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Repeat Signage™ at Hunters Estate Agents and Westholme School
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give a general overview and acts as a
guideline only. Information, to the best of our
knowledge, is correct at the time of
writing. However, changes do occur with
some models being discontinued whilst
newer models and features come onto the
market. Comparison charts are
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Digital Signage guide
for 2015
When Wedgwood added digital signage software and media players to
its portfolio of products in 2008, there was a limited choice of solutions
for customers to use. We found many customers were already using
large format display screens and video walls to promote their products
and services, especially in the retail and hospitality sectors, with many
using video or PowerPoint slideshows. Other customers had no idea
what the term digital signage meant, they just knew they needed a
solution that would allow them to increase their own sales and branding
using digital technology. The digital signage market has now grown and
a need for simple to use signage solutions is more important than ever.
The aim of this guide is to give you an overview of digital signage and the
types of software, from basic to professional, that you can use to display
your products and services on desktop and large format display screens
or through projectors. Wedgwood also publish a free LCD Monitor and
Touch Screen guide, which you may also find useful.
Wedgwood AV Ltd., supply a wide range of display screens, projectors,
digital signage solutions, interactive whiteboards, lecterns, visualisers,
and other ICT and AV equipment, across the UK. For product
comparisons, manufacturers’ brochures and sales support please visit
our website or call 01754 769967.
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Digital signage guide
Digital signage
Repeat Signage™ digital
signage software at Velo
Restaurant Ltd., London
There are dozens of notice boards on walls throughout
schools, hospitals, businesses, retail and public areas
Many of these are used for displaying
information for students, staff and
visitors, Health & Safety notices,
information and events, etc.
In shops and public areas, such as
libraries, museums, restaurants,
hospitals and airports, you will see
notice boards and posters all giving
information or advertising services.
A traditional poster is either a printed
A4 or A3 piece of paper which has
been produced from programmes
such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft
Publisher or any of the other word
processing or desktop publishing
packages. When the information on
the printed poster needs changing,
you then need to change the
information in the software package,
reprint and physically swap the posters
on the notice board.
Nexcom digital signage players
Digital signage is about using small
and large computer screens to display
still and moving posters which have
different information scheduled at
varying times and can be updated
from a computer somewhere in the
building or over the Internet.
“We launched our
restaurant in
London. It features
self-service touchscreen technology
and a digital menu
board using Repeat
Signage™ digital
signage software.”
Nghi Nguyen,
founder of Velo
Restaurant Ltd.
Repeat Signage™ evaluation
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A typical set up is a 42” LCD / LED
screen connected to a computer
(which could be a mini PC on the back
of a screen cabled to a PC base unit
somewhere else, or a slot-in PC that
slots into the back of a screen) plus
some digital signage software.
NEC LCD public display screens
displaying information in a
library, using digital signage
In a library or showroom for example,
you can install screens at intervals
displaying information and promotions.
A classic example would be a screen
in a school reception area. This can be
used to display information on school
events such as sports day, drama
productions, after school clubs, parent
evenings, etc. on part of the screen,
and possibly examples of student
artwork on another part of the screen.
Scheduling on the screen could be
used to display different information
at various times of the day. An
example would be events information
to parents in the morning bringing
children to school. This could change
to information to pupils mid morning,
display of a canteen menu to pupils
and teachers at lunchtime, artwork
displays in the afternoon and more
information to parents collecting
children at school leaving time.
When the information on the screens
needs updating, this can be done
from another computer on the
school’s computer network. This will
typically be done from the school’s
reception or admin office, where new
presentations/posters and schedules
can be designed and sent to the
computer attached to the screen in the
reception area.
Other areas where digital signage
screens could be used would be in
student and teachers’ common rooms
and restaurants and even weatherproof (and vandal-proof) screens on
the outside of buildings for displaying
up-to-the minute information to
students and parents in the school
In a business reception area, products
and services can be advertised, and
when important visitors arrive, they can
be greeted by a ‘Welcome Mr Smith’,
message scrolling along the bottom of
a plasma or LCD screen.
Within the retail sector, digital signage
can be projected onto large screens
in a food court where thousands of
people sit, eat and relax during their
shopping trip, or onto shop windows
to advertise products even when the
store is closed.
Digital signage displayed
at St. George’s veterinary
hospital, Wolverhampton
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Digital signage guide
Why not just use PowerPoint instead?
Displaying menu options at Velo Restaurants Ltd.,
using Repeat Signage™ digital signage software
Many schools and businesses use Microsoft PowerPoint® on
their PC’s for creating presentations to display on screens
Microsoft PowerPoint® does an
excellent job of allowing you to
design and display presentations.
PowerPoint is presentation graphics
software and is one of the best
presentation graphics packages
Repeat Signage™ at Westholme School
Digital signage software is different to
presentation graphics software.
Understanding the difference will allow
you to decide whether PowerPoint,
or another presentation graphics
package, is a better option than digital
signage software.
Picture on the right shows information
displayed at Westholme School, using
Repeat Signage™ digital signage software
for Windows.
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Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
The advantages of
PowerPoint are:
- Very easy to use and many people are
already familiar with this software package.
- Large number of effects and transitions
between slides, which are generally not seen
in all digital signage packages.
- Is already in use every day in education
establishments and many businesses.
- Licences may already have been
bought and PowerPoint is available for
around £100+VAT in the UK, compared to
professional digital signage software that
can range from £245 to over £1,000 +VAT.
- Supports a huge variety of audio/video
formats, PDF documents, Microsoft Office
documents, etc, some of which are not
supported in all digital signage software.
Most digital signage
software packages have
the following advantage
over PowerPoint:
- Scheduling on an hourly, daily or weekly
basis what is displayed on screen.
- Update of screen information over
the local network or over the Internet
(cloud server). PowerPoint needs the
presentation changing and then you have
to set it playing again (at time of writing).
- Some digital signage packages allow
any application to ‘print’ to screens.
- Generally, support for RSS news feeds,
for example, to display news from the
BBC website your own website, and live
video sources such as webcams.
- Some digital signage systems allow
dual monitor support for displaying
different presentations on separate
screens or displaying a single
presentation that spans both screens.
-Some digital signage software allows
PowerPoint scheduling.
-Some digital signage software has touch
screen support.
Panasonic 70” & 80” slim LCD screens
with high brightness for 24/7 usage
Please see further in
this guide for how to
create digital signage
presentations using
PowerPoint or Open Impress
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Digital signage guide
Promoting your products and services
or creating revenue with digital signage
Digital signage
is also known as
narrowcasting in
advertising circles
In many UK Post Offices, you will now
see digital signage screens displaying
adverts for both local and national
businesses. These are installed and
maintained by advertising companies
who charge these businesses for
displaying their adverts to Post Office
A local business could, for example,
have its own commercial LCD screen
to advertise its products and services
and generate revenue by advertising
other local businesses as well, perhaps
with non-competing products and
services to the same type of customer.
An example of this would be an
estate agent advertising the services
of painters and decorators, house
removal firms, etc.
A garden centre, for instance, could
display its own product and advertise
services of local gardeners, landscape
services, etc.
In the example above right, which
shows a simple design using Repeat
Signage™ Standard edition digital
signage software for Windows, the
image on the right changes every
few seconds to show other images.
Equally you could use a video or
combination of playlist (slideshow)
images and video.
In the education sector, potentially
there is room for schools and colleges
to either advertise paid for courses
or even to generate revenue from
local businesses advertising beneficial
services to students and parents. An
example would be local piano teachers
advertising lessons or local fitness
instructors promoting aerobic and
dance classes.
Simple signage presentation
using Repeat Signage™ digital signage
software for Windows
When using digital signage
software which has touch
screen support, you can use an
image as a ‘button’ which when
touched, takes you to a page
within your signage presentation.
For example, clicking a flower
‘button’ may take you to a page
to order a brochure, or to receive
more information on the type of
flower. This could be used for
many applications, for example,
images of watches and rings for
a jewellers, clothes for a fashion
boutique, or images of menus
available in a restaurant, flower
images for florists.
For comparisons
please visit:
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What you need for
your digital signage
iiyama large format LCD/LED displays
To compose and display
your posters digitally,
you need three basic
-Software to compose and
display your digital posters.
This could be PowerPoint, Impress, Windows
Movie Maker, or a professional
digital signage software package.
Some digital signage software
packages have touch screen or
3D capabilities.
-Dedicated computer or laptop
or a media player or OPS Slotin PC to play your message.
The reason you would use a
dedicated computer is that trying
to work on the same computer
as the one that is playing out your
signage presentation would be
difficult, especially when using
high definition (HD) images, as
this would use up a lot of your
computer’s memory.
A media player is basically a
computer designed to display
digital signage presentations,
although there are several
models available depending upon
whether you want to display your
NEC large format
screen in portrait
presentation over a single LCD
display screen, dual screens, four
screens, etc. Or you can use a
Slot-in PC that fits specific models
of LCD screens.
-Display screen on which your
message can be viewed.
For example, a commercial LCD
desktop or large format monitor,
commercial LED monitor, highend projector and screen or
window film.
-Or a solution that combines
two or more of these
components. For example,
a Nexcom media player and
Repeat Signage™ Standard
or Professional digital signage
software for Windows. Or an LCD
monitor with an OPS slot that
allows a Slot-in PC, for example,
an NEC display with an NEC or
Nexcom Slot-in PC and Repeat
Signage™ software.
Hitachi FHD6500 65-inch multi-touch display with built-in PC
Digital signage software packages
are often available as stand-alone
versions, often with a choice of Lite
or Standalone, Standard edition and
a Professional edition, for use with
a computer or media player and
a display screen. These types of
digital signage software packages
are normally a one-off payment, with
upgrades either provided free of
charge for a period of time or payable
when you upgrade. For this solution
you purchase the signage software,
display screen(s) and a media player.
In the case of a small shop or a small
school, a spare PC dedicated to
playing the signage software may be
all you need. A media player is in
effect a mini PC, but there are many
types on the market, for handling
signage presentations to one display
screen or to multiple screen displays.
A cloud web-based digital signage
solution is where you design and play
your presentations onto a display
screen, via a web browser and is
normally charged as a monthly or
annual on-going subscription. There
are pros and cons with both solutions.
With a cloud based solution you have
your signage presentation content on
a third party browser; with stand alone
software you have the information
on your own computer. Repeat
Signage™, for example, is a one-off
payment software for local network
or remote updating anywhere in the
Sharp large format display screens for landscape or portrait
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Digital signage guide
Software options
Presentation graphics software packages
Screenshot of Microsoft PowerPoint
The following packages allow you to design and play
presentations and are either free or low cost
However, none of these do scheduling
(at the time of writing), so whatever
presentation you play, it will keep
playing in a loop until you stop the
presentation, change it and play it
Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentation
graphics software)
Microsoft PowerPoint costs around
£100+VAT in the UK and you need one
copy (licence) per PC. You can insert
text, pictures, movie clips (video) and
If you want to show a PowerPoint
slideshow on several LCD screens,
you could use a splitter box and output
the slideshow to say four LCD screens
around the school or business.
The disadvantage of this is that you
can only show the same presentation
slideshow to each of the four screens.
Otherwise, you would need to buy
four PowerPoint software licences
to use on four PCs in order for each
one to output a different slideshow
presentation to each of the four
screens. (Information correct at time of
writing). Impress (Presentation
graphics software) lets you download
a free copy of Impress, which is a
tool to create effective multimedia
presentations. You can also download
their word processor, spreadsheet,
database, etc. free of charge. Using
Impress, you can create Flash versions
of your presentations.
You can create single or multiple
slides and bring in text and graphics
and then run these as a slideshow.
You can also insert animated images,
video, charts, spreadsheets and audio
You can install Impress on any
number of PCs, free of any licence
fees and use it for any purpose,
private, educational, government,
public administration, commercial,
etc. This means you can create your
presentation on any number of PCs
and output to display screens, all
without any licensing issues.
When you open Impress, the wizard
lets you choose a blank presentation
or template. You can select
backgrounds, slide transition effects
such as fade through black. Then
click Create, and you have Slide 1
ready for you to insert text, graphics,
charts, etc. (Information correct at time
of writing).
10 Copyright © 2015 Wedgwood AV Ltd.
Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Presentation graphics
software - these allow
you to design and
play presentations and
are either free or low
cost. You can add text,
graphics, video, sound
and insert Flash.
Screenshots of Microsoft PowerPoint
Digital signage is
about using small
and large computer
screens to display still
and moving posters
which have different
information scheduled
at varying times and
can be updated from a
computer somewhere
in the building. Or
remotely over the
Internet or via a mobile
device such as a smart
phone or tablet.
Screenshot of Impress
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Digital signage guide
Video editing software
Screenshot of Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker is video editing software presentations played through Windows Media Player
Screenshot of Windows Live Movie Maker
12 Copyright © 2015 Wedgwood AV Ltd.
Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Windows Movie Maker or Windows
Live Movie Maker, which comes free
with Windows, allows you to import
video, pictures or audio. You can add
a title, credits and effects and, once
finished, you can save to your PC or
onto a CD or send to the Web.
From your PC you can play your movie
presentation, either through a projector
onto a projector screen or onto a
plasma or LCD display screen.
When you open a copy of Windows
Movie Maker, you first bring in media
such as a video, a picture from your
computer or from your digital camera.
In the example on the left, seven
images have been inserted, which
you can see in the top section of the
screenshot. Each picture insert is
previewed in the right hand screen.
You then drag and drop each image
or video into the storyboard, which
runs along the bottom of the software.
Audio can be brought in to add music
to your storyboard presentation.
Once your storyboard is finished,
you can then create effects to your
images. These include blur, fade out
to white, mirror vertical, spin 360,
etc. You can also create transitions
on your storyboard between one type
of media and another. These include
diagonal, rectangle, dissolve, cross
out, heart shape, etc. (as shown in
the screenshot opposite as green
and white between the images in the
When you have finished,
you can play your storyboard
presentation and if you have selected
a transition such as diamond, for
example, as the storyboard moves
from one picture or video to another,
it appears in a diamond shape,
opening up to a rectangle.
Once you are happy with the finished
result, you can publish to your
computer, a recordable CD, email, or
transfer to a digital video camera.
Please note the version of Windows
Movie Maker is different on Windows
XP, Vista and Windows 7/8. The XP
and Vista versions are limited as they
will not output HD video resolutions.
Windows 7/8 lets you make your
movie in standard 4:3 aspect ratio or
widescreen 16:9. You can select the
resolution of your movie depending
on where you want to upload to,
for instance, they recommend a
maximum 1280x720 for uploading to
Flickr or Facebook, and a maximum
1920x1080 (HD) to YouTube.
Windows XP is no longer supported.
My Movie - Windows Live Movie
Maker lets you add images and
videos, as shown in the screenshot
bottom left. Each time you add an
image or video it opens up a thumbnail
window on the screen.
From the toolbars along the top of the
software, you can add music and even
a webcam, provided your computer
has a camera.
Digital signage is about
using small and large
computer screens to
display still and moving
posters which have
different information
scheduled at varying times
and can be updated from
a computer somewhere in
the building. Or remotely
over the Internet or via a
mobile device such as a
smart phone or tablet.
Presentation graphics
software - these allow
you to design and
play presentations and
are either free or low
cost. You can add text,
graphics, video, sound
and insert Flash.
The video tools allow you to adjust
volume, fade in and fade out.
You can also apply transitions so that
it creates an effect such as a diamond
shape or cross, as the movie plays
across each of your images or videos.
By working through the easy to use
menus you can experiment with the
way you present your images and
videos, such as rotating images or
adding effects such edge detection,
blur, black and white or black and
white with a yellow filter.
Using the arrows, as shown below
the large image on the screenshot
opposite, you can preview your movie
presentation at any time.
You can give your movie a title, caption
and credits and it can be viewed in
standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9
and saved to computer or DVD, or
published to SkyDrive, Facebook,
YouTube, Flickr or Windows Live
Groups. (Information correct at time of
Video editing software
- these allow you to
design and play video
presentations and
are either free or low
cost. You can add text,
graphics, video, sound
and create transition
effects, add a title and
caption and credits to
your video presentation.
Professional digital
signage software there are many options
on the market ranging
from Standalone or
Lite, Standard and
Professional editions
which allow you to
display your digital
signage presentation on
single or multiple screens
or through a projector, to
cloud (Internet) systems
which let you design your
presentation from a web
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Digital signage guide
Professional digital signage software
Large format display (LFD) with Nexcom OPS module player (Slot-in PC), playing digital signage software
There are many professional digital signage software
packages from stand alone (installed on your PC) to cloud
(Internet web portals)
Professional digital signage software
lets you create your presentation
using a variety of media, for example,
inserting pictures, animated gifs, text,
Rich Text Format, PDF, real-time date
and clocks, Flash clocks, PowerPoint
scheduler, video, webcam, web
browser and RSS feeds.
You can then display your presentation
onto an LCD computer monitor, large
format display (LFD) - sunlight readable
LFDs are ideal for window displays, or
through a projector onto a projection
screen or projection film onto an office
or retail store window.
Some signage software offers touch
screen support to enable you to
promote your products and services
on desktop and large format display
As Wedgwood AV supply digital
signage software, media players and
screens to education, healthcare,
retail, leisure & hospitality and
businesses throughout the UK, we
reviewed several digital signage
software packages before adding to
our website for customers to choose.
Some of these were very easy to
use, others more complicated. Many
software developers offer free trial
downloads for you to try before you
buy, therefore it’s worthwhile spending
some time trying out a few before
making your purchasing decision,
rather than buying one which then
turns out to be too complicated to use
or not suitable for your needs.
A stand alone digital signage software
package is where you install the
software (often a download link
which you can evaluate first and then
purchase the software licence) onto
your computer or laptop. You design
your signage presentation and then
‘play’ it from your computer, laptop or
media player onto a display screen.
Some have touch screen support
so you can use it with touch screen
Using your normal computer to play a
signage presentation is not practical
and you need either a spare computer
(provided it has enough system
memory to cope) or a professional
digital signage player (sometimes
alled a media player), which is a
computer designed to display signage
presentations to single, dual or multiple
screens. More about those later in this
14 Copyright © 2015 Wedgwood AV Ltd.
Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Some LCD screens have an OPS slot
to allow a Slot-in PC, which keeps the
Slot-in-PC securely and neatly tucked
away at the back of the screen. When
using display screens without a Slotin-PC option, bracket manufacturers
have provided solutions to incorporate
a media player to be sited within the
bracket/screen installation.
Stand alone digital signage software,
depending on the software, may be
available in Standalone, Standard or
Professional versions. Some signage
software has all the elements included,
such as a designer to create your
presentation; a scheduler to specify
the date and time you want your
presentations to be displayed and for
how long, and a viewer or player that
‘plays out’ your presentation onto an
LCD computer monitor, large format
display or through a projector onto a
screen or window film screen.
These all-in-one stand alone software
packages are cost effective as you pay
one licence fee for the whole software
solution, (unless you upgrade to a
bigger version, such as a professional
edition). Other stand alone software
has licences for each element (e.g.
designer, scheduler, viewer, etc)
so it is worth checking out the total
cost of the signage software before
purchasing and costs of any upgrades.
Depending on the digital signage
software version, licences may cover
the software being displayed on a
single screen, dual screens, four
screens etc. Where you want to
display, for example, 9 screens in a
video wall, or 15 screens of varying
sizes in a matrix design, then you need
to carefully check how many software
licences you need or whether you
can daisy chain the screens to show
the same signage presentation onto
multiple screens. Where you want to
display different presentations on each
of four screens, for example, some
software packages need one licence
for installation onto one computer
attached to four screens. Others may
require a software licence for each
computer and screen. For education
some signage software allows you to
purchase a site licence.
All this sounds very complicated, but
as there are so many options on the
market, it is worth the time and effort
to trial a few and check the licensing
requirements before purchasing.
Digital signage software that is cloud
based (Internet/web-based portal)
means that the software is hosted
on the software developer’s website
and you use your web browser to
create your account and log-in. From
there you can design, schedule and
distribute your signage presentations
to your display screens. Cloud signage
is normally by monthly or annual
subscription. Repeat Signage™, offers
a free service on their Internet portal and their
software is a one-off licence fee per
computer playing a presentation which
can be updated via our network, from
a website or over the Internet.
Here are a few questions to help you
decide on the best type of digital
signage solution for your needs:
• Do I want to be able to design it on a
third party web-based portal?
• Do I want downloadable software so
I design it on my own computer?
Web-based portal:
• Is everything included to allow me to
update my digital signage network?
• How easy is the portal to use?
• Is support and training included?
• How long is the contract?
• Payable month-on-month?
• Annual or bi-annual subscription?
• How much notice is needed if I
decide to opt out?
• How safe is my company
• Who is using this system?
• Is there a free evaluation period?
• I want to use a choice of brands for
my commercial grade large format
display screens and the web-based
portal independently to allow me to
chose others if I want to do so?
• Do I want to purchase the same
brand of large format display screens
with the screen manufacturers’ webbased portal service?
Digital signage software:
• Is the software downloadable?
• Is the designer, scheduler and viewer
all included or sold separately?
• What exactly does the software
licence cover? Is there a site licence?
• Do I need a separate licence if
viewing the same presentation on
multiple screens?
• Do I need a separate licence if
viewing different presentations on
multiple screens?
• Do I have to buy any extras such as
upgrades or service contracts?
• Is online/email support and training
• Is the software for local area network
(LAN) only or can it be updated over
the Internet (WAN wide area network)?
• Can I update my presentations
via my smartphone or tablet from
anywhere in the world where there
is Internet connection? Would these
devices need to be Windows or
• Does the software include all the
elements I need, for example, Flash
clocks if I want to show the time in
cities around the world, e.g. time in
London, New York and Melbourne?
• Can I include any PowerPoint
presentations within the software?
• Does it support touch screens?
• Are there any extras provided such
as an image library to include generic
pictures in my presentations?
• Does it include an RSS service so
that third party or my own news feeds
can be created and screened?
• Are there any hidden costs?
• What am I going to need to ‘play’out
my presentations - software, display
screen and spare computer or
professional media player, or a display
screen with Slot-in-PC?
• Will my choice of screen bracket
allow a media player to be tucked
away at the back of the screen?
• Does my display screens allow for
a video wall of multiple screens and
how many screens does the software
licence allow me to display to?
• Do I want to view my signage on
multiple screens of various sizes and
For comparisons please visit:
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Digital signage guide
Creating digital signage presentations
Mr L Jones
Dr Nadeer’s office
Digital signage is about using small and large computer screens
(LCD / LED) to display still and moving presentations which
have different information scheduled at varying times and can
be updated over a network or remotely over the Internet
Depending on the digital signage
software package you are using, you
normally start with a blank page, or
you can use a template (your own
design or perhaps from a library of
templates supplied with the software
You then insert your text, pictures,
videos and other media. If you are
using a pre-supplied template, you
would then click onto the text and
change it for your own wording.
Most software packages allow you
schedule different presentations to be
displayed on screen at various times
of the day or week. For example,
in a fashion store, you could create
a presentation with a playlist of the
latest fashions or accessories, the
images changing every few seconds.
Another presentation could be created
displaying special offers which you
only want to display only at the
weekends. You can then schedule
the signage software to show the first
presentation every week day and the
second presentation on Saturday and
Sundays. RSS newsfeed messages
can scroll along the bottom of
presentations to alert customers to
news items. Date and real time can
also be displayed as well as videos
and other media.
Once you have created your
presentation (message) you save it.
This can then be broadcast (played)
onto a display screen or projector
through your local area network (LAN)
or, if the software is for use over a wide
area network (WAN) updated over the
Internet. Each digital signage software
package is different, although many
have common features. Many offer a
trial download.
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You could, for example, have a playlist of images and text to advertise your products or services. Your logo would appear as a
static image along with your website address. You can display real-time clocks and date, perhaps to show the time in different
time zones. You may also want to have scrolling text messages or latest news updates via an RSS feed.
Carol Smith
Dr Nadeer’s office
You could create several presentations
and then create a playlist to schedule
these at various times of the day or
Another example would be in a school.
You could design a page which tells
parents there is a PTA meeting on
Friday evening, which is saved as
‘PTA_meeting’. You schedule this
to be played on the LCD monitor in
reception area at 3.15pm daily for
30 minutes, as a reminder to parents
when collecting their children. After 30
minutes, it reverts back to its former
A store owner, for example, who
has ten stores scattered across
the UK, wants to control the digital
signage content being displayed on
screens directly from his office. Using
professional digital signage software
that includes a scheduler and which
updates information over a wide area
network (WAN), he can achieve this.
Profesionally designed templates can
make all the difference to your digital
signage presentations.
Graphic designers who want to
expand their services could offer a
complete digital signage solution.
They could supply their customers
with signage software, such as Repeat
Signage, and professionally designed
graphics to provide content.
The picture below shows
display screens advertising
menus at Velo Restaurants
Ltd in London, using Repeat
Signage digital signage software
For comparisons please visit:
There will be common components
within each digital software package
on the market, such as a design
manager or ‘create new presentation’
option, which allows you to design
your message; a play list or scheduler,
which lets you decide in which order
you want your presentations to be
played and when, and a viewer or ‘play
presentation’ option that ‘plays out’
the presentation on your computer
screen. It’s worth checking out the
features to find the right one for your
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Digital signage guide
Digital signage players
Nexcom OPS module player (Slot-in PC)
Digital signage media players are dedicated computers specifically designed to play your digital signage presentations to LCD /
LED monitors or through projectors onto screens or windows
Where a small school or business
wants to use digital signage software
to display their message on a large
screen in their reception area, then
using a spare computer to ‘play’ the
signage presentation may be sufficient
for their needs.
Obviously, there is a big difference
between providing a digital signage
system in a large hospital,
university campus, large
retail outlet or a corporate
enterprise, to that of a small
school or business, therefore
using a professional digital
signage player (also referred
to as a media player) is worthy of
With fanless design, NEXCOM PCbased digital signage players are
widely used for advertising, branding,
real-time message and for delivering
information and entertainment. You
can even look at generating income by
advertising products to your specific
targeted audience.
The NEXCOM NDiS series addresses
the requirements for a broad spectrum
of digital signage applications. This
series of cost-effective digital signage
players support single, dual and
multiple display screens.
Nexcom also have a series of OPS
Slot-in PC’s for use with most
manufacturers’ display screens.
For comparisons please visit
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Slot-in PCs
NEC public displays with OPS expansion slots for Slot-in PC for
promoting your services on landscape or portrait screens
Repeat Signage™ digital signage software
for Windows can be installed onto a Slot-in
PC with Windows O/S, ready to create your
presentation and play directly onto the screen
Projectors and large format LCD display screens with Slot-in PC
allow you to design and play your presentation without the need
for an external digital signage media player
Some manufacturers, such as NEC, have
an OPS (Open Pluggable Specification)
compliant expansion slot on their large
format displays which allow you to use a
Slot-in PC that slots into the back of the
screen or high-end projector.
Having a PC that slots into the back of a
display screen maybe a solution, especially
where space is at a premium, as you do not
have to worry about finding space to install a
separate digital signage player.
NEC Slot-in PCs, for example, include
Intel® Atom or Intel® Celeron processors
with a choice of hard disk drive size for
single projection/screen use, up to more
demanding retail signage and multi-touch
NEC PX and PH series installation projectors
Often Slot-in PCs and media players have
Microsoft Windows embedded software,
which is designed to run on kiosks and
set-top boxes such as media players. You
can buy media players with full Windows
operating systems or Linux systems.
For comparisons please visit
NEC OPS Slot-in PC
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 19
Digital signage guide
Display screens
Panasonic commercial display
screens, 3D capable and 3D models
Commercial displays for your digital signage presentations
Projectors, LCD / LED monitors can
all be used to display presentations
created on digital signage packages
or presentation graphics software
packages such as PowerPoint.
Projectors have the advantage of
allowing large images to be displayed
at a low cost. However, don’t forget to
take into consideration the lamp life
of projectors.
If you are displaying digital signage
with projectors in school hours, then
the displays could be on for over 40
hours per week.
If you are using your projector for
display in a shop or public area it could
be on for up to 24 hours a day. Some
projector manufacturers’ have models
in their range designed specifically for
24/7 application. Casio, for example,
uses an LED-laser light source which
lasts up to 20,000 hours with no
replacement lamp costs.
Many of the new LCD, LED and
plasma TV’s that you see in Argos
and other high street stores are now
very cheap. However, you need to
be aware that these are designed for
consumers watching television around
4 hours per day and are not designed
for digital signage.
Professional (commercial) screens
are better constructed, have better
manufacturer warranties and some are
designed to be left on all day, whilst
others are designed for 24/7 usage.
Should you use domestic (consumer)
screens for commercial applications,
depending on manufacturer, you are
likely to negate the warranty.
Panasonic also have 3D capable
and Full HD 3D large format display
screens (as shown on the opposite
Some digital signage packages are
designed for use with touch screens.
Most shopping centres and airports
now have kiosks with built in touch
screens that allow the user to find
information or directions.
Medical touch kiosks that incorporate
practice management software,
check-in software and digital signage
software are available on the market.
These allow patients both to self
check-in and view information and
messages via the digital signage
Touch screen technology has moved
on, therefore it is important to buy
the right technology, whether that be
infrared (IR,) Optical or Capacitive, for
your application and this is an area
that is covered in Wedgwood’s LCD
monitor and Touch screen guide,
available free from:
OOH - Out of Home, and DOOH
- Digital Out Of Home, are new
buzzwords for the Out of Home
media industry which involves
digital signage, kiosks and self
service and social networking.
For display screen comparisons
and manufacturers’ brochures
please visit:
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ViewSonic large format displays are ideal for a variety
of commercial applications. ViewSonic have their
own Signage Manager Express which allows you to
publish PowerPoint slides directly to the player (static
only), for looping or weekly schedule.
ViewSonic comparisons
NEC P-Series are professional-grade, full
high definition LCD displays designed for
digital signage applications, ideal whether
displaying on single screens or video walls
with 24/7 usage.
NEC V-Series are commercial grade LCD
displays, ideal for driving sales in retail
stores whet appetites in restaurants and
building brand awareness in corporate
lobbies and conference rooms.
NEC E-Series of commercial grade LED
displays with multiple picture zones and
16/7 usage, are designed for corporate
and digital signage applications.
Panasonic range of display screens include solutions for retail
stores, restaurants, video walls and outdoor displays.
Panasonic comparisons
All NEC large format displays above 32inch and the PA, PX series of high-end
projectors have OPS Slots in readiness
for NEC Slot-in-PCs, which allow you to
display your digital signage presentations.
NEC comparisons
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 21
Digital signage guide
AquaLite Outdoor specialise in outdoor
LCD and LED TV screens. Their IP66 rated
waterproof and weatherproof outdoor
TV screens come in a choice of standard
brightness or high brightness (3 times brighter
for sunlight readable conditions). Examples
of applications are theme parks, motorsport
events, for outdoor event advertising and
signage, for watching football in pubs with
beer gardens and waterproof TV for kitchen,
bathroom, shower, jacuzzi or pool area. Also
available are sun, salt and sea proof TV screens
for luxury yacht installations.
AquaLite comparisons
Hitachi 65LED interactive panel
Hitachi large format interactive panels are powered
by StarBoard software making an ideal alternative
to an interactive whiteboard and projector, for
schools, colleges and universities.
Hitachi 65-inch interactive panel has multi-touch
and gestures, ideal for collaborative learning or
training. You could use interactive (touch screen)
digital signage software and a media player, to
show students how to design digital signage
Hitachi comparisons
Hitachi 65-inch interactive panel
Sharp PN-R series of large format displays with LED backlights are designed for digital
signage applications. Their 90” model, at 2m length in portrait mode can display life.
size images of people. Sharp comparisons
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InFocus BigTouch 55 Touch PC is
an all-in-one 5-point touch screen/
PC. Effectively a big tablet, it comes
with Windows 8 so that you can run all
Windows apps, even older ones, in touch
mode. Also available in 70-inch. This
makes it ideal for schools, colleges and
universities as teachers and students are
able to swipe or gesture and collaborate
on work.
InFocus comparisons
There are digital signage software packages on the market that support
touch screens, for example, Repeat Signage™ digital signage software.
You could have, for instance, your digital signage presentation playing
onto the touch screen, and a navigation-type area down one side or
across the top or bottom of the display area, with images that when
touched, change the main signage presentation.
Alternatively, you could have a touch screen area in the centre of your
signage presentation with images, which when touched open up local
web pages with relevant information.
Repeat Signage trial download
Samsung LFD
Samsung have a wide range of large
format LCD / LED display screens for a
range of applications in retail, hospitality,
corporate, airports, shopping malls, etc.
Samsung’s MagicInfo™ Lite and systemon-chip (SoC) technology, provides
built-in digital signage software for an
all-in-one display solution. MagicInfo™
Lite Server offers a solution for controlling
content on multiple screens.
Samsung comparisons
Samsung LFD with MagicInfo
For comparisons please visit:
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 23
Digital signage guide
Sony BRAVIA Professional displays
are slim and energy efficient with
WiFi networking onboard and USB
playback simplifies low cost signage
Sony’s full HD digital signage player is a
dedicated IP addressable video player,
for signage solutions complementing
the BRAVIA professional displays.
Sony comparisons
Sony VSP-BZ10 digital signage player
BenQ’s interactive displays are designed to encourage collaborative learning and
team building in education and business.
The majority of manufacturers’ large format displays and interactive touch
screen displays can be used with a media player and digital signage software.
For interactive displays however, the digital signage software needs to have
touchscreen support.
EID Services have a range of desktop
and freestanding medical kiosks
for hospitals, dental and doctors
surgeries. Options include self-checkin, practice management software,
patient call and Repeat Signage™
digital signage software.
Repeat Signage
BenQ comparisons
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iiyama have a range of desktop, large format displays
and multi-touch LED display screens for a variety of
applications including digital signage.
The iiyama Prolite 27-inch display is a 10 point multitouch monitor with edge to edge glass and webcam. It
has a hinged stand and can be used completely flat for
use as a touch screen table.
iiyama large format full high definition displays are
available with or without multi-touch.
iiyama comparisons
elo Touch Solutions provide touch
screens for a variety of applications
across education, healthcare, retail,
corporate, etc. Their range of IDS
(interactive digital signage) solutions
allow you to show product availability,
let customers purchase and ship gifts
on their own, offer timely promotions
and tie your dot com site to your store.
elo Touch Solutions for
retail include Touch Displays
(7”-32”), interactive Digital
Signage (32”-70”), All-in-One
Touch Computers (15”-22”),
Open Frame - Kiosk solutions
(12”-32”), Retail Mobile
Tablets and Dock solutions
(10.1”) and custom solutions.
Elo Touch Solutions
For comparisons please visit:
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 25
Digital signage guide
Video walls
Picture courtesy of Velo Restaurants Ltd., London
4 x 1 horizontal video wall displaying menu options and advertising with Repeat Signage™ digital signage software
You can display large format screens in a variety of
configurations for your video walls
In a fast food restaurant or takeway,
for example, you could have four
42-inch, 46-inch or 55-inch diagonal
display screens, in a 4 x 1 horizontal
configuration as shown above at Velo
Restaurants Ltd., London.
In a shopping mall where you want to
create impact, inform and entertain
customers, then four 42-inch or 50inch screens, for example, in a 2 x 2
configuration, or up to 10 screens in a
5 x 5 configuration are all available on
the market.
Car showrooms are another example
where the latest models can be
shown to best effect. The picture on
the opposite page shows nine NEC
MultiSync X-Series in landscape mode
in a 3 x 3 video wall configuration.
At York Museum, they have installed
four NEC MultiSync X-Series in portrait
mode configured in a 2 x 2 video
wall. This high impact video wall was
installed in the main entrance hall. With
virtually invisible bezels, innovative
display solutions were created to bring
life to the atmospheric surroundings.
Using computer generated graphics,
actors chosen for their features
matched as closely as possible to
reconstructions, appear to walk
through roman buildings. Accurate
research had identified the building
layout and was the basis for the
back story told by the characters
A similar portrait mode configuration
could be used in a retail outlet to
display fashion shows and other
applications where life size images
would make a greater impact.
Display screen manufacturers have
moved away from conventional
CCFL backlights in their display
screens to LED backlights. The LED
backlighting allows for very low energy
consumption and an extremely slim
monitor. The products are lighter and
use no environmentally hazardous
substances such as mercury.
protective (toughened) glass, which is
an option for those public areas where
additional protection is required.
It is advisable to check the
manufacturer’s brochure for features
that are suitable for your application,
such as 24/7 usage; high brightness
and an ambient light sensor for eyepleasing brightness levels; colour
calibration so that the hardware colour
can be calibrated to ensure your logo
is displayed accurately; copy display
settings through RS232 control; daisy
chaining of display screens via DVI
(may have a maximum number of
screens, such as daisy chain up to
9 display screens); DICOM support
for use in healthcare where you want
to display greyscale images; rotation
for when you want to display portrait
mode; picture in picture options.
For display screen comparisons
and manufacturers’ brochures
please visit:
Some of the display screen
manufacturers offer models with
26 Copyright © 2015 Wedgwood AV Ltd.
Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
NEC MultiSync X-Series professional public
display screens in portrait mode in 2x2 video wall
confifguration at York Museum. Please visit
monitor_range.htm to view current models, prices
and manufacturers’ specification brochures.
NEC touch screen video wall
NEC MultiSync X-Series in landscape mode in 3 x 3 video wall configuration
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 27
Digital signage guide
Updating your info
When you make changes to your digital signage presentations
you may be able to update them over your network or Internet
We have already looked at the different
types of digital signage software
on the market, from cloud-based
(Internet) options to stand-alone
packages where you install the digital
signage software on your computer.
Not everyone wants to have their
information stored on a third party
cloud-based website. However,
having a stand-alone software
package doesn’t necessarily mean you
cannot update it over your network or
over the Internet.
The following information is given as an
example of updating your information,
courtesy of Repeat Signage™ digital
signage software, which is installed
on our computer. Repeat Signage™
Standard and Professional editions
can be updated over your network
(using a shared drive), from a website
or remotely over the Internet from
Updating over a local network
Ideal for a school, college or admin
office you can update your digital
signage presentation over your local
network. For example, you have a
42-inch display screen in the canteen
or restaurant showing different menus
every day; on the reception desk
a 21-inch display screen provides
information to visitors; whilst in the
library general library services and
upcoming events are advertised.
Each of these three display screens
is connected to a computer via a
cable. Each of the three computers
is connected to another computer
(the server) which is sited in the
administration office. Generally
schools and offices have equipment
installed on the network using CAT5
One of your computers (the server)
needs to have a shared drive, the
n: drive in this example. The Repeat
Signage™ presentation files that the
computers in the canteen, reception
and library areas play are stored on
this network drive. This is so the
presentations can be updated from
the administration office (or from any
computer attached with security
access to the n: drive).
The administration office computer
updates server presentations
n:Canteen.rsp n:Reception.rsp and
n:Library.rsp on the n: shared drive on
the server machine.
When the presentations are updated,
the player machines automatically load
the new presentations. You could use
play lists instead to allow scheduling of
presentations. For example, you could
have different presentations scheduled
to play on the display screen in the
library at varying times of the day.
28 Copyright © 2015 Wedgwood AV Ltd.
Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Using Repeat Signage™ Standard Edition on a network. To view a .PDF of the above example please click here.
Using Repeat Signage™ Standard Edition over the Internet. To view a .PDF of the above example please click here.
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 29
Digital signage guide
Updating over the Internet
Repeat Signage™ Standard Edition
or Professional Edition allow display
screens to be remotely updated
anywhere in the world via the Internet.
For example, a business may have
shops in London, Cardiff, New York and
Paris and the head office of the business
is in Edinburgh.
A 42” display screen in each shop shows
information on the latest offers. London
and Cardiff show the same presentation,
but New York and Paris have different
presentations. Each 42-inch display
screen is connected to a computer with
Repeat Signage™ installed which is
connected to the Internet via a low cost
broadband connection.
The three presentations UK.rsp
NewYork.rsp and Paris.rsp are stored in
a folder on the company’s website.
The administration office in Edinburgh,
in our example, is where the computer
updates the presentations UK.rsp
NewYork.rsp and Paris.rsp and uploads
them to the company’s website.
Each computer in the four locations
downloads its presentation from the
company website and it checks for a
new version every minute (or whatever
time lapse you’ve set), to see if its
presentation has been updated.
Play lists can also be used to schedule
presentations remotely.
For a .PDF of this example please click
Remote updating of Repeat Signage over
the Internet at
Using Repeat Signage™ Standard Edition with To view a .PDF of the above example please click here.
Repeat Signage™ Standard Edition
or Professional Edition allows display
screens to be remotely updated
anywhere in the world via the Internet.
Using the sample example of four
shops in Cardiff, London, New York
and Paris, presentations can also be
updated remotely via RepeatServer.
Download evaluation of Repeat Signage™
Rather than hosting the presentations
on your company website, they can
be hosted on a free
account. Each of the 42-inch display
screens is connected to a computer
with Repeat Signage™ installed which
is connected to the Internet. Each
computer downloads its presentation
from and checks
for new versions every minute to
see if it has been updated. The
presentations are updated by the head
office in Edinburgh and are uploaded
to whenever
they are changed. Play lists can
also be used to remotely schedule
In the example above, four Repeat
Signage™ Standard licences would
be required, one for each of the
computers playing the presentation.
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Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Digital signage
Digital signage distribution to one display screen or multiple screens
A range of products are available on the market to help you
distribute your digital signage presentations from your
computer to your display screens
There are many splitters, extenders and
transmitters on the market that allow you
to distribute your display digital signage
presentations onto your display screens.
In many instances an installation
company will be appointed to connect
your computers and display screens.
Larger companies will probably have
an IT department who are quite familiar
with setting up networking solutions to
ensure your systems are in full working
For example, a Databay 8-port VGA
over Cat5e/6 transmitter, when used
in conjunction with their receivers and
transceivers, can extend VGA plus
audio signals up to 300 metres. In
addition to transmitting the signal, it
also splits to 8 CatX outputs, thereby
allowing 1 source to be sent to 8
screens, each over a 300m distance
from source.
For comparisons of splitters,
transmitters, extender kits,
cables and other installation
accessories and installation
services, please visit
Splitter boxes, for example, a 1-in-8
splitter receives the input from your
computer and outputs to eight display
You can normally transmit the signal
over Cat5 cable up to around 30 metres.
For distances over this range, there
are extender kits available, capable of
transmitting signals to 100m, or even
up to 300m, depending on make and
Databay AVE-308T 8-port VGA
over Cat 5e/6 Transmitter, with
local monitor port
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 31
Digital signage guide
Mounting your digital
signage display screens
There is a vast amount of choice when
it comes to wall, ceiling mounts and
trolleys for your display screens, from a
range of manufacturers.
Where you prefer a single or double
swing arm, for example, in a church or
hotel foyer, Unicol have a solution to fit
the flat screen wall mount.
Where the display has an OPS slot in
which to slot in a PC at the back of the
screen, then installation onto a wall or
ceiling mount is a simple procedure, as
the PC fits snugly in line with the back
of the screen.
Peerless also have a media player
mounting bracket accessory for use
with a variety of their wall mounts.
This accessory is designed to hold a
range of full size media players and sits
between the back of the display and
the mount.
Where you are using a separate media
player, then consideration needs to be
given as to where you can site this.
Some mount manufacturers have
addressed this problem and come up
with solutions.
Unicol wall mounts with a small PC
housing are suitable for small form
factor PCs. These interface units,
either flat to wall or tilting, can reduce
installation time. Custom made and
security locking versions are also
Unicol PCZW / PCZX
Unicol PLA1 attaches to PCZW/X
Peerless DS334
A flat/tilt wall mount with media device
storage for 27” to 60” flat panel displays
is Peerless-AV’s dual purpose solution
for commercial applications, providing
media controller housing and access as
well as security features. The open wall
plate design gives plenty of wall access
for installation of electrical outlets and
running of input cables and you need
a separate adapter plate to fit your
Peerless DS508
For comparisons please visit:
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Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Where you have digital signage software
that allows you to play your presentation
onto one, two or four screens, such as
Repeat Signage™ Standard or Professional,
there are mounting options to suit these
Repeat Signage™ Standalone supports one
monitor from a single PC and is designed
for use in reception areas, on exhibition
stands and in individual shops.
MediaMast Trolley
TOP-TEC Digital Signage Trolleys
(DST) are available in fixed height,
height adjustable and integrated
media options. They support up
to 80” screen size with screen
mounts to support dual screens
and whiteboards. The media mast
trolley comes in 52U to 72U sizes.
For mounts, stands and trolley
comparisons please visit:
With Repeat Signage™ Standard you
can display your presentation across two
screens or a separate presention on each of
the screens, attached to a single computer.
This is designed for use in schools, retail
outlets and businesses where you would
like to play content from either your local
network or the Internet. There is also
access to the Webcam and PowerPoint
presentation scheduler, text block, video
and Webcam controls.
Repeat Signage™ Professional supports
up to 4 monitors from a single computer.
You can display one presentation on each
of the screens, or one presentation across
all four screens, or for example, a different
presentation on the top and bottom left
hand screens with one presentation running
vertically across the two right hand screens.
The Professional edition is the same as the
Standard but supports up to 4 monitors
attached to a single PC.
Unicol Screentrac is a modular track
system for linear mounting flat screens
in any number, ideal for digital menus
in fast food restaurants.
All versions can be updated remotely and
have touchscreen support.
For comparisons please visit:
Unicol Adapta-Wall ‘push to close - push
to open’ mount with secure latching.
SMS media cabinet
Ergomounts EMVP323
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 33
Wedgwood AV
Please telephone
01754 769967 for
brochures and
No obligation onsite
demonstrations on
many brands.
Digital signage
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Elo Touch Solutions
Free Repeat Signage™ Standalone - UK offer
FREE copy of Repeat Signage™ Standalone Edition 2015
Free digital signage software with every LCD monitor, touch screen, interactive whiteboard or
projector order value of £500+VAT or over from Wedgwood AV Ltd.
Tel: 01754 769967 [email protected]
UK offer only.
Repeat Signage™ is truly flexible digital signage software for Windows. It allows pixel-by-pixel control of
displays including plasma screens, LCD monitors and projectors. Easy to use. Touch screen support.
Download evaluation software from
34 Copyright © 2015 Wedgwood AV Ltd.
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Repeat Signage™
Standalone Edition 2015
digital signage software with
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£500+VAT from
Wedgwood AV Ltd.
UK only
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Repeat Signage™ for Windows
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™ Repeat Signage™ digital signage software
Wedgwood AV Ltd
UK supplier of LCD monitors, touch screens and other AV products
Wedgwood AV supply audio visual equipment to education, local authorities, government,
healthcare, retail and businesses. Products include LCD monitors, touch screens, projectors,
projector lamps and projector screens, interactive whiteboards, lecterns, visualisers, and other
AV and presentation equipment. Full list of products. We do not supply to home users.
AV Limited
Tel: 01754 769967 Fax orders: 01754 768036
[email protected]
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 35
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free prize draws
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FREE audio visual guides
Wedgwood AV Ltd, suppliers of audio visual
equipment throughout the UK, publish free guides
for our customers. You can request a free guide by:
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monthly prize draws to win a Repeat Signage™ Standard Edition
digital signage software licence
Repeat Signage: Caxton Publishers, South Africa
On-going monthly free prize draw open to worldwide entrants.
Merryhill School, California, USA
Onion Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada
Repeat Signage digital
signage software for Windows
- one of the easiest to use
Repeat Signage is truly flexible digital signage software for Windows.
It allows pixel-by-pixel control of displays including LCD monitors,
touch screens and projectors. It is one of the easiest to use
digital signage packages on the market. You simply design the
presentation for the resolution of your screen. Includes touch screen
capability. See 2 min video. Download Repeat Signage trial version.
Win fabulous prizes for your education, healthcare or business
Each issue of Teaching Technology for Education™, and Business Technology™
magazine includes a competition to win prizes.
For details of how to enter (UK only) please download the current issue free at
AV Limited
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