vRealize Air Compliance Datasheet PDF

vRealize Air Compliance Datasheet PDF
vRealize Air Compliance
Achieve Real-Time Visibility and Proactively
Maintain Continuous Compliance
vRealize™ Air™ Compliance continuously monitors
the infrastructure looking for and alerting on any
changes, so organizations can proactively address
issues and security gaps, in real-time, as they
happen, to better protect the integrity of the
organization’s resources and maintain continuous
Compliance Challenges
Adhering to compliance standards across virtual and cloud
infrastructures can be extremely challenging and time
No Real-Time Visibility: lack of information on when
changes have been made to the infrastructure and who made
them makes it difficult to quickly understand and resolve any
compliance issues.
Reactive, Not Proactive Compliance Management: monthly,
weekly, even daily scans designed to identify non-compliant
changes are simply not enough when trying to safeguard a
dynamic, virtual infrastructure.
Time Consuming, Manual Tools: it can be extremely
laborious to pull all the information needed to validate
compliance and generate compliance reports.
Wide Range of Guidelines: organizations need to ensure
they understand and adhere to all the appropriate
regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI associated
with their business.
Achieve Real-Time Visibility
View automated compliance scorecards, with
detailed, real-time information on any changes
made to the configuration of the infrastructure,
including who made the change.
Enable Continuous Compliance
Receive real-time alerts on any configuration
changes to the infrastructure to enable quick
Improve Overall Security
Proactively resolve any issues associated with
non-compliance and close security gaps in the
Save Time and Resources
Remove time-consuming manual tasks
associated with compliance reporting and audits.
How vRealize Air Compliance Addresses
these Challenges
vRealize Air Compliance is a powerful, easy-to-use service that
helps organizations secure the configurations of their missioncritical, virtual infrastructure and maintain continuous
compliance. Unlike a scheduled weekly or monthly scan, the
Compliance service is constantly monitoring the infrastructure
looking for any changes, so it can identify non-compliant
configurations, as soon as they occur. The service assesses an
organization’s vSphere environment against a variety of security
and regulatory requirements, including the vSphere Hardening
Guide, HIPAA, PCI and more, to identify any violations and issues.
The service then provides immediate, actionable information,
including who made the change and when, to enable
organizations to quickly resolve the issue.
Dashboard View of vRealize Air Compliance
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vRealize Air Compliance
Achieve Real-Time Visibility and Proactively
Maintain Continuous Compliance
Real-Time Visibility for Continuous Compliance
The service identifies the vulnerabilities and risks introduced by a
change to the infrastructure, as soon as that change happens. It
provides real-time visibility and actionable information that can
be used to quickly remediate any issues and maintain
compliance. The service offers automated compliance
scorecards to make it easy for an organization to:
Inventory the infrastructure and monitor events in a vCenter.
Identify the impact a specific configuration has to a specific
compliance rule and its corresponding policy.
Detail who made which changes and when.
Understand the expected outcome of a compliant
configuration and actual result from the current
Identify trends and priorities from lists that can be sorted
and pivoted.
Auditing and Reporting Capabilities that Save
Time and Money
The service reduces the traditionally time-consuming, manual
tasks associated with managing compliance, supporting audits
and delivering reports. Delivered in the cloud, the vRealize Air
Compliance service can be up and running to enable
organizations to quickly address their compliance requirements,
so they can focus on delivering high-quality services.
The service provides up-to-date, accurate measurement of the
infrastructure against security and regulatory policies, with:
Real-time compliance dashboards, with drill-down into
relevant details.
Compliance scorecards to measure the state of compliance.
The ability to track compliance over time and measure
Run reports, on-demand, to address the needs of Auditors.
Event-Driven Change Detection for Proactive
Compliance Management
The service enables organizations to address risks before they
become problems by continuously monitoring the virtual
infrastructure. The service immediately identifies when anyone
makes any change to a configuration (event) and analyzes it to
understand whether it impacts an organization’s compliance. Any
issues can be proactively resolved in minutes, instead of days,
weeks or even months, to reduce risks and strengthen the overall
security posture of the organization.
The service detects changes to the virtual infrastructure that don’t
comply with an organization’s policies, which can comprise of:
Any of the “out-of-the-box” security and regulatory policies
that come with the service, such as vSphere Hardening
Guidelines, PCI, HIPAA, and more.
Custom policies built by the organization to accommodate
their unique compliance environment and needs.
Exceptions to policies created by the organization – note,
these exceptions include an expiration date.
Compliance Health Scorecard
Find Out More
For information or to purchase VMware products, call 877-4VMWARE (outside North America, +1-650-427-5000), visit
http://vrealizeair.vmware.com/compliance or search online for an
authorized reseller. For detailed product specifications and
system requirements, refer to the VMware vRealize Air
Compliance installation and configuration guide.
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