L ON M ARK Website

L ON M ARK Website
Reach members who spend $4.5 billion in
the controls industry.
Connecting you to LONMARK members!
The Association Advantage
LONMARK eNewsletter
Whether in the office or on
the go, members and
non-member subscribers can
stay informed of the latest
industry developments and
association news.
• The total building automation systems market worldwide is more than $36
• LONMARK represents 100% of the ISO/IEC 14908 standards market
• Reach a dedicated group of buyers seeking LONMARK based systems.
• Leverage multiple marketing programs to reach more potential customers
• Expand sales into growing markets — federal, state and local governments,
quick-serve restaurants, hospitality, education, medical and institutional
• Reach emerging markets such as smart grid, demand response, energy analytics,
distributed energy resources and more.
The LONMARK website is the
gateway for members and
non-members to access
information about the
association online. Position
your company in front of a
dynamic group of
influential professionals
Readership Profile
Members and non-members of LONMARK International include the world's leading
manufacturers, integrators and users of control systems in a variety of sectors,
• Buildings
• Semiconductor
• Education
• Transportation
• Homes
• Utilities
• Industrial manufacturers
Don't miss out on this opportunity to get in front of leaders in
the $4.5 billion controls industry. Contact your Naylor Account
executive today to secure your space!
For more information, please contact:
• LONMARK website's click through rate is higher
than the industry average.
• LONMARK eNewsletter averages an open rate of
2 times per person, per issue.
Who We Are
LONMARK International is a global membership
organization created to promote and advance
the business of efficient and effective
integration of open, multi-vendor control
systems utilizing the ISO/IEC 14908-1 and
related standards.
To learn more about LONMARK International, visit:
LONMARK International Website
Advertising on the LONMARK Website – www.lonmark.org
Advertising on the LONMARK website is a great way to reach member and non-member visitors and reinforce your marketing
message. Visitors log on to www.lonmark.org to learn about upcoming association events, discover ways to maximize their
LONMARK membership, and view the latest issues of LONMARK digital edition. Advertising on www.lonmark.org offers several
cost-effective opportunities to position your company as a leader in front of an influential group of professionals.
Features of LONMARK website advertising:
Cross-promoted in other LONMARK publications and communication pieces
Directs visitors to the landing page of your choice to expedite purchases
Year-round visibility reinforces brand recognition
Allows dynamic, time-sensitive promotion
On average, www.lonmark.org receives:
• More than 3,000 unique visitors per month
*Traffic numbers from 2011.
Advertisement Positions:
Page Peel | $4,200 *
• Only one spot available – EXCLUSIVE LISTING
• Located on the home page of the website for high visibility
Spotlight Tiles | $3,150 *
• Only two spots available – 3 ROTATIONS with run-of-site
• Placed next to content and visible the entire time the website is being viewed
Horizontal Banner | $2,100 *
• Only one spots available – 2 ROTATIONS
• Located on the home page of the website for high visibility
*Rates are for a 12 month duration period.
LONMARK International eNewsletter
About the eNewsletter
Now more than ever, professionals consume information on the go. Our LONMARK eNewsletter
allows members to stay informed about timely industry topics and association news whether they
are in the office or on the road.
Enjoy the benefits of a targeted eNewsletter:
• Delivers your message directly to the inbox of more than 2,400 decision-makers on a regular basis
• In addition to LONMARK members, opt-in subscription means that professionals in the market for
your products and services see your message
• Frequently forwarded to others for additional exposure
• Cross-promoted in other LONMARK publications and communications pieces
• Directs visitors to the landing page of your choice to facilitate the purchasing process
• Archives are accessible for unlimited online viewing
• Limited available ad space makes each position exclusive
• Change artwork monthly at no additional cost to promote time-sensitive offers and events
12 Months | $4,200
• Only one spots available – NO ROTATION
• Located between popular sections of the eNewsletter
Horizontal Banner
12 Months | $3,150
• Only four spots available – NO ROTATION
• Placed next to content and visible the entire time the eNewsletter is being viewed
Distributed monthly
Sections include
• Hot Topics
• News Briefs
• Upcoming Events
LONMARK International eNewsletter and Website
Online Specifications
For more information, visit: www.naylor.com/clientSupport-onlineGuidelines.asp
Horizontal Banner
• 468 x 60 pixels
• JPG only (no animation)
• Max file size 100 KB
• 650 x 90 pixels
• JPG only (no animation)
• Max file size 100 KB
Page Peel
Horizontal Banner
75 x 75 pixels for small peel corner
500 x 500 pixels for full peel
JPG only (no animation)
Max file size 100 KB
468 x 60 pixels
120 x 240 pixels
JPG, GIF or Flash/SWF* accepted
Max file size 100 KB
Spotlight Tile
• 150 x 150 pixels
• JPG, GIF or Flash/SWF* accepted
• Max file size 100 KB
*Website Flash Guidelines
• Publish or export .SWF file for Flash Player 9 and
ActionScript 2.0
• Bitmaps should have “smoothing enabled” for best
• All fonts, images, and support animations files should be
embedded within the file
• Do not use flash stage color as background; Create a
bottom layer and draw a solid filled box
• Animation time limit is approximately 25 seconds
(including multiple loops); A stop action is needed at the
end of the animation
• Create a proper ActionScript 2.0 button as follows:
1. Symbol type needs to be “button”
2. Set action script code exactly as below:
on (press) {
getURL(url, ”_blank”);
NOTE: Do not type your intended URL in the code.
The purpose of setting up your Flash creative like this is so that we
can control the landing page. Please supply the URL to your Naylor
account executive.
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