Sharp | DV-NC80 | 1 - Broadcastor

ideas for life
Memory Card Camera Recorder
DV/AVCHD Recording on an SD Me mory Ca rd
Ali with Shoulder-Mount Stability
EDIUS Neo 2Booster
nonllneer edltlng software
• limi11d li11e olier. The pt.C~ceoe mocllll
nllllt.r IIIM AQ.HMC«lU 111111.
AVCCAM 3·Y•r Warranty Repllr Progn~m•
• AG+tMC80 IICirlee 1*1111 qlllltfy for a $oye11r wamurty on repal111.
Vilit the wet.i1e fordalailt: -~•/PUl.JI>
The AG-HMC80 allows you to record in DV or in AVCHD for Full-HO image qua liLy.
The versatility of the manual functions meat the needs of many professionals.
This shoulder-type AVCCAM
opens up a new world of video production
NIIWlllla1haring for TV
end Nti'Wipapar Wekiœt
calllli1111 widl widoly
SD Memory Cerd Recorder: Lower Operatlng C0818, Better for the Envlronment
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l(I)FUior,-r.-.g_olg_n~nolf l ' -_ _ _ _ _ .,._,,
"1"-_ _ _ 1ho,.lono-"'!
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.............. ot. . . . ...,..,,.. .... .
•rvkle pn~grwn
1/4.1 type 3.05-megapixel, progressive 3MOS sensons
AVCHD (Full Hiah·Definition) and DV (Standard Definition) racording
12x optical zoom lans with Opticallmage Stabiliser (OIS), and manuel focus ring
Tapeless recording with the reliable, efficient SD Memory Card
Shoulder-mount style for stable recording
Versatile Interfaces include XLR audio input HDMI output
USB 2.0"' and DV terminaf"' (IEEE 1394 stsndard)
DV racording for conventional
standard definition pro~iuc1:ioJI·(Ise
The AVCHD racording
for shooting pro-style vida os
in Fuii·HD qualily
A shoulder pad
for extra shooting stability
•Images are recorded with litlle blurTing
• Excellent mobility allowa nimbla shooting
• Fatigue is minimal evan aftar shooting for hours
Highty Nuanced Image E'lcpression
Sharp, Crisp Randering of Every Subjact
Featurlng 13 elements ln 1o groups, the n&Wy dawloped lens ls Ideal for
Full-HO 1'8001'drg. The naw lena &'1818m U888 low-dsperslon gass and
aspherlœllensas to raduoe oolour aberration and boœt 19S01utlon. Use
al a special rrulll-ooallng prooaas dramBIIœlly reducesllare m ghosts.
The resutt: stwp, a19p, beaullfully rend919d plcturas wllh IIMd colours,
delicate I'UII'lCII8, and ~onalshadrg. This advanoed lens Blso lets
you capture 40.81TYT1 wld~Hrgle ahots (35mm lens equlvalenl).
The progressive 3MOS lrrege 881"1901'8 1900rd Full-HO lrT181Q99 v.tth a total,
3 .05-megapbœl (apprax.) r9801udon (e11'8ctlve motion-Image resolution of
2.51 rnegapbtals (approx.)]. This prodJoas full-raster HO mages v.tth hlgh
resolutiOn and superb lrrege quallty. Because each of the three separate
mage 9en901'S reoelves one of the three prlmary colours al llght (red,
green and bUll), they render more praclse Images and more 1alth1ul
ooburs then the slrgle lllfit-t'IIOIIMng 1MOS sen90r.
3.05-megapixel Progressive 3MOS Sensors
New HD Lens
HD Lens Unit (13 Elements in 10 Groupe)
Low-dilperlion GlaD
• What's the 3MOS System?
Highly Refnlctive La ne
Mllœell.,.-l&lo til a
·~ - ----!2
~~ ~~u--.wg~
..--·- ......- ...,.,..,.......
Ulll\ol,_., (metak»dde semieonductor)
inege tenPS PIOC*I81he !tue& ~ c:obn of ight (red, gltlell Md ~).
AJ!plwtcll LM-.
• High-quality. Full-HO Image Production
Full High-Dafinilion il approx.
TFUll Hlgh-Daflnltlon
Up to 120x Zoom Power
6 times the screen resolution Of
12x Optical Zoom and 1Ox Digital Zoom
Standard Definition images.
tt dlsplays si\Jnnlng, hlgh•rasolutbn ~
Ellen at the 490mm zoom eetting (35mm lens equNalenl), thiS advanOed
12x optiœl zoom lens is tree Of image degradation. And the AG-HMC80
series iS e1eo ~ipped wilh e ctgilal zoom that instant!y magrifies the
mage by 81'fi Of three fiX8d veluee: 2x. 5x or 1 OK. use it together with the
12x optiœl zoom lens, and you get super magnificatiOn equivalent to a
120x zoom, wilhout the drop ln lighl intensily thal: happens when using a
lens 6Jdender.
~ 720 _,
. , ..,...
•The ql.dy ' * ' -• the ciQiiJI zcom MIIQnifiCIIOI i -
Suppressas Blocked Shadows and Blown Highlights
Dynamic Range Stretch (ORS)
1111111• wlth a 12x
opdoll ZIXm
hllge wlh • 12x 111*11 ZIXI'II x
10. d9tiJ (120111
Take Clear Shots Wh ile Walklng or Zooming
Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS)
Beœuse the hand-shake OOI1'8CIIon ls done by actually drMng the lens,
there's none c:A the Image degradlltbn that oocurs wllh electronc
stal:asmlon. )tu 0811 capl!.l8 beau1lful, ti!tl-qualty ahots IM!n ln
s11ua1ons where hand..tlalœ 1s typlœJtt a big problem - sucn as when
zoomlng, shootlng lndoonl h dlm Ughdng, or shoo1lrg outdoors at nlght.
• Hlrod.- ftan *"'11-lcn ll"'lr undlr oome conciliera
11!11111no1th OIS OFF
· ~ Oollllla - l l " ' l r be~
lmiiQ8 wtth OIS ON
A gamma curve and knea sbpe are aatlmated to rretch the contras!: of eech
pbael, and applled n real tma.IJIIhan dlllk. bfljlt, and lnterrnedlata shades
are al conllllned ln the 1111111 scene, this prodD!s BCoelart !J'lldllllon for
esch shade and minimisas blockad shada.N9 and blawn hllfillghts. The
~as thal reeult are enlwload by a vlsually wlder ~le 1111ge..
Imagee wtth 1he Dynamlc Range Stretch (DRS) Etl'8ct
1Stlll Shota wtth 10.6·rnegaplxal Relolutlon
On&-11<9 C3iarmla Clives
The,_ 3MO$- el8o CO<'IÜle IMth Plnill8onlo'$ ~
~Fioel~n tec;hnologyto~•~ thltl$
equivalent to4 Umœ the notmel!M. TheAO·HMC!!O-* ~
d Images IMth IIW"'"- 10.~ ~On llllll
3:2 aspeot mlal•....t'ah awoueti.,. th. l-'~ • ~pedonnenœ
d~ d œmn.l'u_,... )lOU œn - • to llhoclt bott1 rro:m ut
7-moda Gamma for Rlcher Oradatlon
ecMnœd 9il"'*"lt fllnc1!ons-
, ..
*S8tf'lcXtti'ICX ....... t\fNI'I'IOOt.
t \.,
Highly Data.lad rmaee ~~ion
Advanced Pro Thnlng Functlons
W.r', .
eMatrlx uttlnp
cltleNnt ~
.,...~œent~..w-)Wr~.tlilh 'lNtl~ tt..~
Ill'"'- wllidl~theohnG\~wann .,.,.of ... iilCOOciQi.
d llfllglllt for. Mbllœ.
. ,_ _ """'~-·--- ,dWtlll _ _ bouood.
o....lll(j onl8ciodo918$ ~àopedfor tt.. VARICAA1 HD
fo< dgltll~ ~~=-~~theAG-1-!MeeO . . . 'hitll
L8ta yau chooee balle colour Iule 111at CCfM!II'the daelrad OW>III
•KnM point Mtl:lnga
Cœ1rols the hlgljg~ ~ U. (AIJ10JLOW/MIMitCitf)
•AdJulltlllblll H ~IIIMI!, V detllll"'"l,
dltd oor1ng and 11dn diJIIIII
~ . . . and .._lml(lenolile.
•AdJu_.,.. c:brorna IIMI!, c:brorna ph-.
oolour tllmp and malter pedloltal
~the besle;,....,. for brlg~end oth8r
l'he,lll.f-tM:IIQ Mriaa cati-
~Uttingt--ne lM for inrlant ~~
r.-r ln limlllt thootlnQ concltlon$.
Stend8rd Defj iltlol • lm ~~~ge Qualty Reoordng
Compmsaion Recording Supported
n edcllon 10 AVtH> i&CQISQ, IIMJIG!iMœO ...- ~ DV
111C01dll!llll'ilililll to lhe IIW!Icatlon of e runberol 1'2 HO lec!lnobc!llllllo lhlllho<ll:ier l)'l)e ~.Thil meet111llllt )'CIU Cllll
<>Of1thla Ultlg yeu~ «<llf1111)111em JLIIIIIII ~Ill. h1IIOIII lW
I8COIOed Clfito 1111 SD MernclfY, 1er greâr ~ lhll/1
<:OfM!f1tlcnll ~- 111C01dlf111o
Eais&, Efliciancy, Reiilbity
Large-capaclty SDHC Memory Ce.rd
•AQoootot-1011CotSO -CIIIIIO -·rN-OilAQooo40f
-lllli«)•IO......,.QMIIo _
-lllli«)OfiO......,.QMI,_ _ _ .,._IDICO<ID..._C..
lkh v.ih ·~· thn'a no need lor cuâng wti'i the SDHC MlniOiy
c.m --~--l)lbeglnahabllricaac11on d
~ Not do yeu 1\a\M to ~ 1!1bcu1 eock1i1ntati raca<SQ ow
hii*Wl ~ ~ C8l'i diliolt8 ~cl. . hnallly righi <ri Ille
apotto ~ I'IVImllfY capeclly. Ecll1tll 1111er~ la trn00Ulll1d
euy. ~no need for~. Th!>~SOHC Memolyc.rd la dnbl&,
1:00. lia 01)1l11111111! nr1QI!I la fn:m -25"C to 8S'C, ao )'CIU can al!lp ~
lbcul hlnll~ or-•11oo1
eo~œ ibllb on YQII'
111oo*ig. And cA CCUI8e, )'CIU I1IMit haWI b WOI1'Y about PI'Ot*Jii• Wth
dlq)Waotdoggad ~
~ lht~ <»•'Pl-'<»• ~ dlheAIICHDfolmlll, 14110 720
Hlgh Bit Rate of the Pro -\Ise PH Mode
lhaAG-f-NC80 -tMbnallla III~ICII'G PH modtPanallric diMIIol)lld 8lâlllwly lor Aveot.M C8lnlll1l ~daia. Il
det.wa elllllldnun AIICI-D biiiR!l cA 24 Mbpa (IMngl!l: 21 M~.
llt'dee d HD elida CM be I6CQœd olliDa
SDHC fllemolyCenl.
oOamtlhld- elllllldnun dida lranlfer apeed of22 t.ela,•~Na
..,....,. dQ lrlnlfon b ~ eay anlell'oolloN.
oSJHC Mamcry C:.W.n ~ ll1d C3'l b&eeall)l ~on
locallon ~.-led.
• _ _ _ _ _......,,._.,ao_,._,__,.
~lor pdi!lilblal 111111111 pocb:llon, INa modl!lli!JIIIyeu ICII!(WSp ll1d 720 prog,_IWIIIIIIIIIMI ~ adtltioniO IOIIQ/SOI fnlm 1lw>
NllfiC80 _ . . 1Q20 x 101!0 M·.-1-D ~.
Mo111 Bllc:la'1t lll8n T&ll&
'lersatile Solid·state Recording Functions
AVCHD FGnnat for HIQh-quallty,
Efficient HD Reconling
H.264 mation ..,_ '"'"''" 1 •1
Pralllo-.:lb~CC>i .. 1•1
-rt'Q twleetl>o CCli'" Illien 8llli:lllnl:l'<lf t«lV(Mf'EG.:I).
•lnftofr'e.I'M Ptd:tbi
~ Blot:k ~
•LOQI) Flter ~ lht I'IOIJ6Ijillbi <lfC\J4'!1'1
•NIIW Enb1lll'/ Enclldii'G 'r:;ABK;
""*"' Com_..,
• CGm)WIIIGII ot HD "-'ding Formltll
To ai~ ahot - o n . yeu can add • mali< to tll&lhutri:lnai
imagea or-. dp. Vau .:at~ thM diai)II:J and plly ont,< th• clil>t !hat
haw thot nwlœ.
Thil h • toen...reyou .,_, tll811Kit yeu~ bykltUng )CU
contt1~én.lllld llileeqilllntly record, l~n~~~~M~IIIld aoundlfar
lhiM -=onda beforeiiWI REC butten 11 JX9II8fld ln alanci:IV moœ.
~ can checklhe end oflhe 111011
-IV """'dtid ci_, 'Mth
et....t clp dMIIta
Onl'ftlia moat ,_nltJ racordad ciP la
dalated Yo!tli tl11a<111Hl11Chfl.rle11on,
addii'G pracllœl CCIMI1kl'il» to
~ QPn11on. ~œn be 8IIIUIGd
uaU&er bumn~ Hdllâ'ed.
•Mata-data recordlng*
Th& dl», camera OjlellltCr, 1-uon, 11t1a a1d olhilt ll'lflllmlllon con b&
adtladto Ille \4cl9o d!ü .
tris A(4ustment and Zoom Operation
1ha AG-I-fo.r1C80 aertoe hlllllttree modEla fer anoottng and recordhg ln DV
mode. tt can be eeloctod from Sida crop, Lstter 1x»c: or SqueeiZ8.
Tha manual foc:us rlrQ can be ~ to control iha Iris IDD, by IIWI!chlng
the Focus Ring (Foc!Jsllrts) aalector. Uee ft Whlo-r wwt bell ms Ille
8hoo1!ng elti.Je:tlon. For axample, ~ can 1181tha cernera ID PUID Focue
and use the manuallocus ring to control the .zoorrir'Q. Vou can elao add
backlghl oorrectlon or spotllght ocnactlon to the IWID 1111 functlon.
•u...,._,uf<> _ _ .._....,_IIU.IrllottM-.
rN Shooti'lg and Recording Images
Salactad From Thraa Sizas
Manual Focus Ring
.Adlust the Image Quallty
White Watching the Signal Levet
Hlgh-resolutlon Screen for Record ad Image Conftrmatlon
6.9 cm (2.7 inch) Wide-screen EVFJLCD Monitor
1ha 230,000-tD* (approx.) alac1ronlc vlawftnder (EVF) lats you check
ftne detlJIIa n the Image. Aalliii'Q the l.i8'Nftnder lnstantly awttchlllll n
to a 6.9 an (2.7 l1ch) w1do LCO monitor, 10 ~ can lliiiiiiY check Ille
~tt a1tsr 9hcoti'lg. PUa, 1tMI villwftndllr lib up or down, and 91d&e to
the rlght or lait, ID p!O'Ade h opthlll poellkrl fer u..
.....-to....... I:'.IF.
Wavafonn Monitor Olsplay
A horlzontal BIBysls r:J h Input &9WI'a b~htnasa lavl!l can be daplayed
on the monttor. 11116 l8ts ~ 111tlly 80Cinlely ad)Jsl Ille sl8nderd black
and wtite 11Mlla wllla chacki1g Ille Wllve(crm MOOior (WFM).
'Wl'111 rd-~ ln '17/ln"-
_ t l l e _ l o r _ _ ..
I..CD .......
SeW-portralt ehooiii'Q la pœa1bl8 llltlaloiewftnder la rotat8d 1BO" tDwarda
Ille lana. You can 11111k8111em appear betœr by rewrahg laft and r1ght.
'ONriM'"-....,...11-.Thl-'"--'"r..qrn.roQ.Jd<, Easy Focuslng
HD Focus Asslst
•Centre zoom/Focu. bar function
Tha centra ZDDm functlon anlargaa the cantre of the frame for bsttar
l.islblltty, end HD foous assis! dlspleys a ber that grttNS and .-.mkS to
indicele the degrea of fOOJaing.
Fast Sœne Searohes
LCD Monitor Thumbnail View
Image dela il rooorded ae a file fer each aœne. Ttr.Jrrtlnai images and
ftla lnbmatlon ara autanallcaly attaciBl ID aach 11e ID anabla smooth,
fWI1 oon11rmauon and deletron
ci6pl8y8d on 1he LCD monitor.
•Puah Auto functlon
Preaslng 1he PUah AAJto button ln manuaJ mode tempore!tty e.ctiVBtea
the Au1D Focua w=J eyeœm lor quick fOOJeing.
•Face Detection functlon
Tha AG-HMC80 aarlas faatu111s
the Face Detection functlon.
Il •recognlses" faces naar 1118
centre of Ille ac.raan and foc:uon lhllm."
On·aitll Recarding and Moritonng
Convenlant Recordlng Functlona
•lnterval REC
IIA!lmallc, ~lttent IIICOI'dtQtat IGt . , _1\'om on&
totOOnd toone'-~two .,..._For-pit, UN
~ lE to niCORI oponllone at a collltN<:IIon lite. to llhaot aullllll,
orto C8llllln~On&-l- ~ofbloom_,g,
1~ ~::.;.::;hone Input
TheAQ.I-t.4C80 _.ooMatequipped wittlebui~_.., e1ae0
"'~end -Mt!> ld.R·!)'J)$ $u<lo ~ tsnmala (2 CIWnl!t,
m~~ 4tH om~pa!tiel on th8- pantl. Vou Wl
$o'.t.:ll eudlo o:hlml!t 1 atd 2 ~ to eltller h or tont mmbboooptiloaaoeoe
~ ...tlo:h la ~!y.-.. when oeo»o<loog 1~ f/1 nen81kJro,
.,_,.,_ _ _ "_,_,..JodO"'Sta1dllrd ~n Down~Output
Recordlng or Playback Images
Yoll canl~ be ni dû
Wollilllllbh llm theWIDol9111.
1ltl coold be~ b'
CMii' 1111 ad8l1ded peilod. ~cellaln
a.:adelolle-. ~ IIJMIInct,
0011rt ~ng, lilgal dilpoeNo~~t <7
IIMI erlon:ellllllt l!)l)bliblla.
Wda R8nge of Setlinga
Slow Shutter and Synchro Scan Functlona
Th& Nll-t.4C80 -~~ ""'.,..,. \111111 an HOMI outpUttan'l'ftlfot
Molltor Connec11on
HDMI Output Terminal
TheW..,nvtt.. ~..-m.oue~toallow,!lvtt•
..-dl~,_._.._, ~....,o,.._. Theaœu.......,
lll8thod ~ bl\lllt-œicu mua 'ijfth , _ no~o~e t~a~ '"""
oap\ln(l 1111119 OQfflOiflllonal ~. 80 ~ 9111 the h""" ""'IIM)!
r-*ltor~-~ 'h11IWt numallon.IWJ the $tmh'o
Sœn llnlCion la Ideel lW œptu~ IITIIIJN on omR\ln.
Q».tooà'l ()pela1loll of Kei ~
1n'll'ee User BuHons
'1118 AG·Ht.1C80 8GIIallello ~ lllllgn 111Ybœ al1hefoiloM'G 14
fln:lloneto 1118- Ull8t butlana
•I.A$1' Q.IP
· - - 2....... , _ ( _ A , ___ B),2...... ~
(il;li)Ok. 5eccJO ni Auto 'llllc:lqv.tD~.
• Mll*ct.clc Dleiillealll ot1ht-teaii'Gtcn1ht~ Md mortor.
•z.~n: ~ fl'tiiMi hm """"C'OO% to 105!1, "'~ . . . .
• -
The AG liiiiC80 -~~ eq.... wlto HilMI (Hgh Oellrltlon ~
lrierflcll) cUput. <:anponentWilo ou!p!Jt:a end COIIiiXIIIII& cUjlut lBNC),
eoloYII~ lt) ftllgaeto be ~.. teclllld OU1M .. standard
Dllllrltlon ftl~Qae...ttlt1l'tlll/ n lxt1g A!COidl!d or r*YWd. A t h ~rn&. a 16:9 « 4:3 -=t 11111o can be leil!ctecllor Sida Ctq).IJI1'a' box.
hlllgee.l'udlo cUjlut fiCA tl!lmNJ) eiWI:IIIIe a 'MclaYIIIII!Iy of
Çk:atlona. aiCh • W!IMng on an eldlmll mania' or S1llnGird 0e1tt1on
IIWbr: ,_.,""""""' .......- dlooP&Y oftlw bobo'GI_,ttlb,._aod
• Collo&r 111r: ~a U181UI 1111t IC*n fard~~ -,.:umonltbr Md
1 kHl, ...... tBit IUle.
• TCIUISo-oolo+-•IUt·lnSMPJE-_.s.r.
• ca-
l'a), Fccuta'd lia. Al:lwaua&ofeny
œmn.IWilllte CIOnlrtillr1tllllla ~ble 'lo!th hAG-I:M<tOCY
• . . _ _ <1t0Jk Ulla th> menu to . - 8la'dionl «amooih.m<:m
~tnnlfo!r11~ of~~HO~Indado~.
PC Connuc:l!on ~
1usa 2.0
~pe B)
Th& llenMrd USB tsmlnal (Type B) eolowiUte AG. H\'IC80 - t o
conMCtto e Wlndowll PCJMilc ~- moclll. lhla ln a WIMiow:a
PCIMIIc hlldilcl wtth 1l1e pro'flcllld IWCCI>M Vlewer~ to ~.
COP'J, end wrlte HO ~clllo tlila. U Wlllatnll\lter1hemto
AVCHD-comr:dlleedlhg aoftwll8fot HD pnxU:tlon.
rN !lee œn allo beftnlfim!d w. use 2.0. Yot>enUte c:amen~ reccrœr
lallltlnAVCI-ID ~.
l.i1kable wi1h Existi'lg Equpnent
DV Terminal Prollfded as a Standard Feature
The AG H\4C80 haun &E 1304 CCIIo~IW
rN {6 pin) OU!illltWMinel. S*nplf connect ltto
., adonlng rN nonll,_ed~for1!'8nlmmtlg
tta rN cottc»aaab• weem QU'I:J:Id.
............ IWt~.
·JM::f-0 . . . . . . . 1:.~1:DrN ..........
. .I!B?131M(CY-.
SPEED SEL. ·1+ buttan
Bul~·ln mlanlphone
F()CU8 butlan
F()CUSAMISTbuttan - RJNOcwttoh
WH rTE BAL butlan
~--------- o~PM13. ,CHK~
- - - - - - REliETITC IIETb-
, - - - - - - -COUNRRbutla"
- - - - - AUJO/MANUAI."""""
C:AMIIDI~ )&clca•
___ ____..
'0011111_ _ _ _ ........
.. h> _ _ _ Comoot.a.,
MIC +4tVONfOIFF-h - - - - - - - - - - '
-. =
1~· :~..
,.,._ _ _ 1
: ~(lAlO
- ...,........_...,ecm..-
System Applications
1 A Host of Software to Support Production
1 HO Playback on a Monitor
• AVCCAM Ylewer"'1 (Download lt for free)
Full-HO images recorded in AVCHD can be previewed on a monitor.
AVCCMJ. Viewer for Windows PC/Mac':l makes it easy to preview
AVCCMJ. files and other AVCHD motion images, still images and
meta-data, wllh very simple operation. Files can be playad from an
SDHC/SD Memory Card, BD (Biu-ray DiseTM}, or hard disk, and saved
to a PC (hard dlsk) from an
SDHC/SD Memory Card or BD.
Ales can also be copled or deleted,
meta-data can be displayed, and
data can be wrlnen to an SDHC/SD
Memory Card or BD...
)~ --~-- ----1
[Window. PC]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------oCPU: lntae Core"'2 Duo (2.4 OHz or rasta)
eOS: ~~7 (32~. 'lfl1clows~SP1 (321l10, wtldowsXPSP2orlal8r(32 bit)
•RAM: 1024 MB or more for WhiOWII VIlle.
612MB or more lor Windows lCP {1004MB or moreteOOmmendecl)
Mil mory Canl
"Naedt.IX) be comJ)III:ille with AVCHD Use an HDMI cable with Type A tarminal.
{Not oompellble wnn VIERA Unk)
1 AVCHD/DV Nonlinear Editing (NLE)
Compatlblllty wtth exlstlng edlllng erNfronments AVCHDIDV Illas can b&
trans!EIIl9d at hlgh speed by uslng the USB 2.0 Interface to oonnect the
AG-HMC80 series or an SDHC/SD Memory Cerd l'tiB.der to a Windows PC/Mac.
This drama!ically improves productivity when oompfll9d wilh the time-consuming
task of digitisi~. The AG-HMC80 series can also oonnact to NLE oompalible
wilh DV editing viaiEEE1394(DV termina9. The reoorded DV 1iles cen be edited
the same as a oonventional tape based DV cameras/reoorders.
[M.c] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------·
·······~ O
oCPU: lntae Core"'2 Duo (2.6 GHz or leat8rl
oOS: Mac os X 10.6 (Snow L.eopard)/10.6 (leopero)f10.4 (llg81)
•RAM: 1024 MB or more~ MB or- more rooommencled)
doean't support DV filas.
"2: Copyt1g and p~ <lata on BD (80-AE V8r3.0)are not supporœel bV Mac OS X IDA (là81),
"3: Do not ~lerl a dlllc tDVD (A~I-D)) procllœd wlth tho pro>Jidod HO Wrtler 2.5E ~ lntzl a
dtMce 1IWI doel ~ support tho A\ICI-D atandllrd. If~ is inaaned intz~ IIUCh e diMce, the dac
m~ not eJec:t. AJso. Cio not lltarf tho dise Wllll a <*~loo 1IWI Cloea not support 1l1e A\ICHD stanelald.
The AVCCAM Restorer is soflwn for restoring nconsistencies in video data reCOI'ded
on an SDHCISD Memory Card. The 80flwn maintf targets inconsistant data creatsd
under lhe following conditions.
-When lhe camera recorder fails ID complete writing of the file in 1he nonnal mannar
due to the power bang cul or 1he lilœ.
-When the writing of the recorded video daia ID the SDHCISD Memory Card h88 failed.
[Window. PC] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
• AVCCAM SD Card Fil• RtcoWery (Comlngeoon)
The AVCCAM SD C&rd flle reoovery ls software for repalrlng the flle whlch
was erased orformatted aocidentally.
[Window. PC] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------oCPU: lntae Cora"'2 Duo (2.4 GHz or fallt8l)
oOS: Mlcroaott wtldoiMI7 (32 bll), wtldciwslllsla SPI (32 bit), WlndowaXP 8P2 otlalar (32 biO
•RAM: 1024 MB or more~ MB or- more rooommencled)
[M.c] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------·
oCPU: lntae eore• Duo (2.0 GHz or faste!)
oOS: Mac os X 10.6 (Snow L.eopard)/10.6 (leopero)f10.4 (llg81)
•RAM: 1024 MB or more~ MB or- more rooommencled)
"'This software can only be UNd wi1h A~HD, rN and JPEG cl~ .-ded with e Paneaonic
AVfXAM series cam-.
"Note thil Il will not aiWI!Y' be poaebla to repelre tne ftla uel'lg thil aoftwere,
1 Copying onto BDs/DVDs with BD/DVD Recorder
Yoo can easlly copy AVCHD files onto the bulit-ln HDD of a Panasonlc
BD/DVD recorder. Vou can also copy HD Images onto a BD/DVD.
"N~ IX) be oom1)81ille with AVCHD.
BOIDVD recon:ler ia not Mlable in sorne-·
-. . ~SB2.0
(Stanelanl Detlnltlon)
Memcry Canl Reader
: Aa-HM080 Seriee
Mernory carel
Memory caro
oCPU: lntae Core"'2 Duo (2.4 OHz or rasta)
eOS: Mcrollott Wln<IOW8 7 (32 bit), wtleloWe VIlla SPI (32 biO. WlndOW8XP SP2 or l u (32 bit)
•RAM: 1024MB or more~ MB or-more reoommenclad)
[1180] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------·
oCPU: lntae eore• Duo {2.0 GHz or faste!)
oOS: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Laopard)/10.5 (leopero)f10.4 (llg81)
•RAM: 1024MB or more~ MB or- more recommenclad)
"llllllaoltwar8 can ontt be usod wllh A\'CHD c:llpe AIOO!dod wllh a Panuooo ~~enes camera.
"Note thil Il will not aiWI!Y' be poaebla to IMilOI& the data ualng tnla eoftwar~~.
"'Thil eoftwaretergete recorded dete 1h8t h88 been darr.ged for reelenllion. Il il not eapeble
of performlrcJ pr008S81ng to AISiore aelel8d data.
'~ '
(Standard Detlnltlon)
Mllmcry Cetd Reeder
•t: New A~HDIDV transcoeler sottwerels avalable for flee downloaellng on tne folkMing webtltle.
"2: To Tranafer DV flle• USB2.0, h camera recorder need• tD be aet AVCHO mode.
Bundled"1 wlth EDIUS Neo 2 Booster Nonllnear
Edltlng Sottware"2 (Windowe PC only)
This software makes it simple and
easy to edit full-HO Images, and also
lats you bum BDs and DVDs.
•The EDIUS Neo 2 Boostar allows for
real-tl me. native edltlng of AVCHD video.
•Without special hardware, AVCHD codee
angine can proœrss more th an 3 real-ti me streams simuHaneously.
Oested with an lnte~ CoreTM i7 CPU system)
•lt supports Wlncbvs 7.
[PC Minimum Sy8tem Aequlremenw] -------------------------------------------------------• Cf'U: 1~ or AMD CPU 3.0 GHz or tasœr (tlkliUple CPU8 or mul11-oore CPUa are
recommencled. SSE2 and SSE31netruc11on •et. "'-"IIOrted.lntflll> Cor~~""'2 Duo orfaater required lor Rllll time A~HD ed~in~ Core"' ilreootmlended.)
• OS: MlctosoftWhdcws 7 (32 blt/84 bit) (Home Premlum!Professtonavulttnate)
Mlcroeoft Whdowa Villta SP1 {32 blt/64 bll) (Home Baslo/Home
Premlum/Buelne181l.Mtulte), WlndOWII XP SP2 or ebu.'e (3:2 bit) (Home/Prof'eaalonul)
• RAM: 1 GB or mora (2GB or more AIOOmmendecl)
UmltadUmea!lar. The~modalnumberlaAG-It.ICi!1EUIHMCIŒNUIHMœlMOJM.IC84ERU
"2: Only lh& IDIUS Neo 2 Booster install dac ia bunded with this package. Tne Bonus
Conta11 co 1s not lncluded w1lh tne blmdle wrslon. Also. PASS A~Qislrallon la requlrod to
lnlltell the eoftw8re.
Far mare dlllall., ..._ Yllllt Ill• folowtr11 -blllàl:
Fardatllaabaut BIIUSNao2a-ter, pl-rillt:
<trtfp:l/ (Star11ng A'IJCCAM 8)JUS Neo 2 Booster Bun elle Sales}>
AI/CCAM Vlewer, Al/œ/tN. R81110rer and Al/œ/tN. SD caret R800Y8ry software can be CloWntoaaod for-flee from lh& foiiOWing Panasonlc website. PASS r~atrallon la requlred.
For diJI:als. please ~slt the roloM"G webilll9 and click on •support and Downloactng ln!ormatlon.• <nttpa:f/eww.payc.penaaonlc.eo.Jp/llro-av/supporVd8Skle/downloael.htm>
•7.2V2.(iiiii!IW ..., . _ _)
Free registration, no membership fees
• 3-year extended warranty repair program
• Latest news only for you
Exclusive offer for AVCCAM!
Maximum 3-year extended warranty repair is
applied for AVCCAM models after registration.
Severa! other services are also provided to
ln the member's website, information is selected and presented
for your models. To be alerted to new firrnware information
and other releases, an email newsletter can be subscribed to.
• Document library
You can browse through and find various technical information
(operation guides, technical descriptions, etc.) quickly from the
• Manage your equipment
You can easily know the update status and past service history of
each unit, and can leave comments in free text as memes about
your equipment.
* Not ali models are eligible for extended warranty coverage.
* Please note that this extended warranty is not available in some countries/regions. See the website below for details.
*1 : The basic warranty period may vary depending on the country/region. See the enclosed warranty card for warranty coverage.
*2: Not ali repair work is covered by this extended warranty. See the enclosed warranty card for warranty coverage.
The maximum warranty period may be adjusted depending on the number of hours the deviee has been used.
Details and user registration:
*AVCHD and the AVCHD logo are registered trademai'K of Sony Corporation and Panasonic Corporation "Biu-ray Dise" and the Blu·ray Dise logo are
trademarks. Dolby and the double-D symbols are trademarks of Dolby L.aboratories. HDMI and the HDMIIogo and High·Definition Multimedia
Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing, LLC. SD Logo is a trademark. SDHC logo marks are a registered trademark.
Apple, Macintosh, Mac OS, Quick lime and Final Cut Studio are trademarks of Apple lnc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. EDIUS is a
trademark of Thomson Canopus Co., Ltd. Intel, Celeron, Pentium, Core and Xeon are trademarks of Intel Corporation, registered in the U.S. and
other countries. Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United
States and/or other countries.
Please refer 1o the lates1 Nonlinear Compatibility Information,
AVCHD Support and Downloed and Service Information, etc. at penasonic website.
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