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Renishaw’s Approach to Training
Managerial, Supervisory and Personal Development Training
Work Experience, Vacational and Industrial Placements
Apprentice Training
Graduate/Undergraduate Training
Training Application Procedure
Internal Training Facilities
Career Opportunities
Pre-retirement Courses
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Training And Career Development
8.1 Renishaw’s Approach to Training
The company believes that time and money should be invested to ensure
that employees have the right skill levels available to meet the challenges
ahead. The skill areas include (but are not limited to): Technical, Managerial,
Supervisory, Personal Development, Health and Safety and Apprentice/
Trainee Development.
Renishaw has an ongoing commitment to
training by various methods e.g. internal
training, College/University courses and
technical training. Internal training includes 1
or 2 day courses to meet the needs of the
Training requirements are also reviewed on an annual basis as part of the
Appraisal programme and are agreed between the individual and the
Departmental Manager.
8.2 Managerial, Supervisory and Personal Development Training
Where possible, training is arranged in-house and is customised to meet the
needs of the company and the individual.
8.3 Work Experience, Vacational and Industrial Placements
Renishaw also has links with local schools and offers work experience
opportunities (usually one or two week unpaid placements). The company
also has links with various universities and offers paid vacational and
industrial placements (subject to availability) for older students to develop
practical engineering skills. Vacational placements are usually for a period of
8 to 12 weeks and industrial placements are usually for a period of 12
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Training And Career Development
8.4 Apprentice Training
The company operates an Apprentice training scheme and all Apprentices
are expected to study towards achieving a BTec Higher National Certificate
(HNC) as an integral part of the Apprenticeship.
The scheme is also flexible enough to be adapted for post A-level students
and existing employees who wish to enter into further education. This
scheme lasts for at least two years with students attaining an HNC
8.5 Graduate/Undergraduate Training
Graduate training and sponsorship for undergraduates, will be offered
according to the needs of the business and individual at any given time.
Please contact the Personnel Department for details of the current training
scheme in operation.
8.6 Training Application Procedure
• If internal/external training is required, a Course Application Form should
be submitted to the Training Administrator in the Personnel Department,
who will make all the necessary booking arrangements. Note: The external
training application form is not the same as the internal application form.
When completing an application please ensure that you have the correct
form. Both are available on the company’s intranet (Insite).
• Where appropriate, employees will be required to complete and sign a
promissory note relating to guidelines for refund of course fees in certain
• If the course requires accommodation, this will also be arranged by the
Training Administrator in the Personnel Department.
• Confirmation of bookings will be sent to delegates along with joining
• All course and accommodation expenses will be paid by the Personnel
Department where agreed. However, travel expenses must be paid by the
relevant department.
• Travel, which should be arranged by delegates, should be by second class
rail travel, or company pool car. Private cars can only be used with the
express permission of the Personnel Department.
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Training And Career Development
8.7 Internal Training Facilities
The demand on the training room facilities are considerable and notice may
be required. Training rooms are limited and facilities in each may differ.
However, most training rooms display an equipment inventory. If any
equipment is borrowed from one training room for use in another it must be
returned at the end of the training. No equipment should be removed
from the Board Room, Lecture Theatre or Conference Room at the New
Mills site.
These facilities are used regularly. If you need to book a room please try to
book as far in advance as possible. Note: Not all of the rooms have the
same facilities so you are also advised to check what equipment is
available prior to booking. Also please ensure that you leave the rooms
in a suitable condition for others to use.
8.8 Career Opportunities
We firmly believe that in considering a vacancy, the best source of talent, in
most circumstances, is to be found within the company itself. Therefore, all
available positions are usually advertised internally first. These vacancies
are displayed on all company notice boards. Internal application forms are
available from insite, Reception and the Personnel Department.
Please quote the reference number for the vacancy on your application and
return to the Recruitment Officer in the Personnel Department.
8.9 Pre-retirement Courses
Renishaw organises a pre-retirement course for those who are approaching
retirement (usually those who are due to retire in the next five years).
Employee’s spouses/partners may also be invited to attend. The aim of the
course is to inform employees about the implications of retirement e.g.
pensions, health in retirement and financial matters.
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