Branch Workforce Optimization Managed Services

Branch Workforce Optimization Managed Services
Verint Branch Workforce Optimization
Managed Services
These days, more and more retail bankers are turning
to workforce management solutions to help ensure
they meet their customer service, efficiency, and
revenue goals. However, many financial institutions
have found full-featured workforce management
solutions for their branches to be cost-prohibitive —
until now.
Verint Branch Workforce Optimization is
As a leading provider of forecasting, scheduling, and capacity
available as a managed service that provides
financial institutions with the services of
planning solutions to mid- to large-sized banks in North America,
an experienced Verint analyst to manage
Verint Systems offers an innovative, patent-protected workforce
the monthly branch forecasting process,
management solution for the branch environment. Our Verint®
handle administration and maintenance, and
Branch Workforce Optimization is available as a managed service,
provide quality control.
enabling financial institutions to benefit from the productivity
and scheduling efficiencies of workforce management without the
up-front costs and internal IT resources.
With Verint Branch Workforce Optimization Managed Services,
you can stay focused on running your business. Verint provides an
experienced analyst who is dedicated to your account to manage
the monthly forecasting process, handle model administration
and maintenance, and provide quality control — as well as assess
forecasting trends, accuracy, and potential data discrepancies.
Our forecasting analysts average more than a decade of experience
with optimizing forecasting, scheduling, and resource planning
systems, so you can be confident that you’ll receive results from
proven professionals.
Key Benefits
• P
rovides the benefits of workforce management
in branch networks, with the simplicity and
convenience of outsourced forecasting and analysis,
system hosting, and maintenance.
• H
elps increase branch revenue opportunities by
enabling sales staff to be scheduled based on
forecasted volumes, so that excess capacity can be
used for outbound calls and other sales activities.
• F
acilitates greater capacity planning, pooling of
staff resources, better utilization of your full-time/
part-time mix, and improved scheduling and tracking
of paid time off.
• H
elps reduce the amount of time spent creating
schedules and resource/capacity plans to help
optimize staff performance and profitability.
Verint Branch Workforce Optimization Managed Services
Let Us Do The Work For You
Verint Branch Workforce Optimization Managed Services leverage functionality within our
Verint Branch Workforce Optimization solution to provide:
Forecasting — Our analyst imports historical transaction volume data to forecast future volumes and generate recommended
staffing requirements to meet each branch’s specific customer service-level goals.
Capacity Planning — Using Verint Strategic Planner™, our analyst can determine the optimal staffing mix of full-time, part-time,
and peak-time resources needed to meet demand, budget, and other variables. We can create a staff mix plan that provides
comparative reporting between actual and/or budgeted full-time equivalents (FTEs) to model recommendations. The plan can
identify over- and understaffing situations across the entire branch network.
Scheduling — Your bank branch managers can access the Verint scheduling server via a secure Internet site to quickly and
easily schedule staff to meet customer demand. With only minimal training with our scheduling software, users can dramatically
decrease the amount of time spent creating schedules. Managers can optimize full-time and part-time staff utilization and
manage pooled or shared resources to meet customer demand, employee preferences, and efficiency targets.
Benefit From a Range of Activities
Import employee journal, human resources, and FTE requirements data.
Create and publish resource forecasts.
Update resource data in scheduling portal system.
Perform quality analysis on production processes.
Create capacity plan recommendations.
Develop hypothetical (“what if”) forecast model simulations.
Two per Quarter
Provide end-user support for branch managers.
Telephone Access 12 x 5
Branch Workforce Optimization Managed
Services – Part of the Verint Workforce
Optimization Solution
Verint Branch Workforce Optimization Managed Services
is part of a suite of workforce optimization solutions from
Verint Systems. This patent-protected suite helps organizations
capture and analyze customer interactions, improve internal
processes and workforce performance, uncover business trends
and competitive advantages, and discover the root causes of
customer and employee behavior.
Benefit from World-Class Consultants
Verint Consulting Services can help you get the most from
your investment. From strategy, customer research, and
business impact consulting to implementation, training,
customer support, application consulting, and change
management, you can be confident that our experienced
teams understand your business practices and operations —
and are committed to your success.
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