Spirent TestCenter 3D Topology Suite

Spirent TestCenter 3D Topology Suite
Spirent TestCenter
3D Topology Suite
Innovations like SoftwareDefined Networking (SDN) offer
unprecedented flexibility and
greater responsiveness. However for
effective SDN deployment, Service
Providers, Data Center Operators,
and Network Admins are faced with
several challenges, including testing
of cloud-level traffic via OpenFlow
switches without compromising
network visibility and control.
Spirent TestCenter™ 3D Topology Suite is the industry-leading solution that allows customers to
time. Easily displaying several thousand switches in the single view helps to create context-aware
ƒƒ Complete OpenFlow Switch
performance of SDN under test
identifying areas of congestion across entire network topologies. This ultimately results in more
ƒƒ Graphical 3D visualization of the
Switches attached to the SDN
Controller; also facilitates multiple
cluster visualization
ƒƒ 360° navigation with point and click
zoom, selection, rotation
ƒƒ Flow creation and deletion with a
single or multiple switches
ƒƒ Statistical view of Switch, Flow and
Interfaces Statistics
ƒƒ Flexible data views and text
labeling of node/interface/link
ƒƒ Validate SDN infrastructure by
testing at full scale prior to going to
ƒƒ Visualize the network topologies as
broad or granular as desired with
360° view
ƒƒ Optimize network resources and
flows in half the time by adjusting
resources while in view
ƒƒ Increase productivity by detecting
anomalies and troubleshooting
bugs in real-time
visualize and optimize the performance of new cloud-enabled network services and innovations
like SDN. Spirent TestCenter leverages Real Status Hyperglance to provide the full-scale 360°
topology visualization with interactive controls graphical user interface to optimize your SDN and
cloud environments end-to-end.
3D Topology Suite provides an interactive, 360° view of complex network topologies under test.
This allows test engineers to see what they are testing at a glance versus lack understanding of
what is actually under test. It also helps detect anomalies and saves debugging time on issues
that could be simply resolved by viewing the entire topology and its areas of congestion in realnetwork controls and gives users the ability to better scale a view of the network while easily
successful SDN deployments.
When it comes to testing networks in most complex topologies, there’s never been anything like
Spirent 3D topology Suite to easily visualize, monitor, and tune how the network infrastructure
performs at full scale and in real-time, prior to deployment. Spirent TestCenter generates East-West
and South bound traffic for thousands of flows through OpenFlow Switches, while dynamically
displaying a 3D topology of the network and flows from any zoom-level.
Spirent TestCenter
3D Topology Suite
Spirent Services
Technical specifications
Spirent Global Services provides
3D Topology
ƒƒ Graphical 3D visualization of the Switches attached to the Controller
ƒƒ Switch Statistics
ƒƒ Flow Statistics
ƒƒ Switch Attributes
ƒƒ Interface Statistics
ƒƒ Flow creation and deletion on a single switch or multiple switches
ƒƒ Multiple cluster visualization
ƒƒ Text labeling (node/interface/link)
ƒƒ Supported on the Spirent MX, MX2, FX, FX2, DX and DX2 Family
ƒƒ Supported on Spirent TestCenter Virtual
ƒƒ Supported on Spirent TestCenter C1 and C50
ƒƒ Spirent TestCenter, Spirent TestCenter Virtual, or Spirent TestCenter C1
ƒƒ OpenFlow Controller Emulation (BPK-1193) or OpenFlow Switch
Emulation (BPK-1195)
ƒƒ Spirent TestCenter 3D Topology Suite 250 Switches
ƒƒ Spirent TestCenter 3D Topology Suite 500 Switches
ƒƒ EVPN Emulation
ƒƒ FCoE/DCBX Emulation
ƒƒ LISP Emulation
ƒƒ OpenFlow Compliance Test Suite
ƒƒ OpenFlow Controller Emulation
ƒƒ OpenFlow Switch Emulation
ƒƒ SPB Emulation
ƒƒ TRILL Emulation
ƒƒ VXLAN Emulation
a variety of professional services,
support services and education
services—all focused on helping
customers meet their complex testing
and service assurance requirements.
For more information, visit the
Global Services website at
www.spirent.com or contact your
Spirent sales representative.
+1-818-676-2683 | [email protected]
+44 (0) 1293 767979 | [email protected]
+86-10-8518-2539 | [email protected]
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