AML Datasheet

AML Datasheet
Advanced Missile Launcher – AML
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Weighing less than 30kg, the Advanced Missile Launcher is ideally
suited for carriage on wing-tip stations or for applications where
weight savings are a key requirement, such as Unmanned Aerial
The AML is also suitable for inclusion on multi-stores carriage
systems or individually on inboard stations. The weight reduction
allows heavier missiles to be carried, increasing the operational
flexibility of the aircraft.
Key Features
• Extremely lightweight modular system
• Sub-66lb/30kg (market leading for fast jet applications)
• Wing-tip or pylon capable with simple role change
• Optional carriage installation (suspension options are 14” and 30”)
• Carriage capabilities include internal mounting of missile cooling gas
supply from either a bottle or a compressor
Advanced Missile Launcher
Payload capacity
1 Short range air to air missile
(L x W x H)
104 x 4.2 x 6.1in
2650 x 106 x 155mm
Platform integration Easily integrated onto most fast
jets, rotary wing or UAV platforms
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