599 Product Brochure
Model 599
User selectable multicolor display!
World Class Performance in a Convenient Package
The Ten-Tec Model 599 Eagle signifies strength born from DSP
technology in HF design. Listening to input from Ham radio operators
from around the world led our team of engineers to a remarkable
compact yet high performance transceiver that Hams of all ages and
skill levels will find a joy to operate.
The large easy to read display can be conveniently configured with your
favorite background color and intensity, making your Eagle a pleasure
to use as a base, portable, or mobile radio. Flexibility also extends
to the Eagle with Ten-Tec’s Sensitune automatic antenna tuner, noise
canceling circuitry, and of course Ten-Tec’s famous selective roofing
The Ten-Tec Eagle will truly provide years of outstanding performance
unequaled by any other radio in its size or price class. You can be
assured the Eagle offers more receiver horsepower with new DSP
based architecture, Selectable Roofing filters, noise reduction, antenna
tuner, and of course Ten-Tec’s legendary QSK keying. A tribute to
American ingenuity makes the Eagle a radio you can be proud to show
your fellow Ham radio operators.
Whether you are a seasoned contester, DX chaser, net operator
or a casual operator, the Ten-Tec Eagle has the performance and
convenience that will provide years of operating enjoyment!
• Unlike any other radio in this price class the Eagle offers a combination
of DSP and selectable roofing filter options to tailor your listening
pleasure. Unlike most transceivers in this price class, Ten-Tec’s unique
crystal ladder filters help eliminate undesirable signals from entering the
receivers first IF stage making a more enjoyable listening experience
even in crowded band conditions.
• A Ten-Tec first: A user selectable color display which can be tailored
to your favorite color and intensity. Different operating environments
have varied lighting conditions so why not tailor your radio to meet those
• You never have to worry about hearing the weak ones with the fully
adjustable DSP noise reduction system used in the Eagle. Eliminating
atmospheric band noise is just a push of the button!
• Tired of noise blankers that seldom work in a mobile environment?
Ten-Tec’s unique model 320 optional noise blanker will cancel noise you
thought never would be possible.
• Eagle covers 10 HF amateur bands plus 6 meters along with general
coverage receive. Dual VFO’s with SPLIT mode and 100 memories,
passband tuning, adjustable AGC, variable CW offset, RIT, built in
CTCSS tones for 6 meter FM and Ten-Tec’s legendary silky-smooth QSK
for CW and fast switching digital modes. These features add up to one
terrific radio!
General Specifications
Selectivity IF1: 2.4khz standard, 9.0015 MHz, 2 options
Selectivity IF2: 30 KHz Lowpass filter
Microphone Connector: 8-Pin
Selectivity, DSP IF: 127 built-in DSP filters from
Headphone Jack: 1/4” Mono
100-15000 Hz BW.
External CW Key Jack: 1/8 “ Stereo
IP3 (Third Order Intercept Point): 21.5dBm/20kHz
External Speaker Jack: 1/8” Mono
tone separation, 19.5dBm/2kHz, preamp off
Aux DC Output Connector: RCA x2
IMD3 Dynamic Range: 100dB/20kHz, 99dB/2kHz, 300
Frequency Range TX: Ham Bands Only (160-6M)
Hz BW, preamp off
ACC Din Connector: 8 PIN DIN Connector - Line In,
Blocking Dynamic Range: 141dB/20kHz,
Line Out, Aux PTT, Ext Key, Clock/Data/Enable, Ground
130dB/2kHz, 500 Hz BW, preamp off
DC Power Connector: Power Pole
LO Phase Noise: -132dBc/Hz@20kHz, -121dBc/
Fuse: Automotive Blade Style Fuse, 25 Amp 32V
Frequency Range RX: 100 kHz – 30 MHz and 48 – 54 Hz@2kHz
MHz. Specifications apply within Amateur Radio bands only. Noise Floor: -137dBm/300Hz BW, preamp on
Image Rejection: 1st IF: >90dB/HF bands,>70dB/6M;
Tuning Step Size: 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000
2nd IF: >73dB
Frequency Stability: Maximum +/- 0.5 PPM over
IF Frequencies: 1st:9.0015 MHz, 2nd:22.5 kHz, 3rd:0
operating temperature
Hz (DSP)
Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms nominal.
IF Rejection: >70dB
Antenna Connectors: 1 x SO-239 transceive
Other Spurious Response Rejection
Modes: USB, LSB, CW, AM (optional), FM (optional)
Rejection: >80dB; Birdies: <-100dBm equivalent*
Memories: 100
Pass Band Tuning: +/- 2.1kHz, 5Hz steps, 80 step
Frequency Accuracy: ±5Hz @25°C, 1 Hz tuning
deadband middle of POT
Attenuator: 10 db
Supply Voltage Range: 13.8V +/-15%
PreAmp: 12 db
Operating Temp. Range: 0-50 degrees Celsius
Dimensions (HxWxD): 2.9” x 8.5” x 10.25” (excluding knobs Audio Output: 2W into 4 ohms, <3% THD
RIT range: +/- 8.2 kHz
and connectors)
RIT Step size: 10Hz
Weight: 7.25 lbs with all options
S-Meter Reference: S9 = 50 uV RMS
Construction: Molded plastic front panel, aluminum
TX>RX Recovery Time: < 20 ms
chassis and texture painted steel covers
RX Headphone Output: Designed for 16-32 ohms
PC Control Port: USB (using FTDI USB to UART Driver)
impedance headphones. Usable at 8 ohms
Display: Custom FSTN monochrome LCD
AUX Audio Output: 500 mv
Display Backlight: 256 colors X 16 intensity levels
Auto Notch: IF DSP, multi-tone
RX Noise Reduction: IF DSP, adjustable
Receiver Specifications
Noise Blanker: Optional HW, 2 levels of blanking
SSB Sensitivity: 0.5uV, 2.4khz, 10dB SINAD, preamp off
RX Current Drain: 1.25 Amps
AM Sensitivity: 1.3uV, 30% Mod, 6kHz BW, 10dB
# of IF DSP Filters: 127 built-in DSP filters from
SINAD, preamp off
100-15000 Hz BW.
FM Sensitivity: 2.2uV, 5kHz Dev, 16kHz BW, 10dB
General Coverage Receive: degraded specs outside
SINAD, preamp off
ham bands
Transmitter Specifications
RF Power Output: Adjustable, 5-100 W, +/- 1 dB
CW & SSB Duty Cycle: continuous service @ 100W
AM,FM,AFSK, PSK Duty Cycle: continuous service @
100W, 50% duty cycle (Tx/Rx)
AM TX Bandwidth: 6k
Microphone Input Impedance: >10 k-ohms at 1 kHz
Microphone Sensitivity: 1 mV RMS for full power
output, internal gain adjustment, 9v dc power for electret
FM Deviation: +/- 5 kHz peak nominal
AUX Level Input: variable, 200mV nominal
SSB Carrier Supression: > 70 dB
Unwanted Sideband Suppression: > 60 dB at 1 kHz
Harmonic & Spurious Outputs: <-50dBc @100 W
<30MHz; -60dB >30MHz; -43 dB <5 W
T/R Switching: PTT or VOX on SSB, AM, FM, QSK on CW
CW Keyer Type: Internal Curtis Mode B
CW Rise and Fall Times: 5ms
CW Offset: adjustable
CW Keyer Speed: 5-50 WPM, adjustable weighting
Current Drain: transmit 20 amps typ.
Third Order Intermod: Better than 25dB below peak
SSB Generation: DSP Generated
# of DSP generated TX bandwidths: 3 built-in DSP
filters - automatically selected - standard = 2.4Khz for SSB/
CW; optional = 6Khz for AM, 12Khz for FM
Antenna Tuner Specifications
Type: Reversible L-network
Matching frequency range: 160 to 10 Meters, no
Six Meters
Matching impedance range: 10:1 SWR typical
Filters: 2.4K standard, optional = 300, 600, 1k, 1.8k, 6k, 15k
Noise Blanker: daughter board module
Roofing Filters: 4-pole xtal, 9.0015 MHz center frequency
Please note: These are preliminary specifications and are subject to change without notice.
Back panel
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