Release Notes for Photometrics PVCAM for Windows Installers PAE Flag – 2.7.6

Release Notes for Photometrics PVCAM for Windows Installers PAE Flag –  2.7.6
Release Notes for Photometrics PVCAM for Windows Installers
Version Number
Operating Systems Supported
Windows® XP SP2 or later
Windows 2000 SP4 or later
Requirements and Usage Notes
PAE Flag – Must not be turned on in BOOT.INI. Some computers come with
this setting turned on by default, so user must check for this. Any 64-bit
capable computer will be affected (Opteron, AMD64, Intel EMT64, etc.).
NoExecute Flag – Must be set to “AlwaysOff” or “OptIn”.
Speed Table – When working with Turbo 1394™ cameras, the program must
either build a speed table or at least query the current speed. See the
speedtable.cpp example in the PVCAM® SDK.
1394 Bus Restrictions – Photometrics Turbo 1394 cameras have an
extremely high transfer rate. To support this high transfer rate, the maximum
amount of throughput possible must be available on the IEEE-1394 bus. This
condition limits the user to one open camera on the bus. However, if you have
two IEEE-1394 host adapters, you can put one camera on each card. Also, if
you are planning on using other IEEE-1394 peripherals, such as external hard
drives and/or optical drives, you must put them on a separate IEEE-1394 host
Dot Net (.NET) Framework – PVCAM now requires the Microsoft .NET
Framework v1.1 be installed. This will be installed as part of the PVCAM install
IEEE-1394 Bus Resets – You must avoid plugging anything into or
unplugging anything from the bus while talking to the camera, specifically
when acquiring images.
New Features and Bug Fixes
Many changes have been made to enhance performance and stability across
all camera platforms.
Turbo 1394 equipped cameras can now negotiate bandwidth if camera
speeds are changed.
Instances of unsized character arrays which could result in buffer
overruns were corrected.
Unnecessary debug output has been trimmed.
Safeguards to protect unlocked user buffers were added.
Protection from unnecessary camera aborts was added to prevent
third party applications from placing the camera into a disabled state.
Changed status reporting so that PVCAM reports errors first then
reflect the state of the experiment.
Versioning changed so that now PVCAM released version numbers
are returned as
The file pmfwutil.exe is included. This file enables camera firmware to
be updated in the field with no special tools, and performs system
diagnostics such as checking the computer's gap count.
No API changes have been made since the last released version of PVCAM.
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