Solutions for the future [PDF, 11,1 MB]

Solutions for the future [PDF, 11,1 MB]
Solutions for the future
Solutions for the future
Together with customers and partners, we design solutions for the future using
trend-setting connection and automation technology. Wherever they will be
needed – in traffic infrastructure, E-Mobility, clean water, regenerative energies,
and intelligent power supply networks or energy-efficient machine building and
systems manufacturing.
The basis for our future-oriented solutions are industry-specific know-how and
innovative products. Because a solution is only truly inspiring if it meets the
expectations of our customers. This can be an innovative device with a specific
function – or an entire automation system.
Find out for yourself!
Solutions for wind power
Solutions for solar energy
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Smar t grids
Solutions for E-Mobility
Solutions for power transmission and distribution
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Energy Supply
Water Supply
Solutions for oil and gas
Solutions for water and wastewater treatment
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Solutions for the automotive industry
Solutions for traffic infrastructure
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Solutions for wind power
Harsh environmental conditions and long lifecycles – wind power plants place
high demands on electrical engineering. Phoenix Contact offers you innovative
and reliable solutions for the automation of your wind power plants. This allows
you to minimize downtimes and utilize your wind power plant as efficiently as
possible. As an automation specialist, we also support you with our safety
services in implementing the Machinery Directive.
Stefan Gallmann,
Industrial Manager
Industry requirements
Trend topic
The wind energy sector demands
products that can withstand the
extreme conditions. Another
important role is played by the
connection to the power grid and
maintenance that can be scheduled.
• Wide temperature range for use in
extreme heat and cold
• High degree of resistance to shock
and vibration
• Varying standards and guidelines
depending on region
• Conformance with Machinery
Directive through certification
Status monitoring
Maintenance activities for wind power plants
are extensive and thus expensive. With
monitoring systems, you will always see all
the relevant values and can plan according to
demand. For example, utilize the Hermes
award-winning LM-S lightning current
measuring system for online monitoring of
rotor blades.
Example solution: Rotor Blade Tension Monitoring
The Rotor Blade Tension Monitoring (RBTM) is part of an
overall wind energy segment solution from Phoenix Contact
with matching controllers, integrated load monitoring and
lightning protection up to supply management.
RBTM measures the load of the rotor blades and forwards
the resulting information to the monitoring system. This
allows early detection of damage and more efficient
scheduling of repair tasks.
Our answer: Networking industry know-how with innovative products and
customer-specific applications into comprehensive solutions
Your benefits
One-stop automation: With
electrotechnical turn-key solutions
for automating wind power plants
Higher availability of wind power plant
through temperature and shockresistant components
Controllers and I/O systems
Speed monitoring
Plant protection
Axiocontrol controllers and Axioline I/O
systems are all designed for the harsh
operating conditions in a wind power plant. It
is based on a very stable housing and an
integrated uninterruptible power supply.
Together, Axiocontrol and Axioline offer the
best control performance thanks to direct
bus connection.
Monitoring relays
offer functional
safety: They monitor
speeds and
downtime in your
wind power plant.
The surge protection
of type 1
reliably protects
wind power plants
against damage from
surge voltages.
Fewer expensive maintenance calls
thanks to intelligent monitoring
Solutions for solar energy
Whether small rooftop systems or tracking systems in the megawatt range: For
reliable and, in particular, efficient operation of PV systems, connection technology
with long-term stability, complete monitoring systems and comprehensive surge
protection are required. To perfectly interact with intelligent energy supply
networks, it is also necessary to have uniform communication and reliable
remote control concepts.
Industry requirements
Maren Gast,
Industry Marketing PV
Our answer: Networking industry know-how
comprehensive solutions
The requirements in the PV industry
are shaped primarily by the different
weather conditions as well as the
varying national standards and
• Temperature range from -40 °C to
+70 °C
• Communication guidelines on part of
the grid operators for infeed
• Hazard from surge voltages
• UL certification
• 1500 V DC system voltage for all
PV components
• Intensive testing of string combiner
boxes under real-world conditions
Monitoring systems
With SOLARCHECK, you can measure the
string currents of your system and always
have an eye on the output. The monitoring
system consists of communication modules
and measuring modules.
combiner box
PV field
Control room
Inverter station
Power supply
Example solution: PV park management
For an extensive and efficient solar park management,
Phoenix Contact offers engineering services and products –
from the PV module up to the feeding into the grid. This
enables you to control and monitor – in the control room or
on site – all the processes between PV field and infeed station
using a consistent solution from a single source.
w with innovative products and customer-specific applications into
Your benefits
Efficiently control and monitor
PV systems of any size – with scalable
control and monitoring systems
Intelligently implementing infeed and
load management – with turn-key
Surge protection sets
Plug-in connector systems
The photovoltaic sets from Phoenix Contact
are the robust and compact turn-key solution
to reliably protect systems of any size against
damage from surge voltages.
Quick and easy – the SUNCLIX and
SUNCLIX mini plug-in connector systems
offer convincing performance in application
with their particularly user-friendly handling.
No matter whether on the roof, on the
facade or out in the field.
Reliably protecting against surge
voltages – with the matching
photovoltaic sets
Quickly and easily installing
PV modules – with intelligent
connection technology
Solutions for oil and gas
Oil and gas reserves have to be utilized even more efficiently in the future.
This also includes automating processes involved in conveying, transporting
and processing even more intelligently. Thanks to its many years of experience,
Phoenix Contact offers innovative and proven solutions in the process industry.
It is based on the know-how of our industry experts and a wide-ranging
product portfolio.
Fahd Aboutajeddine,
Application Engineer
Industry requirements
Our answer: Networking industry know-how
comprehensive solutions
The oil and gas area – as part of the
process industry – stipulates absolutely
reliable data transfers, as well as
flexibility in signal connection and
technology for potentially explosive
• Wireless transmission over long
distances, such as pipelines or
extensive systems
• Fail-safe systems since the process
flow must be ensured
• ATEX and IECEx-approved products
for use in areas with easily flammable
gases, mists, vapors or dusts
(zone 2)
Wireless communication
Communicate reliably even over larger
distances. The high-performance wireless
modules from Phoenix Contact utilize the
HART standard that has proven itself in the
process industry.
Control room
to the control room
Ex-i box
Example solution: Signal connection
Benefit from our industry know-how in the process industry.
Together with the customer, we are developing products and
solutions to meet their special requirements. For example,
the Ex-i box contains a combination of Ex-i intrinsically safe
components that produces a compact, reliable solution for
creating a signal connection in areas in which an explosion
hazard exists.
w with innovative products and customer-specific applications into
Your benefits
Wireless and high-performance
communication concepts for
onshore and offshore applications
Flexibility in signal connection to
process control systems
Wide-ranging portfolio of certified
technology for areas subject to
increased explosion hazard
Systems for signal connection
Fail-safe power supply units
Termination carriers are the compact
solution to connect the multitude of different
signals from the system to a process control
system (DCS). Best of all: The connection is
done via plug-and-play – thanks to
standardized system cables.
With the QUINT ORING redundancy
module and power supply units,
Phoenix Contact offers reliable solutions
to ensure a fail-safe energy supply, even in
potentially explosive areas.
Solutions for water and wastewater
Water and wastewater treatment is met with challenges particularly in larger cities:
More and more people, increasing demand for drinking water, but insufficient
or obsolete supply and wastewater systems. With its experience in all aspects
of remote control technology and process automation, Phoenix Contact offers
high-performance solutions to utilize water resources even more sustainably in
the future.
Joachim Pucker,
Industrial Manager
Industry requirements
Our answer: Networking industry know-how
comprehensive solutions
In water and wastewater treatment,
the integration of remote system
components in existing structures
poses special requirements. Statusbased maintenance and complete
system overview are gaining in
• Remote units, such as wells and
pumping stations, must be connected
to the system
• Flexible concepts for interaction, e.g.
for service technicians
• Degrees of protection such as IP67
• Standardized remote control
protocols such as ODP, IEC-608705-101 and 104
Compact controllers
Compact controllers of Phoenix Contact
class 100 are particularly flexible and robust.
With their multi-faceted communication
interfaces and serial mounting function
modules, they are extraordinarily well-suited
for use in water/wastewater applications.
Example solution: Control room
With industry solutions from Phoenix Contact for water/
wastewater applications, you can implement centralized and
continuous control and monitoring of the entire system,
including all decentral units. Your individual solution
encompasses all aspects of the project, such as components,
engineering or software – perfectly tailored to your
w with innovative products and customer-specific applications into
Your benefits
High supply reliability thanks to
comprehensive process control
Flexible and future-oriented
automation with manufacturerindependent communication standards
Remote control software
The RESY+ software allows continuous
monitoring on site and from a remote
location. Different communication paths can
be used here for secure data transmission,
such as wireless, public switched telephone
network or radio systems.
With 3G modems, you utilize the cellular
radio system to access your water/
wastewater application. Your benefit: Almost
unlimited accessibility and adjustable rates
depending on your requirements.
Complete overview of the treatment
or wastewater purification process
from the control room and at remote
Solutions for E-Mobility
Actively help change the shape of modern mobility. Phoenix Contact offers you
innovative components and systems for this purpose. With the extensive product
portfolio surrounding charging systems and charging controls, you will successfully
implement flexible solutions for the power supply of electric vehicles.
Rik Stellbrink,
Product Marketing
Industry requirements
Our answer: Networking industry know-how
comprehensive solutions
International standards and guidelines
are binding for safe charging processes.
At the same time, the charging process
must be safe and practical for the user.
• Standard-compliant components
• Safe charging processes
• Robust and ergonomic plug-in
• Consistent system solutions for
AC and DC charging
• Scalable controllers for charging units
• Easy system integration into
management systems
Charging interfaces
The combined AC/DC vehicle inlet supports
both DC and AC charging. The socket outlet
is the perfect connection solution for the
charging station.
Example solution: Charging systems for E-Mobility
Phoenix Contact offers you consistent solutions for
E-Mobility. These range from vehicle and charging stationbased charging interfaces for AC and DC via controllers for
charging stations up to comprehensive solutions for
monitoring charging processes.
w with innovative products and customer-specific applications into
Your benefits
Standard-compliant AC and DC
charging systems for worldwide
Consistent solutions from vehicle
interface up to the IT and network
Individual solutions tailored to your
Charging plug
Charging controller
The ergonomically shaped charging plugs
based on the European Type 2 standard
ensure a secure and quick charging process –
no matter whether the source is AC or DC.
EV Charge Control enables standardcompliant and reliable charging of electric
vehicles. The charge control regulates and
monitors the charging process of the vehicle
batteries – safely, easily and flexibly.
Solutions for power transmission
and distribution
Against the background of the turnaround in energy policy and the decentral
regenerative energy supply connected with it, the Smart Grid has the objective
of ensuring stable grid operation. In this context, a continuous communicative
networking of all participants is of special importance for monitoring grid
operation. In the future, solutions with integrated communication and control
engineering up to intelligent automation concepts will implement a stable
energy supply.
Abilash Appanvel,
Application Engineer
Industry requirements
Our answer: Networking industry know-how
comprehensive solutions
To automate intelligently in an
intelligent power grid, it is specifically
necessary for the requirements for
continuous communication to be taken
into account. On top of that, it is
important to prevent unauthorized
• Standardized protocols, such as
IEC 60870-5-101 and 104
• Protection against unauthorized
access, e.g. via the Internet
• Intelligent local network stations for
efficient monitoring and
communication to the control room
Power measurement terminals
With Inline power measurement terminals
from Phoenix Contact, you can quickly and
easily expand your controller or remote
control station by adding extensive
measuring functions. They provide you all the
relevant characteristic values at a glance.
Supply management
Control room
Intelligent local
network station
Example solution: Supply management
An intelligent power grid – the Smart Grid – starts at the
supply. Phoenix Contact offers a modular and flexible system
to meet the supply requirements, for example in the local
network station. As such, you can design an efficient and
economical automation solution, regardless of which technical
connection conditions of the network operator have to be
w with innovative products and customer-specific applications into
Your benefits
Consistent monitoring of power
quality using standardized remote
control technology
Improved regulating of supply
management from producers with
irregular power values – thanks to
modular automation and
communication technology
Reducing downtimes with remote
monitoring and automation technology
Security routers
Test disconnect terminal blocks
Security routers and firewalls reliably protect
your decentral energy generator units or
your intelligent local network station against
unauthorized access via the Internet. The
basis is formed by an encrypted data
transmission via VPN tunnel.
Comprehensive monitoring is based on the
measurement of characteristic values. Test
disconnect terminal blocks protect your
measuring transducers against damage, for
example with an automatically leading short
Solutions for energy efficiency in the
automotive industry
Production resources in the automotive industry are becoming more expensive. At
the same time, the number of models and variants to which production facilities
must respond quickly and flexibly is increasing. With more intelligent automation
technology, Phoenix Contact is offering exciting options for optimizing the use
of cost-intensive resources, such as compressed air or electrical energy, without
degrading the productivity of the systems.
Nikolaus Schlüter,
Project Manager
Industry requirements
Our answer: Networking industry know-how
comprehensive solutions
The requirements of the automotive
industry are varied and range from
functional safety and fail-safe devices
up to particularly robust products at
welding robots.
• High-performance control
• Standardized communication
• Protection against unauthorized
(cyber security)
• Fail-safe communication
• Cross-system safety concepts for the
protection of man and machine
• Components with IP67 degree of
Energy meters
The network-capable EMpro energy meters
detect all relevant characteristic values of
your system. With the varied connection
options, you can quickly and easily integrate
the device in your automation network.
Energy information system
manager control level
Consumption data
Energy data acquisition
Example solution: Efficient automobile production
To optimize resource use in highly automated industrial
production, such as in the automotive industry, and reduce it
for the long term, a consistent energy data management
system is required. Phoenix Contact offers innovative and
tailor-made solutions for resource demand acquisition,
controlling components and the monitoring system.
w with innovative products and customer-specific applications into
Your benefits
Flexible and fast reacting production
facilities thanks to high-performance
control technology
Efficient resource usage through
measured value acquisition and logging
Simple integration of external
periphery – thanks to communication
Data logger kits
Volume flow meter
Complete data logging packages enable you
to monitor and log the energy consumption
of your system. They allow you to uncover
potential savings and make your automation
even more efficient and cost-effective.
Compressed air is one of the most expensive
production resources in existence. You
detect and optimize the compressed-air
demand with volume flow meters. This
allows you to decrease compressor usage
and therefore reduce energy costs.
Safety for man and machine – with
cross-system safety concepts
Solutions for traffic infrastructure
Safety is always top priority when automating traffic infrastructure. At the
same time, high traffic volume and central monitoring demand particularly
high-performance technology. With fail-safe high-end control systems,
Phoenix Contact offers proven solutions, for example to automate tunnels
even more reliably.
Marcel Hassenewert,
Application Engineer
Industry requirements
Our answer: Networking industry know-how
comprehensive solutions
Traffic infrastructure imposes special
requirements on the availability of
• Redundancy from the field level to
the control center, e.g. for safe
evacuation in the case of an
• Reliable protection against damage
caused by surge voltages
• High performance, e.g. for the
transmission of video signals
• Multiple connection options to
existing control systems
• Degree of protection depending on
application site, e.g. IP65/67
Fail-safe controllers
With the high-end controllers based on
PROFINET, you set up a redundant control
system. In the process, the controllers
automatically synchronize themselves up to a
distance of 80 km.
high-performance controllers
Tunnel illumination
Example solution: Consistent redundancy concepts
With high-performance controllers, switches, compact
controllers and uninterruptible power supplies, you can
implement redundant systems across all automation levels.
Example: Together with customers, our industry experts have
created fail-safe solutions for the control of lighting and
evacuation systems in the Belgian Diabolo tunnel.
w with innovative products and customer-specific applications into
Your benefits
Maximum availability – with
redundant system configuration for
the controller and monitoring
Reduced maintenance and service
effort – intelligent components report
their status parameters on a regular
Manufacturer-wide communication
through standardized protocols
Surge protection
Plug-in connector systems
The plug-in PLUGTRAB-IQ surge protection
incrementally signals the wear of the
arrester. Maintenance can therefore be
planned optimally in traffic applications.
Phoenix Contact offers matching connection
solutions to reliably and, above all, efficiently
wire the multitude of different data, signal
and power lines in a traffic application.
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