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Boylan Speed
Speed Advisory Sign: Compact, Low-cost Solution for Curbing Speed
Features & Benefits
Records and flashes the speed a driver is
travelling at, then switches to “Slow Down”
if the driver has exceeded the speed limit.
Programmable smart technology recognises varying
Data Logger
time zone speeds, including school holidays.
TrafficAnalyzer™ collects data on individual
Standard Bluetooth connection and operation.
vehicles by date, time, and speed of the
Solar powered, battery or mains; large selection
of programming options.
vehicle. It generates predefined reports
and provides access to the raw data.
Head Office
Head Office
Unit 8, 42 Peter Brock Drive,
Eastern Creek, NSW, 2766
E info@boylan.net.au
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Road Safety Products | Boylan SpeedCheck
Solar Powered Option
SpeedCheck Specifications
Superior visibility in all conditions; Safety Mask™
Case Studies
Company Car Parks
prevents viewing of the sign outside of driver’s normal
The OH&S manager of a large Sydney corporation was
field of vision.
concerned at the level of speeding in the
Vandalism protection –an unbreakable window, in
company’s car parks.
combination with internal components that flex up to
6cm, allow the SpeedCheck display to survive a
substantial direct blow without damage.
Integrated Violation Alert, High Speed Cut-off
The manager authorised the trial of two
SpeedCheck signs fitted with a digital camera that could
email the images of offending vehicles back to her PC.
and optional Slow Down Message at user-defined
The trial was so successful in curbing speeding, that the
speed thresholds.
signs are now a permanent fixture.
Displays speeds from 5km/h to 99km/h.
QuickChange™ brackets enable signs to be moved
easily between several locations.
Road Works
Attaches to mounting pole with U-bolts, clamps,
The Gold Coast Bulletin (October 2, 2010) reports on an
or stainless-steel banding.
initiative aimed at increasing safety for road workers.
Portable pole-mounted and boot-mounted
The SpeedCheck sign made a “big difference” in slowing
options available.
drivers, according to road worker Craig Fletcher. “I have
two kids and I like to go home at the end of the day,” he
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