20 Lodgement of building work documentation

20 Lodgement of building work documentation
Version 4 – June 2014
Form 20— Lodgement of building work documentation
1. Building description
Building use
Building Class
Shop/tenancy no.
2. Property description
Street address (Include no., street, suburb/locality and postcode)
The description must identify all land the
subject of the application.
The lot and plan details (e.g. SP/RP) are
shown on title documents or a rates notice.
If the plan is not registered by title, provide
previous lot and plan details.
Lot and plan details (Attach list if necessary)
Shop / tenancy no. (If applicable)
Storey/level (If applicable)
Total area of land (m2/ha)
In which local government area is the land situated?
3. Documents lodged
The application
Please attach one copy of these documents,
submitted under section 729 of the Sustainable
Planning Act 2009 and sections 86 and 87 of
the Building Act 1975. (Tick applicable box/es)
The approval documents for the application
The decision notice or negotiated decision notice for the application
The private certifier must ensure each
document is marked to identify it as a
document approved by the private certifier and
relating to the development approval.
A copy of the plans, drawings and specifications and other documents and information lodged by
the applicant, stamped approved or otherwise endorsed by the assessment manager
A list of required fire safety installations and required special fire services applying to the building
Before giving the documents to the assessment
manager the private certifier must ensure the
approved form for the application is completed.
Certificates relied on to decide the application
Information relied on to decide the application in relation to local government easements,
encumbrances or estates or interests in land likely to be relevant to the application
4. Confirmation receipt
If the assessment manager is a local
government, the local government must
immediately give the private certifier a
document acknowledging the receipt of the
archiving fee.
The private certifier must not give the applicant
any approved documents until the private
certifier has received the acknowledgement
from the assessment manager.
If the certifier works for a company, a contact
person must be shown.
Private certifier’s name (in full)
Company name (if applicable)
Contact person
Postal address
Building certifier reference number
Local Government use only
The Local Government acknowledges payment of the archiving fee
5. Local Government
Section 87 of the Building Act 1975 requires
local government to give the certifier a
document acknowledging the payment of the
This tear off section can be provided to the
certifier as acknowledgment of receipt of the
fee. Should local government choose not to use
this tear off section, another form of receipt is to
be provided.
For future enquiries concerning these documents
please quote this reference:
Archiving fee
Date acknowledgement issued
Local government reference
Fee receipt number (if applicable)
6. Development information relied on
The development information identified in this section was relied upon in deciding the attached development application.
Development Information Relied On
A—Infrastructure/services information
Plan of any sewer main or sanitary drain within or adjacent to the property, including approved connection point and any
limitations on capacity
Plan of any water main within or adjacent to the property, including approved connection point and any limitations on
Plan of any storm water main or drain within or adjacent to the property, including approved connection point and any
limitations on capacity
Plans of any overland flow path within the property
Details of any required land application area for on-site disposal of sewerage, including any reserve area
Details of approved swimming pool discharge point
Location of mine subsidence areas
B—Information specific to property
Details of any local government easements affecting the land
Flood level information, including minimum floor levels applicable to the property
Details of amenity aesthetic resolutions
Details of any land-slip area applicable to the property (including mine subsidence)
Details of the location and nature of any filling that has been placed on the property
Details of any erosion control requirements applicable to the property
Details of any acid-sulphate soils contained in the property
Details of any airport height limitations applicable to the property
Details of any known contaminated soil contained on the property
Details of any declared bushfire prone areas that affect the property
Details of any local laws that affect the property
Details of any conservation/protected areas that affect the property
Details of any vegetation management area that affects the property
Details of any nature conservation or wet-lands areas that affect the property
C—Engineering information
Details of any design standards/location requirements for vehicle crossings applicable to the land
Details of any limitations applicable to on-site driveway gradients or locations, for the property
Details of any water supply catchments that affects the property
Details of any sewerage surcharge area that affects the property
Details of any drainage problem area that affects the property
Details of levels of proposed road or footway works that affect the property
D—Existing building information
Details of existing buildings on the property if available
Copies of current Certificates of Classification for the property
Hydraulic services plans (existing commercial buildings)
Details of any heritage-listed buildings
Records relating to fire safety application and inspection
E—Development/planning approvals
Details of any current development approvals applicable to the property
Details of any self-assessable requirements that may be relevant to the proposed building work. For example, in relation to
domestic construction, covered car parking spaces, or water storage tanks.
Details of any other approvals (other than building work) necessary for the proposed development to proceed
F—Local Government registers of information
Relevant sections of register of exemptions under the Building Act 1975, Chapter 8, Swimming Pool Fencing
Relevant sections of register of resolutions under the Building Act 1975 about land liable to flooding
Relevant sections of register of show cause and enforcement notice information
Tick if
n relied
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