FMX‐32a  3‐Channel Portable Audio Mixer    Thank you for purchasing an Azden product. 

FMX‐32a  3‐Channel Portable Audio Mixer    Thank you for purchasing an Azden product. 
FMX‐32a 3‐Channel Portable Audio Mixer Thank you for purchasing an Azden product. Please read this manual thoroughly before using this product. ● Safety Instruc ons * It is very important to read and understand this manual completely before use. Keep this manual for future refer - ence. * When connec ng/disconnec ng cables and/or changing the phantom power se ng or input level se ngs, turn the input level control knobs to zero or power switch off. * When the phantom DC48V power is not needed, make sure the phantom switch is in the off posi on. * Before turning the phantom DC48V switch on, make sure your condenser microphone is designed to handle 48V DC or the microphone may be damaged. Check the microphone’s manual or with the manufacturer. * Do not use other ba eries than “AA” alkaline ba eries. Do not mix fresh ba eries with used ones. * Remove the ba eries if the mixer will not be used for a long period of me to prevent ba ery fluid leak. ● Front Control Panel 1 POWER INDICATOR: When the power switch (○
12 )Is on, the LED will light in green. When the ba ery level becomes too ○
low for proper opera on, the LED will turn red. When this happens, replace the ba eries with fresh “AA” alkaline ba eries. 2 CHANNEL 1, 2 & 3 INPUT LEVEL CONTROLS: Each knob controls the input volume level of the microphone connected to ○
9 ). Zero is the lowest (quietest) se ng while 10 is the highest (loudest). the corresponding input (○
3 CHANNEL 1, 2 & 3 OUTPUT SELECTORS: Let you select the output of each channel between LEFT, CENTER and RIGHT. ○
4 MASTER LEVEL CONTROL: This knob controls the overall volume level of all connected sources (microphone and/or line
-level devices). 5 CHANNEL 1, 2 & 3 LIMITER SWITCHS: Each input channel has a switchable limiter. A er se ng the input volume level, ○
turn this switch on. The limiter circuit will be ac vated and reduce the possibility of overload distor on from very loud sounds without affec ng normal sound volume. If you prefer the overall sound quality of the mixer without the limiter circuit engaged, leave this switch off. 6 INPUT PEAK LEVEL INDICATOR: When the mixer detects signal overload and distor on, this LED will light in red. Lower ○
2 ) counterclockwise. the input level by turning the corresponding input level control (○
7 CHANNEL LEFT & RIGHT OUTPUT LEVEL INDICATORS: These indicators will show the output volume level of the CH L ○
13 &○
14 ). When the indicators show red, reduce the volume level by turning the input level control and CH R outputs (○
2 ) or the master level control knob (○
4 ). knobs (○
8 BATTERY COMPARTMENT: Open the lid by li ing it while pushing the tab.
2 ● Side Panels 9 CHANNEL 1, 2 & 3 XLR INPUTS: Connect the 3-pin XLR output of a microphone, wireless receiver or line level audio com○
ponent to CH 1 and/or CH 2 and/or CH 3. Push the XLR connector into the input jack un l it locks. To remove the XLR connector, press the “PUSH” tab while pulling the connector out. 10 INPUT LEVEL SELECTOR: The following 2 se ngs are available for each channel: ○
MIC HI: maximum +4dBu (2kΩ) MIC LO: maximum -15dBu (2kΩ) 11 PHANTOM DC 48V SWITCH: Each channel has its own phantom DC 48V power se ng. When using a dynamic micro○
phone, make sure that the corresponding phantom DC 48V switch is in the OFF posi on. When using the condenser microphone that requires 48V DC external power, turn the corresponding phantom DC 48V switch ON. When you turn the phan‐
2 ) zero or turn the power switch (○
12 ) tom DC 48V switch ON or OFF, make sure to turn the volume level control knobs (○
13 & ○
14 CHANNEL LEFT & RIGHT XLR OUTPUTS: Connect a cable from these outputs to the MIC or LINE input of your cam○
era or audio recorder. The outputs accept a standard 3-pin female XLR connector. 15 STEREO MIC OUTPUT: This mini-connector (3.5mm) output is designed for video cameras or audio recorders with mini○
connector mic-level inputs. This output is stereo (dual-channel) and unbalanced. It is recommended to use a stereo-tostereo mini cable (not included) to connect this output to the input of your video camera or audio recorder. Because the FMX-32a is equipped with low-impedance XLR inputs and a mini-connector output, users of cameras/audio recorders with mini-connector inputs can now use high-quality microphones with XLR outputs. 16 MONITOR PHONES OUTPUT JACK: A 1/4” (6.3mm) jack for headphones. ○
17 LEVEL VOLUME CONTROL: Controls the volume level of the monitor phones output (○
16 ). Zero is the lowest and 10 is the ○
highest se ng. 18 EXTERNAL DC IN CONNECTOR: To power the mixer with external 12V DC power. An op onal AC adaptor, part number BC
-27, is available. For informa on, visit 3 ● Specifica ons IINPUT LEVEL: Max Input Level Max Gain Input Impedance MIC LO -20dBu +63dB 2kΩ MIC HI -3dBu +45dB 2kΩ MAX OUTPUT LEVEL: CH L & CH R: +20dBu (5kΩ) UNBALANCED OUTPUT: -19dBu (2kΩ) MONITOR OUTPUT: +1dBu (32Ω) FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 - 20,000Hz (+0/-0.5dB) NOISE LEVEL: -120dBu T.H.D.: Less than 0.005% (1kHz, +19dBu) PHANTOM POWER: 48V ±2V POWER SOURCE: 6 “AA” Alkaline ba eries/DC 12V 200mA BATTERY DURATION: Up to 15 hours in con nuous use DIMENSIONS: 170mmL x 120mmW x 53.5mmH / 6 11/16”L x 4 3/4”W x 2 3/16”H WEIGHT: 750 g / 26.45 oz (without ba eries) Op onal canvas carrying case, part number FMX-32C, is available. Visit for details. LIMITED TWO‐YEAR WARRANTY Azden Corpora on warrants, to the first purchaser, that the Azden brand product purchased is free from defects in material and workmanship. Azden’s sole obliga on under this warranty shall be to provide, without charge, repair or replacement (at Azden’s sole discre on), within two years from the date of purchase. The cost to ship a failed product to and from Azden or to its dealer shall not be covered by this warranty. A dated receipt acts to establish the date of purchase and is all that is required for warranty service. This warranty is the sole and exclusive express warranty given with respect to the product and all other warranes, expressed or implied, are hereby excluded. Neither Azden, nor the dealer who sells this product, is responsible for indirect, incidental or consequen al damages. This warranty does not extend to any defect, malfunc on or failure caused by misuse, abuse, accident, Act of God, faulty hookup, unauthorized modifica on, connec ng this product to equipment for which this product is not intended or defec ve associated equipment. Please read your owner’s manual carefully. AZDEN CORPORATION 147 New Hyde Park Road, Franklin Square, NY 11010 Phone: 1-516-328-7500 Email: Web Site: Printed in USA 4 
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