HP 71450B, 71451B, and 71452B Optical Spectrum Analyzers Technical Specifications Spectral Measurements

HP 71450B, 71451B, and 71452B Optical Spectrum Analyzers Technical Specifications Spectral Measurements
HP 71450B, 71451B, and 71452B
Optical Spectrum Analyzers
Technical Specifications
Spectral Measurements
from 600 to 1700 nm
The HP 71450B, 71451B, and 71452B are diffraction-grating-based optical spectrum analyzers that provide
spectral measurements of optical power versus wavelength and advanced functions for measuring and
characterizing optical components, amplifiers, LEDs, DFB lasers, and Fabry-Perot lasers.
This technical specifications sheet describes the measurement accuracy and operating conditions of the
HP family of optical spectrum analyzer systems. The HP 71450B includes an HP 70950B module, the
HP 71451B includes an HP 70951B module and the HP 71452B includes an HP 70952B module.
The specifications apply to all functions autocoupled over the temperature range 0 to 55° C and relative humidity
<95% (unless otherwise noted). All specifications apply after the instrument’s temperature has been stabilized after
1 hour continuous operation and the auto-align routine has been run. Unless otherwise noted, specifications apply
without USER CAL.
Characteristics and Specifications
The distinction between specifications, characteristics (shown in italicized text), typical performance, and nominal
values is described as follows:
• Specifications describe warranted performance.
• Characteristics provide useful, but nonwarranted information about the functions and performance of the instrument.
• Typical Performance, where listed, is not warranted, but indicates performance which most units will exhibit.
• Nominal Value is an expected, but not warranted, value of the parameter.
Specifications for the HP Family
of Optical Spectrum Analyzers
HP 71450B
HP 71451B
HP 71452B
Span range (continuously variable)
Absolute accuracy1
Absolute accuracy1 (after user cal)
Absolute accuracy1,2 (after user calibration within
40 nm of Cal signal)
Multimode fiber (62.5 µm) coupling uncertainty2
Span linearity1, 2
Span linearity1,2 (1530 nm to 1570 nm)
Reproducibility (1 minute)
Reproducibility1,2 (1 minute)
Tuning repeatability
Readout resolution2
±0.3 nm
600 to 1700 nm
0.2 nm-full range and zero span
±1 nm
±0.3 nm
≤0.3 nm
±0.05 nm, for spans <40 nm
±0.2 nm
±0.05 nm
not applicable
±0.02 nm
±0.005 nm
±0.001 nm
±0.005 nm
±0.005 nm
span/trace length
Resolution Bandwidth1
FWHM of <0.08 nm setting2
Resolution accuracy ≥0.5 , 1250 to 1600 nm
0.1 to 10 nm, 600 to 1700 nm2
Corrected bandwidth accuracy for noise markers:
≥0.5 nm, 1250 to 1600 nm
0.2 nm2, 1250 to 1600 nm
0.2 nm, 1250 to 1600 nm
<0.08 and 0.1 to 10 nm in a 1,2,5 sequence
0.065 nm ±15%
±5% (characteristic)
Option 122 specifies ±5%
Calibration accuracy1, 6 at –30 dBm, 1300 nm
Scale fidelity5
autorange off (sample detector)
autorange on (sample detector)
Display resolution
Display scale
1290 to 1330 nm1
1530 to 1570 nm1
1250 to 1600 nm1
750 to 1600 nm2,8
600 to 1700 nm2,8
Polarization dependence1, 6
1250 to 1600 nm
1300 to 1320 nm
1542 to 1562 nm
750 to 1600 nm2
600 to 1700 nm2
±0.5 dB
±0.1 dB
±0.05 dB
±0.2 dB
±0.07 dB
0.01 dB
0.23% of measurement +0.01% of reference level
0.01 to 20 dB/div log in 0.01 dB steps, and linear
±0.25 dB
±0.25 dB
±1 dB
±1.5 dB
±2 dB
±0.25 dB
±0.25 dB
±1 dB
±1.5 dB
±2 dB
±0.5 dB
±0.5 dB
±0.5 dB
±.1.5 dB
±2.5 dB
600 to 750 nm (second order only)
750 to 900 nm (second order)
750 to 900 nm (first order)
900 to 1200 nm
1200 to 1600 nm
1600 to 1700 nm3
–60 dBm
–75 dBm
–65 dBm
–75 dBm
–90 dBm
–80 dBm
±0.25 dB
±0.2 dB
±1 dB
±1.5 dB
±2 dB
±0.125 dB
±0.05 dB
Specifications for the HP Family
of Optical Spectrum Analyzers
HP 71450B
HP 71451B
HP 71452B
Dynamic Range1
Excluding multiple order grating responses
In 0.1 nm resolution 600 to 1700 nm
In 0.1 nm resolution 1250 to 1600 nm
Chop mode on2
–50 dB ≥±1 nm
–55 dB ≥±0.5 nm
–60 dB ≥±1 nm
–70 dB at ± 0.5 nm, ±1 nm, ±5 nm
HP 71452B Option 122
Excluding multiple order grating responses
1250 to 1600 nm
In 0.2 nm resolution
In 0.2 nm resolution
In 0.1 nm resolution2
In 0.1 nm resolution2
–58 dB ≥±0.5 nm
–65 dB ≥±1 nm
–60 dB ≥±0.4 nm
–65 dB ≥±0.8 nm
Input Power
0.05 dB compression level, within selected resolution
Maximum displayed level2
Maximum safe input level
≥10 dBm
≥15 dBm
+20 dBm per 5 nm, +30 dBm total
Input Return Loss
With PC or HMS-10/HP connector
9 µm
Maximum limited by input fiber size
50 µm2
62.5 µm2
>35 dB
>50 dB (internal reflections)
>28 dB
>26 dB
not applicable
not applicable
Sweep Time2,9
Maximum sweep rate
Maximum sweep rate in zero span
Sweep cycle time
50 nm span, auto zero off
50 nm span, auto zoom
500 nm span, auto zero on
–80 dBm sensitivity, 30 nm span, auto zero on
–90 dBm sensitivity, 30 nm span, auto zero on
full span, auto zoom
40 nm/50 ms
50 µs/trace point
<180 ms
<340 ms
<650 ms
<2 s
<35 s
<1 s
Pulse Mode
Turn On >2 µs pulse width
Turn Off >10 µs pulse width and 27 dB extinction
±0.2 dB2
±0.2 dB2
±0.2 dB
Signal-to-Noise7 CW
Pulse Mode
Additional Specifications
for the HP 71451B (HP 70951B)
Monochromator Insertion Loss: (into 62.5 µm fiber)
(See characteristic plot)*
850 nm
1300 nm
1550 nm
Maximum input port
<19 dB
< 7 dB
<10 dB
+20 dBm per 5 nm; +30 dBm total
Characteristic Monochromator Loss
Monochromator Loss
1st Order
* Second order is selected when the
stop wavelength is at or below 900 nm
and resolution is <10 nm.
2nd Order
800 850 900
1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 150015501600
Monochromator Output (into 62.5 µm fiber)
Polarization dependence, for resolutions ≥ 0.2 nm
1250 to 1600 nm
700 to 1600 nm2
600 to 1700 nm2
Resolution selections (FWHM)
Resolution accuracy for ≥0.5 nm, 1250 to 1600 nm
±0.5 dB3
±1.5 dB
±2.5 dB
<0.08 nm and 0.1 to 10 nm in a 1,2,5 sequence
±20 %
Photodetector Input (in power meter mode)
Accuracy at –30 dBm1 (ref to 1300 nm)
20°C to 30°C
0°C to 55°C
±0.35 dB
±0.5 dB
+20 dBm
≥+7 dBm
Maximum safe power level
1 dB compression level
Scale fidelity for ≤2 dBm inputs5
for any measurement with fixed reference level
for multiple measurements with different reference levels
Display resolution
Power range (up to 50 dB in any reference level setting)
Maximum displayed level2
Flatness (for ≥2 dBm input)1
±0.1 dB
±0.2 dB
0.01 dB
0.23% of measurement
+0.01% of reference level
1250 to 1600 nm
10 dBm
–95 dBm
±0.4 dB
Transimpedance Input
Current range
Maximum current
Maximum voltage
0 to –10 mA
±10 mA
±10 V
600 to 1700 nm
10 dBm
–85 dBm
±2 dB
Optional Current Source (Option 001)
Current Output
Clamp voltage (nominal)
Noise density at 1 kHz2
Stability within 30 minutes2
Temperature drift2
0 to ±200 mA (source or sink)
50 µA steps
±2% ±50 µA
±2.7 V
<4nA/ √Hz
<100 ppm ±500 nA
<(100 ppm ±500 nA)/ °C
Pulse Mode
10 µs to 6.5 ms
100 ns
pulse width/1 s to 100%
Pulse range
Pulse resolution
Duty cycle range
Optional Built-In White Light Source (Option 002)
Light Source Output
900 to 1700 nm
Minimum output power spectral density (9/125 µm fiber)
900 to 1600 nm
–67 dBm/nm (0.2 nW/nm)
900 to 1600 nm (typical)
–64 dBm/nm (0.4 nW/nm)
1600 to 1700 nm
–70 dBm/nm (0.1 nW/nm)
Minimum output power spectral density2
50/125 µm fiber
–50 dBm/nm (10 nW/nm)
62.5/125 µm fiber
–46 dBm/nm (25 nW/nm)
Output stability2
±0.02 dB over 10 minutes
Lamp lifetime2
Mean time between failures (MTBF) >5000 hours
Stimulus Response System Specifications
Passive Optical-To-Optical Devices
Measurement range
10 nm RBW
Dynamic range2
10 nm RBW
10 nm RBW
0.5 to 10 nm RBW
Measurement accuracy
1250 to 1600 nm
9/125 µm fiber
900 to 1700 nm
62.5/125 or 50/125 µm fiber
0 to 33 dB
(36 dB typical)
36 dB
±0.1 dB
0 to 30 dB
0 to 40 dB (1000 to 1600 nm)
24 dB (900 to 1000 nm)
36 dB (1000 to 1600 nm)
9 dB (1600 to 1700 nm)
±0.2 dB
0.01 A/W
±0.9 dB
±0.9 dB
Optical-To-Electrical Devices
(With HP 71451B or HP 70951B OSA)
Minimum resposivity2, Rshunt >1MΩ 0.01 A/W
Optional Swept Polarization
Dependent Loss Kit (Option 003)
Swept PDL System Specifications
1250 to 1600 nm
(with HP 71451B or HP 70951B OSA containing
Option 002 built-in white light source)
0/0 devices
(external photodetector)
0/0 devices
(internal photodetector)2
O/E devices2
Polarizer extinction ratio
Measurement range2
+0.1/–0.05 dB
+0.2/–0.1 dB
+0.075/–0.025 dB
0 to 30 dB
General Specifications
Optical input (HP 70950B or HP 70951B)
Optical input (HP 70952B)
Optical output (HP 70951B)
Optical connectors
Rear panel connectors
Multimode fiber, standard
9 µm fiber
62.5 µm fiber
FC/PC standard; other interface adapters available
SMB (electrical)
HP 71450B, 71451B or 71452B
HP 70950B, 70951A or 70952B
222 mm high x 425.4 mm wide x 526 mm long
(8.75 in x 16.75 in x 20.7 in)
Standard 4/8-width module
HP 71450B, 71451B or 71452B
HP 70950B, 70951A or 70952B
28 kg (61.6 lb)
8 kg (17.6 lb)
Shock and vibration
0°C to +55°C
–40°C to +71°C
<95% R.H.
Tested to MIL-T-28800D class 5 par. 3.7.4, and 3
Conducted and radiated interference is in compliance with CISPR Pub 11,
FTZ526/527/79, and MIL-STD 461B part 7 CE03(AF) and RE02
Power Requirements
HP 71450B, 71451B or 71452B
Voltage and frequency
Maximum power
87 to 132 VAC, 47 Hz to 66 Hz and 356 Hz to 444 Hz
174 to 264 VAC, 47 Hz to 66 Hz
260 watts max (350 VA max)
Definition of Terms
• Absolute Accuracy (after user cal) refers to the wavelength accuracy after the user has performed the
internal wavelength calibration using a source of known wavelength.
• Multimode Fiber Coupling Uncertainty refers to additional wavelength error which can occur from
the loss of control of the image size and angle that the light is launched into the OSA. Multiple angles
are a result of the multimoding in the larger fiber.
• Differential Accuracy indicates the maximum error in measuring the wavelength difference between two
signals that are within the specified separation.
• Reproducibility refers to the amount of wavelength drift which can occur over the specified time while
the OSA is tuned to a specific wavelength.
• Tuning Repeatability refers to the wavelength accuracy of returning to a wavelength after having tuned
to a different wavelength.
• FWHM refers to the Full-Width-Half-Maximum resolutions that are available. This indicates the
width at half power level of the signal after passing through the resolution slits.
• Scale Fidelity refers to the potential errors in amplitude readout at amplitudes other than at the
calibration point. This specification is sometimes called linearity.
• Flatness defines a floating band which describes the error in signal amplitude over the indicated
wavelength range. (This error may be removed at a given wavelength by performing the user amplitude calibration.)
• Polarization Dependence refers to the amplitude change that can be seen by varying the polarization
of the light entering the OSA. This is not to be confused with amplitude variations caused by the
varying distribution of energy between the different modes in fiber that are multimode at the wavelength of interest.
• Sensitivity is defined as the signal level that is equal to six times the RMS value of the noise. Displayed
sensitivity values are nominal. Slightly lower values may have to be entered to achieve specified sensitivity.
Dynamic Range
• Dynamic Range is a measure of the ability to see low-level signals that are located very close (in
wavelength) to a stronger signal. In electrical spectrum analyzers, this characteristic is generally
called shape factor.
Sweep Time
• Maximum Sweep Rate refers to the maximum rate that the instrument is able to acquire data and
display it. This rate may be limited by multiple internal processes.
• Sweep Cycle Time refers to the time required to make a complete sweep and prepare for the next
sweep. It can be measured as the time from the start of one sweep to the start of the next sweep.
Photodetector Input
• Scale Fidelity: For any measurement with fixed Reference Level refers to the maximum error in a
single power measurement. It also refers to the maximum error in the difference between two power
measurements where the reference level was not changed between the measurements.
• Scale Fidelity: For Multiple Measurements with Different Reference Levels refers to the maximum error
between two measurements when the reference level must be changed between the measurements.
1 With applied input fiber 9/125 µm
2 Characteristic
3 Temperature range 20°C to 30°C
4 Signal value >6 times the RMS noise value
5 To within 20 dB of the sensitivity noise limit
6 For resolutions ≥0.2 nm
7 Calculated from specified values; 1.15 x RSS of polarization sensitivity, scale fidelity, RBW accuracy, (and step response accuracy in pulse mode).
8 With applied input fiber that is standard single mode at wavelength of interest
9 Sweep cycle time includes forward sweep time plus overhead between sweeps.
Ordering Information
HP 71450B
HP 70950B
HP 71451B
HP 70951B
HP 71452B
HP 70952B
Option 001 Built-in programmable current source
Option 002 Built-in white light source
not available
not available
Option 010 Delete FC/PC interface
Option 051 EDFA interpolation test personality
Option 052 EDFA time domain test personality
Option 053 EDFA noise gain profile
measurement personality
Option 122 Improved dynamic range
and noise marker accuracy
Available Options
Option 003 Swept PDL kit
Additional Interface Connectors:
HP 81000AI Diamond HMS-10
HP 81000GI D4
HP 81000KI SC
HP 81000SI DIN 47256
HP 81000VI ST
HP 81000WI Biconic
HP 81000FB FC/PC Bare fiber adapter
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