The portable dream team for indoor and outdoor:
Digital multi-channel mixer +
multi-track recorder in one unit
8 x
With its outstanding qualities 4MinX opens up
new production opportunities for the broadcast
and media industry: 4MinX is the first fully
integrated multi-track digital recorder and mixer. It
offers mixing and even recording of 5.1 or 7.1 without any problems – both indoor and outdoor. Use
4MinX as a TV / film sync-sound location recorder;
re­configure it for recording music or for mixing
up to four channels. The new lightweight 4MinX
allows you to work on location for more than six
hours before its standard batteries need recharging.
++Multi-track recording (analogue + digital),
up to 8 tracks
++Fully compatible with M / S
and surround systems
++Surround sound monitoring module
from SoundField (optional)
++Ambient time code system (optional)
++SD / SDHC recording media
++DSP based mixer
++Flexible routing
++3 inch contrast enhancing colour display
++6 hours operating time
++Rechargeable standard (DV Li-Ion) battery
++Lightweight and compact
Technical Features
All the facts and figures about our digital
multi-channel mixer + multi-track recorder
++ Mic / Line, Max gain +90 dB, trim, fader,
phantom 48 V, limiter, low-cut filter
++ EIN ≤ 128 dBu (200 Ω, 50 dB gain)
++ Line, +22 dBu max on XLR-5
++ Sampling rate conversion on AES inputs
++ 2 channels from wireless receiver (Minicon)
++ Maximum line output level
-9 to +22 dBu ( XLR-5)
++ Headphone 6.35 mm jack
++ 1 stereo analog on 3.5 mm mini-jack
++ 2 channels to wireless transmitters /
camera link (Minicon)
++ 4 Mic / Line pre-fader on sub-D 9
Tried and trusted
all over the world
AETA Audio Systems is a leading
international developer of portable
sound recording units, mixers and
advanced audio codecs, optimised
for any kind of media and transmission infrastructure. “Made by AETA”
is a synonym for high quality and
investment protection.
++ Balance, pan-pot
++ Filters
++ M / S encoding / decoding
++ Mixing
++ Stereo mixdown with master fader
++ Versatile routing and monitoring
++ Broadcast Wave File 24 bits
++ SD / SDHC recording media
++ USB 2.0
++ Editing
++ Synchronization: AES, Video / Word Clock
++ Ambient time code system (optional)
++ 3” colour TFT display
++ 4 programmable function keys
++ Rotary encoder
++ Silent and soft keypad: elastomere type
suitable for outdoor situation
++ Powered by Li-Ion, 7.2 V, DV type battery,
integrated charger
++ External power source: 8 -18 VDC
++ Autonomy > 6 hours (NP-F970 battery)
++ Ethernet for remote control and maintenance
++ Dimensions : 260 x 75 x 195 mm
(10.2” x 3.0” x 7.7”)
++ Weight : 1.9 kg (2.1 kg with NP-F970 battery)
++ Mixer
++ Mixer + 2-track recording
++ Mixer + 4-track recording
++ Mixer + 6-track recording
++ Mixer + 8-track recording
++ Carrying bag
++ DV batteries
++ Adapter cables
++ Compact alphanumeric keyboard
++ AC adapter / charger
With a strong commitment to innovation the company has a great
history of industry firsts.
For further information about AETA Audio Systems, its products and its
national and international customers please go to aeta-audio.com
or call us on +33 1 41 36 12 00 France.
Specifications are subject to change without notice. All rights reserved by AETA Audio Systems. 4MinX - 1215
Highlights at a glance
++4 Mic / Line inputs
++2 stereo line inputs
++2 stereo line outputs
++2 auxiliary outputs
++2 AES3 / AES42 inputs
++3 AES3 outputs
++DSP based mixer
++Flexible routing
++Surround sound monitoring
module from SoundField (optional)
++Ambient time code system
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