6252 - Jake's 6" A-Arm Lift (G8/G11/G14)

6252 - Jake's 6" A-Arm Lift (G8/G11/G14)
YAMAHA G-8/11/14
PART # 6252
A. Drivers Side A-Arm
B. Passenger Side A-Arm
C. Aluminum Steering Arm Riser
D. Bolts for Risers 95817-10090
E. Rear Goalpost (Shock Extension)
F. Rear Sway Bar Mount
G. 4” x 2” x ¼” Sway Bar Extension Plate
H. Warning Label
YAMAHA G-8/11/14
1. Remove the front bumper.
2. Raise the front of the cart and place it on jack stands. You will be installing larger wheels & tires so
raise the cart high enough to accommodate additional height.
3. Remove both the front wheels.
4. Remove the cotter pins and bolts from both the left and right steering arms.
Remove the steering arms. (Discard these bolts. Longer bolts are supplied
in the kit for use when reinstalling the steering arms with the new
aluminum riser blocks.)
5. Use a drift punch to drive the split roll pins out of the spindles. Remove
the king pins and clean and lubricate them for later use. Remove the
spindles from the stock A-arms.
6. Remove the lower shock bolts.
7. Remove the cotter pins and bolts from the stock A-arms. Remove the Aarms. Save the nuts and bolts for installing JAKES new A-arms.
8. Install JAKES new A-arms (Items A&B). Do not tighten at this time.
9. Install the lower bolt of the shock to the 3rd hole from the spindle end of
the A-arm. Do not tighten at this time.
10. Clean and lubricate the spindles. Install the spindles on JAKES new A-arms using the kingpins and the
split roll pins that were removed in step 5. Make sure the thrust washer is on the top end of the spindle.
11. Install both the steering arms along with JAKES new aluminum riser blocks (Item C). Use the longer
bolts (Item D) provided in the kit. Make sure the machined slot in the riser blocks faces forward and
inward to provide clearance.
12. Securely tighten all bolts. Install new cotter pins in the A-arm bolts.
13. Install JAKES recommended wheel and tire size (22 x 11 x 10 tire and 10” rim with 3 x 5 offset) for
maximum performance and stability. NOTE: Your stock wheels and tires will NOT work!
14. Take the cart off of the jack stands and lower the cart.
15. Drive cart forward 10-20 feet and check the toe-in. (Proper toe – in should be approx. 1/8”.)
16. Install the front bumper.
1. Remove the rear body assembly if necessary. (Not all bodies will require removing.)
2. Remove the rear sway bar at the frame end. (Driver’s side)
3. Raise the rear of the cart and place the frame on jack stands. (Make sure you raise cart high enough for
larger tires.)
4. Remove the rear tires.
5. Remove the rear shocks.
6. Install JAKES rear goalpost (Item E) with the
welded ears on each end facing downward and
slightly forward towards the front of the cart. The
U-shaped goalpost will mount in the existing top shock mount holes using the
original bolts and nuts.
7. Install the shock to the goalpost using the new bolts and nuts provided in the kit. (You may have to
oversize the lower shock mount holes enough to eliminate shock bind.)
8. Install JAKES new sway bar bracket (Items F& G) to the driver’s side of the cart and reconnect the
sway bar. (Some carts may require enlarging the left rear bag-well hole down through the frame with a
3/8” drill bit to secure the sway bar.)
9. Securely tighten all bolts.
10. Install your new wheels and tires and lower cart to the floor. NOTE: Your stock wheels and tires will
NOT work!
11. Install the rear body assembly if needed.
12. Make sure you have enough length for the choke cable, ground wires, vacuum lines, fuel lines and the
electrical wire. (The choke in some cases, may need lowered in the body 1 – 2” and remounted for
adequate length.)
13. Included is a warning instruction (Item H) which is to be placed on the steering column or another
visible area and is to be read by all operators.
14. Double check all of the bolts for tightness.
NOTE: Some models may need the inner fenders heated, reformed or cut for tire clearance.
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