33.6W Power over Ethernet Waterproof Adapter
PoE Plus Single Port Injector for Outdoor Application
 Compliant with the IEEE802.3at Standard
 -40 to +60°C Temperature Range
 Diagnostic LEDs
 Full Protection OCP, OVP
 Gigabit Compatible
 Non-Vented Case with Mounting Bracket
 IP67 Rating (Waterproof)
 Optional Cable Glands for waterproof
operation (sold separately)
 1 Year Warranty
 Outdoor Security Cameras
 Outdoor Emergency Lighting
 Outdoor Wireless Access Points
Safety Approvals
 cUL/UL
 CE
Mechanical Characteristics (without Mounting Bracket)
 Height: 78mm (3.07in)
 Length: 252.1mm (9.93in)
 Width: 176mm (6.93in)
 Weight: 1.7Kg (3.75lb)
Mechanical Characteristics (with Mounting Bracket)
 Height: 82mm (3.23)
 Length: 300mm (11.81in)
 Width: 184mm (7.24in)
 Weight: 2.83kg (6.24lb)
Output Specifications
DC Output
Min. Max.
54-57Vdc under all conditions
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Revision 5/9/2014
POE33U Characteristics
AC Input Voltage Range
AC Input Current
Voltage Dips
1.0A (RMS) and 90VAC at maximum load
.55A (RMS) and 240VAC at maximum load
Insulation Resistance
AC Input Frequency
Primary to Secondary: >10M OHM 500VDC
Primary to Field Ground: >10M OHM 500VDC
90 to 264VAC
AC Input Voltage Rating
100 to 240VAC
Level 3
Level 3
Level 2
Level 3
Level 3
Class A
47 to 63Hz
Over Voltage/Current, Short Circuit Protection
Leakage Current
3.5mA for 254VAC, 50Hz
Max Inrush Current
30A for 115VAC at maximum load
60A for 230VAC at maximum load
The output is equipped with short-circuit, over-voltage
and over-load protection as per the 802.3at specification,
and conforms to UL60950-1 paragraph 2.2.3. The output
can be shorted permanently without damage
LED 1: Input power “ON”
LED 2: Detected a valid IEEE802.3at Class 4 load
LED 3: Detect and Connected to a valid IEEE802.3af
Total Output Power
Ripple and Regulation
Input Connector
250mV maximum
70% (typical) at maximum load, and 120VAC 60Hz
Output PoE Connector
-40 to +60°C
-40 to +85°C
Output PoE Connection
5 to 90%
Input/Output Case Ports
3 pin terminal block with M3.5 screw terminal; for
appropriate connection use minimum 14AWG wire and
M3.5 spade lug
FCC Part 15 Class B
EN55022 Class B
Isolation Test
Primary to Secondary: 4242 VDC for 1 minute, 10mA
Primary to Field Ground: 2121VDC for 1 minute, 10mA
Output to Field Ground: 2121VDC for 1 minute, 10mA
+pins 3, 6 / -pins 1, 2
3 ¾ NPT holes compatible with standard ¾ NPT conduit
piping or Phihong wire gland PGLAND750 with fully
waterproof AC and RJ45 cables.
Network Switch
Network Switch must be Environment Rated B as per
paragraph of the IEEE802.3at standard.
1 Year
POE33U Dimension Diagram unit:mm
Single Cable Gland - PGLAND750* Dimension Diagram unit:mm
Double Cable Gland - PGLAND750-2* Dimension Diagram unit:mm
Note *: Cable Glands are sold separately
Safety Procedures – General Precautions
General - Please read the following precautions
carefully before installing and connecting the
system to a power source.
Note – Only qualified and trained service personnel
(in accordance with IEC 60950 and AS/NZS 3260)
should install, replace, or service the equipment.
Install the system in accordance with Country,
National or to the U.S. National Electric Code if
you are in the United States.
4. The POE33U power injector enclosure has
3 threaded (¾ NPT) openings to
accommodate waterproof / water tight
conduit and or cable glands. WARNING:
To ensure protection against ingress of
water, the connection(s) of the conduit and
or cable glands are threaded with Teflon
tape all the way through the holes in an
enclosure wall.
1. The building facilities in which the product
will be used must provide Isolation to the
main AC Input connector. This connection
requires a fuse or circuit breaker no larger
than 20A for 120 VAC (U.S.A.) or 16A,
230 VAC (international). The building
facilities must protect the PoE33U Power
injector from over current or short-circuits.
2. The POE33U power injector enclosure is
IP67 tested which provides degrees of
protection against access to hazardous
parts, dust and against ingress of water. To
ensure protection against ingress of water,
torque captive screws (4 places) in an “X”
pattern to > 27 inch pound. –Only qualified
service personal should install, replace or
service this equipment. Before connecting,
visit “www.midspans.com” for the latest up
to date specification and contact
3. The POE33U power injector enclosure
must be mounted vertically but not
orientation limited. The enclosure is
provided with a steel 2mm thick zinc plated
mounting bracket. When mounting utilize
the holes in the mounting bracket plate
(10mm holes) 8 places. The preferred
method of mounting is to a vertical 4 inch
or 6 inch pole using 2”3/8 x 16” U-bolts. If
mounting on a flat surface, to sheetrock or
wood and or others material, use 4 M6
fasteners. Other fasteners may be used, but
hardware must be sized to support 4-5
times the weight of the unit.
The POE33U power injector AC input
connector (located inside enclosure) is a 3
pin terminal block 9.5mm, rated 20 A, 250
V, with M3.5 Nickel Plated steel screws.
The incoming 3 wire/cable must be
minimum 14AWG and or in accordance
with Country, National Electric Code.
6. The POE33U Power injector consists of
“Data & Power” ports. The ports are
providing TNV-1 outputs. The ports use
RJ-45 data sockets.
Do not connect
telephone cables into these ports. Only RJ45 data cables with waterproof / water tight
connections may be connected to these
7. To prevent the POE33U Power injector
from overheating, do not operate the
product in an area that exceeds the
temperature of -40 ºC to +60 ºC.
Do not work on the POE33U Power
injector or connect or disconnect cables,
during periods of lightning activity.
9. The AC connector wire combination must
be accessible at all times, as it serves as the
main disconnect device to the product.
10. Before servicing the product, always
disconnect the product from its AC source.
11. Equipment is for Pollution degree 2
12. Disposal of this product should abide by all
appropriate National laws and regulations.
Installation Instructions
1) The unit is packaged fully closed with the
mounting bracket pre-installed; remove from
packaging and loosen the four captive screws
located at the top of the midspan so that the lid
can be lifted easily.
2) Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the four
screws holding the protective covering for the
PC Board, and the two screws for the protective
covering over the AC terminal block.
3) Connect cable glands (PGLAND750) or ¾ NPT
conduit piping to the face of the midspan.
Ensure that connectors are fully installed to
guarantee waterproof operation.
4) To better enable waterproof operation it is
recommended that installers use Teflon tape to
cover threads before installation. Users may
also wish to use silicon sealant to further protect
from ingress of liquid.
5) Thread outdoor rated waterproof AC cable
(must comply with all local, national and
country electrical codes) from source through
piping/gland to the terminal block. The AC
cable will need to be a minimum of 14AWG
and terminated with M3.5 spade lugs. Pair and
secure ground, line, and neutral to the
appropriate positions on the three pin terminal
block and reattach the protective covering.
Note: if using the cable gland PGLAND750, the
outer seal nut needs to be fully tightened to
close rubber seal to protect against ingress of
6) Using waterproof outdoor rated Cat5e Ethernet
cable, thread through cable glands or conduit
piping to the appropriate RJ45 connector and
ensure each portal is properly sealed.
7) Reattach the protective covering over the PC
board and terminal blocks and re-close the lid.
Ensure that the four captive screws are fully
tightened before operation can commence.
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