machine's position. The tripoint method provides
a quick and easy way to register the readings. The
result is instantly displayed on the screen with all
relevant information.
Angular and offset errors as well as the current foot
positions of the movable machine are displayed
on the screen. All values are continuously updated
during adjustment, guiding the operator to a perfect
Technical specification*
Measuring distance
Displayed measurement result resolution
Operating temperature range
Detector size
Power supply
Operating time
Weight complete system
Up to 7 meters
0,01 mm
0-40° C
10 x 10 mm
Standard batteries, 4 x 1,5 volt
Depending on operation cycle 10 - 20 hrs
9 kg
* Specifications are subject to changes without notice.
Our representatives are all engineers and technicians with special knowledge and training in the
latest measurement and alignment techniques. An
extensive service program is provided to support
Box 7
SE-431 21 Mölndal
Tel: + 46 31 706 28 00
Fax: + 46 31 706 28 50
all our customers. It includes telephone assistance,
hardware repairs and software updates, as well as
training and consultation regarding measurement
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