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the Data Sheet Here
BroadWorks® Assistant-Enterprise
The BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise is an integrated toolbar
that enables users to make and accept telephone calls, and
change telephone settings, from within Microsoft Outlook and
Internet Explorer. The BroadWorks Assistant is a carrier class,
lightweight desktop communications product for everyday users of
Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.
BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise Overview
The BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise is a feature-rich
desktop toolbar, with user controls to access voice services
efficiently, that is fully integrated with the BroadWorks
platform. The toolbar delivers the following features and
benefits to users:
Microsoft Outlook edition has key integration features
such as outbound click-to-dial from Outlook contacts and
right-click to dial from email messages
Suitable for corporate, SOHO, and high-end residential
User help functions available during any operation with
HTML user manual built into the applications
Internet Explorer edition allows users to highlight web
page number and right-click to dial
Call notifications with caller identification from
BroadWorks and Microsoft Outlook directories
Full call control (answer or soft pickup, hold, end, 3-way
conference and transfer or retrieve voicemail
Add Microsoft Outlook contact v-cards for new incoming
Easily change telephony service settings such as Sim
Ring, Call Forward All, Call Forward No Answer, Call
Forward Busy, Do Not Disturb, and Remote Office
Internet explorer edition allows automatic log-in to your
web portal
View group and personal directories
View Call History
The BroadWorks Assistant - Enterprise offers the following
significant benefits to carriers:
‘Heavyweight’ functionality in a lightweight application
Reduced need for desktop support when compared to
standard desktop applications
The ability to sell value added or premium services within
the same application framework
Full interoperability with the BroadWorks platform
Efficient Interface- The BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise toolbar provides an extremely simple yet efficient toolbar
interface for configuring services and controlling calls. Only key services are displayed to facilitate quick access and
avoid desktop clutter.
Call Control- BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise boasts an extremely user friendly interface and logical workflow that
makes call management a breeze.
Caller Identification- BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise checks an incoming number against your Microsoft Outlook
and BroadWorks Group Directory contacts so that you know who is calling and can more effectively manage the calls
you take.
Call History- BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise keeps a record of calls missed, received and dialed so that you have a
record of recent communications activity.
Basic Branding- As a fully integrated toolbar, BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise allows you to change a few icons and
colors to allow service providers to achieve simple but effective product branding.
Services Integration- Make and change all your telephone settings within BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise through
easy to use configuration screens, without leaving your desktop applications.
Simple Maintenance- BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise employs the latest technology to keep users up-to-date with
new releases. The silent upgrade procedure includes support for HTTP/SOCKS 4/5 proxies, and can be customized by
Assured Reliability- BroadWorks Assistant’s design and network architecture ensures excellent reliability. The
telephony controls are abstracted from the core of the communications network.
©2007 BroadSoft®, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential; Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute
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BroadWorks Assistant – Enteprise Key Features
Caller ID- identification of calling party for incoming calls
Call History- Access Call Logs of missed, received and
dialed numbers from within Internet Explorer and
Microsoft Outlook with one click
Callee ID- identification of called party for outgoing calls
Call Control – Dial- dial a number and BroadWorks
Assistant – Enterprise will also auto-answer local alerting
Outlook Contact Integration- Dial Microsoft outlook
contacts from Contacts pane or vCard. Add unmatched
inbound callers to v-cards.
Keyword Directory Search- Search across group,
personal, and Microsoft Outlook directories
Call Control – Answer- soft-pickup inbound calls using
toast notification
Directory Sorting- Sort contacts in group/personal
Call Control – Transfer to Voicemail- divert incoming
calls to voicemail (using the pop-up toast feature) when it
is inconvenient to answer.
Basic Skinning Support- Change key visual elements to
brand the toolbar
Call Control – Click-to-Dial- dial phone numbers from
within a web page/browser or from directories
Silent Installation Support- Support for silent installs via
managed network
Internationalization Support- BroadWorks Assistant –
Enterprise supports localization to your chosen language
Configurable Soft Buttons- Set URLs for dynamic soft
Auto Update Support- BroadWorks Assistant –
Enterprise transparently checks for updates and notifies
the user if a new version is available. Enterprise level
proxy servers are also supported.
BroadWorks Deployment Studio- Tools designed to
simplify branding, pre-configuration and deployment of the
BroadWorks Assistant Enterprise client
Customize Toolbar- Modify the position of the toolbar in
Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook
Lightweight Footprint- BroadWorks Assistant –
Enterprise takes up little system resources with minimal
impact on host applications. Storage of all service settings
is centrally located in the hosted environment to ensure
data integrity.
Call Control – 3 Way Conference- initiate 3-way
conference feature within the toolbar
Configure Services- support for managing BroadWorks
services including Call Forwarding, Anonymous Call
Rejection, DND, Simultaneous Ringing, Remote Office,
and Voicemail from within Internet Explorer and Microsoft
BroadWorks Web Portal Auto-Login- automatically
login into the BroadWorks Web Portal without having to
enter your username and password
External Caller ID Delivery- provides calling line ID
information for external callers
Internal Caller ID Delivery- provides calling line ID
information of group member when called
Automatic Call-Back- allows you to monitor a busy
party in your group and automatically establish a call
when the busy party is available
Speed Dial 8/100 Directory- support for speed dial 8
and 100 services (abbreviated dialing)
Help- User guide for assisting users in understanding all
the capabilities of BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise
Call Waiting- answer a call while already in another call
BroadWorks Integration- Tight integration with the
BroadWorks platform interfaces with ongoing version
Manage Services- toggle service such as call
forwarding, do not disturb, and remote office with a click
of a button on the BroadWorks Assistant – Enterprise
BroadWorks OCS Support- Ongoing support and
interoperability with the BroadWorks Open Client Server
(OCS) for switch integration
Service Licensing Integration- BroadWorks Assistant –
Enterprise integrates seamlessly adhering to central
BroadWorks platform licensing/service activation
Personal/Group Directory- Access personal directory
and group directories from within Microsoft Outlook and
Internet Explorer and dial contacts with one click
LDAP- Support for LDAP corporate directory standard
©2007 BroadSoft®, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential; Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute
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