DVD with a simple menu using Compressor 3 from Final Cut 6 (old)

DVD with a simple menu using Compressor 3 from Final Cut 6 (old)
DVD with a menu
You will need to use a computer that has DVD Studio Pro
installed for the following steps. This tutorial assumes that you
are using Compressor 3/Final Cut Pro 6.
With the sequence open and active in Final Cut Pro, go to File
> Export > Using Compressor
In Compressor, locate the “Settings” window, usually located
in the lower left portion of the screen. Locate the “DVD Best
Quality” settings under Apple > DVD > DVD Best Quality xx
Minutes. Select the shortest time that is longer than your DVD
will be (for a 100 minute DVD, use the 120 minute setting). If
necessary, click the disclosure triangles to locate the settings.
Once you have located the desired setting, drag the folder from
the “Settings” window to the “Untitled” window directly above
it. Drop the preset folder into the area labeled “Drag
Settings and Destinations Here”
Make sure that the “Untitled” window is the active/frontmost
window by clicking on it’s title bar, then select Target >
Destination > Other... from the menu and specify a folder on
your drive as the destination.
After setting the destination for each file, click “Submit” in the
“Untitled” window and again in the dialog. Wait for the files to
export. Once they’ve finished, quit Final Cut Pro and Compressor and launch DVD Studio Pro.
In DVD Studio Pro, choose File > Import > Asset and select the
files created by Compressor - there should be two for each
video - an .m2v (video) and either an .aiff or .ac3 (audio).
In the lower left portion of your screen, you should see the
imported files. Click on the icon to the left of either the video
or audio file and drag them to the menu area which should be
active in the top center of the window.
Hold the files over the menu area until the popup menu shown
below apears, then drop them on “Create Button and Track”
to create a new track for the video and a button that will start
the track playing. By default, when the track finishes playing, it
will return to the menu.
The Inspector window should be in the lower right portion of
your screen. With the button you just created selected, uncheck the “Motion” box in the Inspector’s “Style” tab. Then
you can use the slider below the Start Frame to control what
thumbnail image is displayed on your DVD’s menu.
Then select the “Colors” tab in the Inspector and make sure
that the “Normal”, “Selected” and “Activated” states’ bottom sliders are at zero as shown below - if you have multiple
buttons, you may wish to have these above zero to allow the
viewer to see what button is selected.
You can add text by double clicking in the Menu window and
Command-T (Apple-T) will bring up the styling menu for text.
Click on the “Simulator” button in the top middle of your
screen to test your DVD before burning and make sure it behaves as expected.
Once it’s working correctly, click the “Build/Format” button. Ensure that the Build & Format window tabs match those
shown below, then click “Build & Burn”. The “General” tab
“Name field” should be changed to whatever you want your
disc to be titled - capital letters and underscores only. The
“Build Location” can be different, as long as there is one. If it’s
blank, click the “Choose...” button and select an appropriate
You will be prompted for a blank disc and DVD Studio Pro will
burn your project.
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