XXV Pellet Stove
Sealed hopper holds up to
65 pounds of pellets
Air Grille is adorned
with oak leaves
Exclusive air wash
system keeps door glass
cleaner longer
Hook and Roller
Door Latch
Large Ash Pan is accessible through the specially
designed Ash Door
X X V P e l l e t S TOVE
After building stoves for over 30 years, we think we know what our
customers are looking for. The beauty of cast iron. The convenience of
pellets. The power of 50,000 BTUs. And our quietest pellet stove ever.
The Harman XXV pellet stove was designed for our 25th Anniversary
and is created with everything you expect in a Harman…automatic
ignition, venting choices, automatic temperature control, a large ash
pan that’s easy to get to, and the convenience of super easy cleaning.
The XXV symbolizes everything Harman stands for. Quality. Beauty.
Functionality. The XXV. Our finest creation yet.
XXV Grille Accent in
Brushed Chrome
variable-speed blower
Highly Detailed Oak
Leaf Castings
Mirrored glass adds
elegance when the
fire is not burning
and fades as the fire
illuminates the firebox
The XXV does not use a thermostat like
other pellet stoves. Rather it uses a tiny
sensing probe that sends information to the
microprocessor on the stove. This information
is used to feed the proper amount of fuel at the
Temperature control with the XXV helps
maintain a consistent room temperature.
right time to keep you warm and comfortable.
The XXV also has a Stove Temp Mode that
allows you to set the stove temperature as
XX V Features
desired rather than the room temperature.
Automatic Temperature Control
The XXV’s automatic temperature control system eliminates the warm/cold
cycle associated with thermostatically controlled heating systems and even
turns the XXV on and off as needed.
Patented Feeder & Burn Pot
The XXV bottom feeder system precisely meters pellet fuel into our patented
burn pot which can burn all grades of pellet fuel. In addition, the XXV’s burn
pot allows fuel to be burned at a very low rate.
Exclusive Ignition System
The XXV draws in air across a specially designed heating element located
in the bottom of the burn pot. The air is then heated to the point where it
ignites the pellets as they enter the burn pot.
Accordion Heat Exchanger
The XXV’s accordion heat exchanger allows a large amount of surface area to
be placed in a small area, greatly increasing heat transfer efficiency.
Direct Vent
Harman Pellet Stoves are the only 100% true direct vent pellet stoves available. By using the optional outside air kit, the stove can be set up to use 100%
outside air (not room air). Thus allowing the stove to be installed closer to the
door and window openings than other brands. This versatility allows the stove
to be placed where it best fits the layout of the room while also saving the
cost of additional venting.
Temp erature Contr ol
The XXV has a remarkably precise temperature
control system built right in so you won’t need
an old-fashioned thermostat. The Harman XXV
constantly monitors room temperatures and
makes automatic adjustments to the pellet feed
rate and combustion air so you get very even
heating. It even turns off and on as needed.
Your home is kept warm and comfortable
without the rapid fluctuations in temperatures
common to other pellet stoves. The XXV is so
advanced it will keep the room temperature
just where you want it, regardless of the quality
of pellets you burn or the frequency you clean
your stove.
Top Vent Adapter
The XXV is the first Harman Pellet Stove to have the option of top venting.
This unique venting configuration uses a 6" stove pipe which is conventionally
used on most wood stoves. Therefore, a wood stove can be replaced with the
XXV Pellet Stove, maintaining the look of a traditional cast iron wood stove
with the ease of pellet fuel.
Additional features
• Cast iron with oak leaf details
• Quietest Harman pellet stove ever
• 65-pound hopper capacity
• 0 to 45,000 Btu/Hour
• Tinted glass hopper lid
• Rear vent with top vent option
• Large ash pan access through
specially designed ash door
• 176 sq. in. of glass
• Top Vent: gives the wood stove appearance using 6" pipe
• Available in Majolica Brown Enamel
• Hook and roller door latch
• Improved ESP control
• Automatic ignition
• Room sensor
• Patented Feeder & Burn Pot
• Accordion heat exchanger
• Air-cooled combustion blower
• Super easy cleaning
• Direct Vent: 100% outside air
• Direct Vent wall pass-through
XXV shown with optional Majolica Brown enamel
S P e cifica t i o ns
Pellet STOVE
BTU Range*
Fuel Type
Blower Size
Outside Air Size
Fuse Rating
Flue Size
Minimum Floor
0 - 45,000
up to
2,300 sq. ft.
65 lbs.
Biomass Wood
.9 grams/hour
175 cfm
6 amp
375 lbs.
32" w x 32" d
C l e aranc e s and D im e nsi o ns
Clearance to Combustibles
Back View
Side View
Front View
Corner Installation
Top View
2.25" to wall
1" floor
center of flue
Heat Your Home with Wood Pellets
The Smartest Pellet Stoves
Wood pellets have become a popular energy
As with other Harman Pellet Stoves, the XXV’s huge output is managed
source for home heating because they are
by a microprocessor that senses the room temperature and the fire
environmentally friendly, extremely clean
temperature with tiny thermistor probes and then determines the best
burning, and cost-effective. Made of wood
feed rate. This improved and smarter control also has a diagnostic port
by-products such as sawdust, wood chips, and
for connecting an external display showing live working data for easier
other wood waste products, wood pellets
typically measure 1/4" in diameter and 3/4"
long. Wood pellets vary in cost, depending on
Wood Pellets
the quality and ash content however all are
conveniently packaged in 40 pound bags for easy handling.
The XXV Advantage
The XXV will burn any grade of pellet at maximum efficiency and still
keep your home at your desired temperature.
Harman’s patented feeder and burn pot work with the ESP Control for
state-of-the-art operation and efficiency. These features provide amazing
heat output with different fuel quality, ash content and moisture. In
other words, it improves performance, efficiency, and conserves fuel.
Keeping Safety in Mind
The XXV has several safety features that automatically monitor changes
in the stove’s temperature and draft. The XXV cannot overheat. The
Not only can the XXV burn pellets with optimal efficiency and
ESP Probe, which monitors the exhaust temperature, will shut the feed
cleanliness, it does it automatically. The XXV automatically lights its
motor down if the temperature reaches a predetermined high limit
own fire and burns at the correct output to maintain the desired room
temperature in the exhaust. Another safety feature is the pressure
temperature. When no heat is required, the XXV will shut-down and
switch, which reacts to a loss of draft (door left open, blocked flue, etc).
reignite when the demand for heat returns.
If this occurs, it will also automatically quit feeding pellets and shut the
Just fill the hopper with pellets and set the desired temperature. The
unit down.
XXV will do the rest except for ash removal, which will be needed after
approximately one ton of pellets has been consumed.
Limited Lifetime Warranty**
Your H arman deal e r is:
The strongest in the industry, Harman provides a limited
lifetime warranty on most important aspects: firebox and
heat exchanger.
a brand of
hearth & Home Technologies®
3 5 2 M oun tain H ous e R oad
H al ifax, P A 1 7 0 3 2
www.harmanst o v es.c om
Actual product appearance, including flame, may differ from
image. Tested by OMNI- Test Laboratories - ASTM-E1509, ULCC1482, OR EGON 814-23-900 PER 40CFR-60.530 sup part AAA
per EPA method 28A and 5G. P roduct specifications and pricing
subject to change without notice. The images and descriptions
in this brochure are provided to assist you in product selection
*Represents a well insulated home with low ceilings in a mild
climate. Heating capacity is a guideline only and may differ
slightly due to climate, building construction and condition,
amount and quality of insulation, location of the heater and
air movement in the room. Fuel density and pellet shape may
affect hopper capacity. Btu's may vary depending on type of
fuel used. Refer to installation manual for complete clearance
requirements and specifications.
**For full warranty details go to www.harmanstoves.com
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