ART. NR. 08930
Dimmer for lights from 60 up to 500W. Suitable for halogen lighting with
a wire-wound transformator. Remote control via the mains using
Marmitek X-10 Commands. Memory for last dim setting. Can be
combined with (designer) pulse switches. Manual control is also possible.
Soft start and smooth dimming features, remembers the last dim setting.
Can be regulated from 0% lighting to the desired dim setting.
The Marmitek X-10 Wall Dimmer can be built into a standard 50mm Shuko back box. The dimmer can be controlled
remotely via the mains using Marmitek X-10 signals. This means the Marmitek X-10 system can be built into the
installation and is totally ‘invisible’.
The dimmer can also be controlled manually as a momentary paddle switch.
The LW11 can remember the last dim setting. When switching the dimmer on, you can choose between the last dim
setting and full light (depending on the Marmitek X-10 command or how long you press the button).
There are terminals for external momentary switches (of any type or brand), which means the LW11 can also be used
in double-throw switch schemes. Momentary switches attached to the LW11 cannot have a glow lamp in series.
The LW11 responds to the Marmitek X-10 Commands ‘On’, ‘Off’, ‘Bright’, ‘Dim’, ‘All Lights On’ and ‘All Off’.
Phase and Neutral have to be available before the module can be installed. The LW11 comes with mounting frame and
cover plate and can be combined with JUNG CD500 Alpine White switching materials.
The LW11 can dim low-voltage halogen lighting, as long as it is equipped with a wire-wound transformator. Because
not every (electronic) transformator can be dimmed this way, the combination should be tested before installation. In
general the LW11 is not suitable for use with electronic transformators.
ART. NR. 08930
Supply current:
Dimmer Speed:
EMC Emission:
EMC Immunity:
Electrical Safety:
Signal Sensitivity:
Input Impedance:
Ambient Temperature:
230V +10% -15%, 50Hz
<20mA capacitive
60 to 500W
3.7s +/-0.2s from 100% to 0%
According to EN 50081-1
According to EN 50082-1
According to EN 60950 and 60065
15mVpp min, >50mVpp at 120kHz
>60_ (L-N) at f=120kHz
2.5 A (T)
Screw connectors for phase, neutral and switched phase
0°C to 50°C (operating), -20°C to 70°C (storage)
Remote control using Marmitek X-10 Commands
‘Off’ command: turns light off completely
‘On’ brighter:
brightens from present light level
‘On’ dimmer:
dims from present light level
‘All Lights On’: brightens to 100% light level
‘All Lights Off’: turns light off completely
Like all other Marmitek X-10 modules, the House Code and Unit Code can be changed without rewiring.
Automatic switching devices provide comfort, but can also be dangerous. They can surprise people or can ignite clothing
hanging over an electric heat source. Please be careful and take appropriate measures to avoid accidents.
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