Core Facilities 1

Core Facilities 1
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Wordlength, Dither and Noise
The Dither configuration provides digital audio formatting controls, with options
that allow you to select the most suitable wordlength and dither for each
piece of audio. Alongside these, noise shaping allows you to move the noise
introduced by quantisation to less obtrusive (i.e. higher frequency) areas of the
audio spectrum. CEDAR Cambridge provides five wordlength options, four dither
sources, and five noise shaping options.
Multi-channel Metering
The CEDAR Cambridge Metering module provides simultaneous amplitude
metering of all channels selected in the Channel Selector, so you can monitor
levels on all eight channels at any stage of the processing chain. It provides
four items of information for each channel: RMS Power, Peak Amplitude, Peak
Hold with a hold time of one second, and Peak Hold since the most recent reset.
The CEDAR Cambridge Metering module is designed with reference to AES17,
BS6840: Part 18: 1996 and IEC-60268-18.
Making CEDAR Cambridge the complete audio processing system
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C EDAR Au d io Lt d + 4 4 1223 88 1 7 7 1
C EDAR Au d io U SA + 1 207 8 28 0 0 2 4
C EDAR De u t s c h la n d + 4 9 5 481 9 4 5 0 8 7
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