Codonics Virtua Speed-Optimized Job Profiles

Codonics Virtua Speed-Optimized Job Profiles
Technical Brief
Codonics® Virtua
Speed-Optimized Job Profiles
This technical brief describes two new Job Profiles;
autoCDSpeed and autoDVDSpeed which are optimized for
speed of disc-production when using automatic recording.
The features described in this technical brief are only
supported in Version 2.0.0 software or higher.
Note: The speed-optimized Job Profiles are intended to
be used when one study is being recorded per disc. If
multiple studies for a single patient will be recorded on
the same disc, the profiles described in this technical
brief should not be used. However, the parameters
reviewed in this tech brief can be adjusted as needed in
other Job Profiles.
Speed-Optimized Job Profile
The following describes the speed-optimized parameters in
the autoCDSpeed and autoDVDSpeed profiles:
printMode = black_good (normally defaults to
color_better). Requires a black ink cartridge. Provides
the fastest possible label printing. See the Disc Label
Print Settings technical brief (Codonics part number
901-168-001) for details.
discLabel = Ink_Saver (normally defaults to
Physician). Fastest printing label.
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Specifications subject to change without notice. Patents pending.
Copyright © 2007 by Codonics, Inc. Printed in the U.S.A. Part No. 901-170-001 Rev. B
submitAutoRecordJob = onAssociationEnd (normally
defaults to onTimeout). See the Auto Record Trigger
technical brief (Codonics part number 901-169-001)
for details.
endOfStudyTimeout = 15 (normally defaults to 30
seconds). See the Auto Record Trigger technical brief
for details.
discStudyGrouping = byStudy (normally defaults to
byPatient). See the Auto Record Trigger technical
brief for details.
Note: For a standard Virtua system (not a Virtua XR), the
printMode parameter in these Job Profiles will be
overridden by the printMode parameter in the default Job
Profile. To set printMode = black_good it must be
changed in the default Job Profile.
Technical Support
If problems occur during software installation, contact
Codonics Technical Support between the hours of 8:30AM
and 5:30PM EST (weekends and U.S. holidays excluded).
17991 Englewood Drive
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130 USA
(440) 243-1198
(440) 243-1334 Fax
Codonics Limited KK
New Shibaura Bldg. F1
1-3-11, Shibaura
Minato-ku,Tokyo, 105-0023 JAPAN
Phone: 81-3-5730-2297
Fax: 81-3-5730-2295
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