Ñïåöèôèêàöèÿ ADAM
4-slot SoftLogic Controller
with Ethernet
8-slot SoftLogic Controller
with Ethernet
 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface
 Built-in Modbus/TCP server
 Supports Modbus/TCP client
 Supports Modbus/RTU Master
 Supports Modbus/RTU Slave
 Supports Multiprog via Ethernet
 IEC-61131-3 standard package
 Supports LD/FB/SFC/IL/ST Languages
 Cross-Language compiling program
 8 I/O slots base and handles up to 128 Local I/O Points
 Supports AI/AO/DI/DO/Counter Function Blocks
The ADAM-5510EKW/TP is an Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller. In addition to the features of ADAM-5510KW and ADAM-5510EKW, the ADAM-5510EKW/TP has Ethernet
features including Modbus/TCP Server, Modbus/TCP Client and Multiprog via Ethernet functions. Therefore, users can easily and quickly complete their programming based on
Ethernet architecture.
Standard Modbus Interface
For advanced system integration, the ADAM-5510EKW/TP supports not only Modbus/RTU Master and Slave functions via serial ports, but also the Modbus/TCP Client to retrieve data
from remote I/O, and Modbus/TCP Server to send data back to the HMI/SCADA Software via Ethernet port. Furthermore, the ADAM-5510EKW/TP allows users to remotely maintain
multiple ADAM-5510EKW/TP controllers by running Multiprog programming software via Ethernet.
Control System
 I/O Capacity
16-bit microprocessor
4 slots (ADAM-5510KW/TCP)
8 slots (ADAM-5510EKW/TP)
Power, CPU, communication, and battery
Flash disk: 512 KB
Flash memory: 768 KB
Flash ROM: 256 KB
RAM: 768 KB SRAM, 17 KB with battery backup
 LED Indicators
 Memory
 Operating System
 Real-time Clock
 Watchdog Timer
 Power Consumption
 Power Input
General  Certifications
 Connectors
Communications (Ethernet)
 Dimensions
 Medium
 Transmission Speed
 Enclosure
 Mounting
Cat.5 cable with RJ-45 connectors
100 Mbps (10/100Base-T)
Communications (Serial)
 Max. Nodes
 Medium
 Protocols
 Transmission Speed
32 (in RS-485 daisy-chain network)
RS-485 (2-wire)
Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP (Max. 8 Connection with
9600, 19200 and 38400 bps
 Power Input
 Communication Line
 Power Reversal Protection
3000 VDC
2500 VDC (COM2 only)
4 W @ 24 Vdc (not including I/O modules)
Unregulated 10 ~ 30 V
Unregulated 10 ~ 30 VDC
CE, FCC class A
1 x DB9-M for RS-232/485 (COM1)
1 x Screw terminal for RS-485 (COM2)
1 x DB9-F for RS-232/Programming (COM3)
1 x DB9-M for RS-232/485 (COM4)
1 x Screw-terminal for power input
1 x RJ-45 for LAN
4-slot: 231 x 110 x 75 mm
8-slot: 355 x 110 x 75 mm
DIN 35 rail, stack, wall
 Humidity
5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
 Operating Temperature - 10 ~ 70° C (14 ~ 158° F)
 Storage Temperature - 25 ~ 85° C (-13 ~ 185° F)
Ordering Information
4-slot Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller
8-slot Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller
KW Multiprog SoftLogic Development Kit Basic Edition
v3.3 for Windows® NT/2000/XP (128-byte I/O)
Online Download www.advantech.com/products
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