Systimax Solutions Connecting the World of Learning Brochure

Systimax Solutions Connecting the World of Learning Brochure
Connecting the World of Learning
Textbooks, workbooks and notebooks, once central in the educational landscape, are being
replaced by electronic portals revealing a wider world of information and knowledge. At every
level, from kindergarten to postgraduate training, computers are opening up opportunities to
raise learning standards and reduce costs.
But meeting new demands from students, parents,
Computer literate students and parents are looking for
government and the community depends on more than
institutions at every level that offer best computing and
PCs alone. To realize their full potential, computers must
communications facilities. At the same time, schools,
connect with each other and with information resources
colleges and universities want to strengthen links with
including central databases and the Internet. As their use
the rest of society through better communication with
of computers reaches the reliance seen in commerce
community, local business and government.
and industry, schools, colleges and universities face the
Improved network connectivity is essential to meeting all
same network challenges as their counterparts in
these objectives. The foundation for this is high quality
cabling that delivers consistent, reliable connections
Early vintage local area networks (LANs) used to
between computers and gateways to outside
distribute applications and Internet access do not satisfy
information resources and organizations. To meet these
all of today’s needs. Much faster connections are now
requirements in both the short and long term, cabling
essential to connect a growing population of powerful
must be able to support current video access and
PCs. Only in this way can computers deliver instant
deployment, gigabit networking and also faster
access to information, support sophisticated Web sites
technologies that will be introduced in the future.
and servers and become powerful tools for e-learning,
The benefits of high quality cabling are not confined to
communication and administration.
e-learning and fast visual information flow. The cost
Reliable web based access is enriching the educational
effectiveness of a new or upgraded Multiservice
experience. Across all institutional levels visual and video
infrastructure is further improved by relying on it to
content is part of the everyday curriculum as Pixels
connect other applications vital to educational
Outpace Paper in the quest for knowledge.
establishments. Security, surveillance, CCTV, CATV feed
and environmental control systems, all essential in
today’s educational environment, can all use the same
high-speed cabling installation.
SYSTIMAX® Structured Connectivity Solutions
SYSTIMAX® Structured Connectivity Solutions (SCS)
deliver more return on IT investment.
• Multiservice platform – flexible UTP based cabling
The SYSTIMAX SCS Advantage
• Proven success in the educational
infrastructure to support broadband and baseband
environment with institutions of learning
video over the LAN cost effectively.
across the globe that are benefiting from
the implementation of SYSTIMAX SCS
• Video links for e-learning – SYSTIMAX® GigaSPEED®
XL Solutions provide the high throughput and low
error rates essential to high quality video transmission
over the LAN. By removing the need for direct cable
copper and fiber solutions to provide
and satellite links to many points across the campus,
flexible upgrade to all LAN architectures.
they make distance learning more practical and
• On-line collaboration and video conferencing –
SYSTIMAX SCS give students, teachers and
administrators the high-speed networking needed
to use application sharing, distance learning and
conferencing features built into the latest operating
• Better access to the Internet – robust reliable LAN
connectivity ensures best use of high-speed internet
gateways, delivering information quickly keeping
pace with students’ expectations and needs.
• Fast network response – As Websites and inhouse
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systems multiply and grow, high performance
not slow the network.
your local SYSTIMAX Solutions
representative or SYSTIMAX
BusinessPartner for more
information. SYSTIMAX
Solutions is a trademark of
CommScope. All trademarks
identified by ® or ™ are
registered trademarks or
trademarks, respectively,
of CommScope.
• Cost effective multiservice infrastructure
utilizing UTP technology to support
integrated voice, data and video service.
• End-to-end performance exceeding
international standards comfortably
supporting gigabit networking.
• Integrated solutions avoid the compromises
and risk associated with mixed vendor
• Robust, high quality connectors and outlets
withstand years of hard use.
• Industry-leading reliability cuts disruptive
and expensive network downtime.
SYSTIMAX cabling will ensure the extra traffic does
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• Complete portfolio of performance leading
• A choice of cabling and patching hardware
suits differing needs and budgets.
• One cabling infrastructure for all - if required,
teachers, students and administrators can have
• Performance guarantees are backed by
integrated networks running on a single SYSTIMAX SCS
testing at SYSTIMAX Labs, the world’s
installation. Analog baseband composite, S-Video,
leading cabling development facility.
RGB component, & broadband CATV, access
control and building management systems can also
plug into the same versatile cabling infrastructure.
Bandwidth per Student – the new measure of
• Authorized SYSTIMAX BusinessPartners
ensure that every certified SYSTIMAX
SCS installation delivers its full potential,
today and tomorrow.
educational potential for IT.
This document is for planning
purposes only and is not
intended to modify or
supplement any specifications
or warranties relating to
SYSTIMAX Solutions
products or services.
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