Large Animal Rectal Probe (RET

Large Animal Rectal Probe (RET
MLT1407 Large Animal Rectal Probe
Transducer Series
The MLT1407 Large Animal Rectal Probe is suitable
for use with rabbits and larger animals. The MLT1407
is supplied with a 2-pin T-type thermocouple plug
suitable for connection to the ML312 T-type Pod,
ML290-V Thermometer for T-type Thermocouples.
The probe is flexible, vinyl covered and soft tipped so
as not to cause discomfort.
The MLT1407 Large Animal Rectal Probe is suitable for temperature measurements
of rabbits and large animals.
Probe Diagram
6.4 mm (0.25”)
4 mm (0.09”)
2.3 mm (0.16”)
Read “Statement of Intended Use” on our website or in “Getting Started with PowerLab” before use..
• Intended for animal use only.
• Do not autoclave.
• To clean, wipe probe with alcohol or use a liquid sterilization medium such as Cidex (applied with
a sterile wipe).
Max Temp:
90 °C
Sensor element:
Type T Thermocouple
±0.1 °C
Time Constant:
5 seconds
Probe type:
Shaft length:
6.4 mm (0.25")
Shaft diameter:
2.3 mm (0.094")
Ball tip diameter:
4.0 mm (0.156")
Cable length:
1.5 m (5')
All specifications were tested at the time of printing and are subject to change.
Ordering Information:
MLT1407 Large Animal Rectal Probe
For use with:
ML312 T-type Pod
ML290-V Thermometer for T-type Thermocouples
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