AT-100 angol nyelvű specifikáció
AT-100 Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna
Active directional antenna designed for demanding professional stages and will greatly
improve signal stability and reduce interferences, signal drop-outs caused by polarization
problems .
Key Features
Patented in multiple countries. Distinguished Appearance
Optimized solution for both transmitting and receiving RF signals throughout the UHF
bandwidth. AT -100 has a distinguished appearance is patented in multiple countries.
Main Features
Front area is the main focus of antenna direction for either vertical or horizontal polarization.
Circularly polarized antenna can effectively reduce the polarization loss of the antenna to
improve signals strength. Optimum solution for 470-1,000 MHz bandwidth with 6~8 dBi
antenna gain and certified to latest CE/FCC newly telecom regulations.
AT-100 is an ideal antenna system for utmost signal stability. Antenna features affect
transmission range, stability and anti-interference performance. Therefore, antenna is a
vital component in any system installations especially for complicated and demanding RF
environment wireless microphones and wireless monitors systems. It greatly improves
signal stability and reduces interferences, signal drop- outs caused by polarization problems.
Built-in Connectors
AT-100 has two built- in connectors: One “TX/RX” signal connectors for either transmitter or
receiver. Another “RX Only” receiver only connector (cannot connect to transmitter) has a
built -in 12 dB antenna gain booster provides extended reception range and compensates for
coaxial cable signal loss caused to improve reception range and signal quality. Booster power
can be provided by a MIPRO AD-707a or any ACT series receivers.
Waterproof and weather resistant. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.
Tripod Microphone Stand
Wall-Mounting Bracket
Technical Specifications
Frequency Range
Antenna Gain
3- dB Beam- width
Booster Gain
Power Consumption
Circular polarization
RX connector: 12±1dB; TX/RX connector: 0dB
RX connector: 1120mW (DC 8V); TX/RX connector: 0mW
TNC Female x2
350(W)x350(H)x2 25(D)mm / 13.8(W)x13.8(H)x8.8(D)"
Approx. 1.5kg / 3.3lbs
MIPRO Electronics Co., Ltd
Headquarters: 814 Pei-kang Road, Chiayi, 60096, Taiwan
Tel: +886.5.238.0809 | Fax: +886.5.238.0803 |
Specifications subject to change without notice. SS011/13
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