Technical Data Sheet - Pump controller type ABS PC 111

Technical Data Sheet - Pump controller type ABS PC 111
Pump Controller Type ABS PC 111
Features: Technical specifications:
Ambient operating temperature:
-20 to +50 °C
Ambient storage temperature:
-30 to +80 °C
DIN Rail 35 mm
0-95 % RH non condensing
HxWxD 118x128x72 mm
Depth 55 from panel surface
Power supply:
230 VAC (210-250 V)
Power consumption:
30 mA 230 VAC, 120 mA 12 V DC
Max load on relays:
250 VAC, 4 A, 100 VA resistive load
Digital input voltage:
5-34 V DC
Digital input resistance:
5 kohm
Analogue sensor:
4-20 mA
Analogue input resistance:
110 ohm
Temperature sensor:
PTC, limit >3 kohm
Leakage sensor:
Limit 50 kohm
Analogue input resolution:
12 bits
Max. length of I/O cables:
30 meters
Charge current for battery:
Max. 80 mA, 13.7 V DC
0.45 kg
Pump controller type ABS PC 111 2015-11-10 | We reserve the rights to alter specifications due to technical developments.
* Pump start/stop with level-sensor or float switch
* Hand-0-auto switch
* Output for start capacitor
* Output for pump reverse
* Illuminated display
* Level/Pressure indication: m, ft, bar
* Jog-knob for easy menu selection/programming
* Built-in current transformer * Delta Cos φ for pump stop/dry running protection
* Pump exercise timer
* Max running time function
* Input for temperature sensor
* Input for leakage sensor
* Input for battery backup
* Built-in battery charger
* Input for high-level float switch
* Input for pump blocking
* Alarm contact
* Pump reverse function
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