Novatel 760 Upgrade Instructions

Novatel 760 Upgrade Instructions
Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number:
22 July 2011
Subject: Novatel MC760 update instructions
Models: All Novatel MC760 devices (New, B-Stock and FRU.)
There is an update available for all Novatel MC760 devices. This update is a customer executable solution
and will upgrade their device to the current shipping version of Firmware/Software that includes bug fixes as
well as OTASP capability. Below are the instructions to upgrade.
1. Download and save the Update and Novatel clean up tool from the links provided 2. Make sure you have turned off the Mobile Broadband Connection a. In the bottom right corner there should be an icon that looks like the following (if it is not there click on the arrow to see all of the options) i.
b. Right click on that icon and select exit c. Verify that the icon no longer shows in the taskbar 3. With the data card plugged in, run the update and follow the screens below: a. Double click the update you previously downloaded b. Click run when prompted to run the file
c. Click next at the Device Upgrade Utility Screen
d. Select the I agree radial button at the License Agreement
e. The next button will become available once you select the I agree button. Click it
Upgrade will begin
g. ***DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING UNTIL UPDATE IS COMPLETE*** h. Once update is complete this message will display. Select Finish (the screen may show that firmware has been upgraded, this is not a problem)
i. Unplug the device from the computer 4. Once the update has completed Go to start>Control Panel>Add/Remove programs a. Find the mobilink programs i.
b. Uninstall each of those 5. Once uninstalled run the Novatel clean up tool downloaded earlier 6. This message will pop up to notify the machine will be restarted, make sure any files have been saved and click ok 7. Once the computer restarts plug the device back into the computer. a. Once the device is plugged in, this message will display at the bottom right corner of the screen (it could also say please wait while the drivers are installing) b. Once this message displays, you will see a new prompt pop up, select Install/Run
c. The next window will be preparing to install d. Once preparation is complete, the install screens begin, click next
e. On the license agreement page, click I accept to enable the next button
Click next
g. On the next page (Customer Information) click next
h. On the next page(Ready to install the Program), click install
***DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING UNTIL THE INSTALL COMPLETES*** i. The install is complete when you see the finish button enabled on the screen, click finish
This window may appear, but do not click anything yet k. A pop up will appear in the bottom right that drivers are installing, wait until this displays as successful l
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