You can teach a new user old tricks old users learn too

You can teach a new user old tricks old users learn too
You can teach
h a new user
old tricks…
… old users learn too!
y Abrams
Director of Technical Education
The Essential Change
• There was a day we could protect most users from most
• Marketing set expectations that are no longer close to reality
• We tried to make it to easy for users
• Education is the most effective defense
s of Education
• Generate Interest
• Use Humor, Action, Sex
• Use Analogies
• Refer to known concepts
• Keep it simple
• Don’t expect 100%
Generating Interest
• There has to be an understood need
• The “why” must be clearly communicated first
• Use real examples, visuals when possible
• Analogies are powerful
A Real World Example
• Think of a bot as an automated RAT
that automatically
y does what it is told
• A bot is a p
to do
• A bot can be controlled byy someone in another location
• How far away???
Computers are great for automating tasks
• One of the first uses for a computer chip was an
object that most of us know how to program.
• Computers are commonly programmed listen to
other computers and automatically respond
How to find the Catahoula Leopard Dog
Canaan Dog
Dogo Argentino
English Setter
Find the Solar Powered Car
Security Topics for All Users
• Social Engineering
• Passwords
• Patching
• Wireless Security
• Risks of public computers
Security Topics for All Users
• Social Engineering
• Phishing
• Malicious software Installation
Will Your Employees Fall for this?
Security Topics for All Users
• Passwords
• Choosing good passwords
• Don’t reuse passwords
• Change passwords
• Password storage
Which Password is best?
• $tU?a%1Rg
9 Char – 4 sets
• R3% qVz+@;9q
12 Char – 4 sets
• Herstellerangabe
16 Char – 2 sets
• ireallyhatelongpasswords
24 Char – 1 set
• 5,000*400=2,000,001
19 Char – 2 sets
• Which password is the weakest?
• 2nd weakest?
• Which, if any of these password meet your policy?
• Which, if any are not compliant with your policy?
Security Topics for All Users
• Patching
• Stress importance
• Stress when and where to get updates!
• for home users
Security Topics for All Users
• Wireless Security
• Explain the risks
• Explain what data can be seen
• Real life demo would be effective
• Disable remote access
• Change
d f lt
Security Topics for All Users
• Risks of public computers
• Explain *WHAT* public computers are
• Airport kiosks
• Internet cafes
• Hotel and conference business centers
• Key Loggers
• Files
Fil lleft
ft behind
b hi d
A Letter to Just 1 of the Other Women doc
I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health with you and yours. I have
been back and forth about contacting you since learning about you. ..
From what I understand and gather you met Lewis over 10 years ago. Is that
true? … If you feel like you’re the better woman for him that’s fine but please
inform me…
I also understand you have known about his involvement with me since my son’s
baby shower back in January 2006. Is this true? If it is, I can understand your hurt
and the feelings of deception and manipulation
manipulation. I understand that you could/ can
feel taken for a joy ride- Girl I really do! But if this is true -why wouldn’t you be
done with him then? I really wish you had contacted me.
Are you the woman that our 3 year old saw in “mommie’s
mommie s bed and the bed was
rocking”? Are these your black and hot pink thongs and ClassAct condoms? Is
this your Lee press- on French tip nail? Are you the woman whose children
y in our home and with my
y children’s toys?
Email found on a Hotel Computer
Ahoy Matey
But I know Who You Are
Users Can be Engaged and Taught
• Generate interest
• Provide compelling content
• Speak to the level of your audience
What Happens When You Generate Interest?
Oh Yeah
Yeah, I Almost Forgot
• This is a vendor presentation
• You need ESET Antivirus
• No, really, check us out ☺
You can teach
h a new user
old tricks…
… old users learn too!
y Abrams
•Director of Technical Education
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