Audemat NavExport Brochure

Audemat NavExport Brochure
English version
NavExport v.1.01.01
Quick Start
NavExport is a Google Earth Export tool for the FM Navigator (10, 100, HD).
When running a campaign with the FM Navigator, results will be saved as a text file. NavExport can then convert
this file into Google Earth format so as to enable you to view the data with Google Earth.
2 Before you can use NavExport
Download the file from the Audemat-Aztec site.
Unzip the following files into a folder:
ƒ NavExport.exe
ƒ GLevel.png
ƒ AUDFC10.dll, necessary only if you do not have an Audemat-Aztec product installed on your PC.
If Google Earth is not installed on your PC, download it from
3 Using NavExport
Double click on NavExport.exe to launch the application.
Load your
Navigator data file.
You may change
the color settings
You may
visualize the
results right
Click on the
“Export” button
Select a frequency
Select the data to be mapped
Select the range of points to be mapped
Save the Google Earth file (*.kml)
If the ‘Show result’ box was checked, Google
Earth opens and display the results:
If you have any question, please contact:
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