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VAN Cat 2013
R/5 with our new iris controller and 825 mm lens
Camera Release
Periscope, R/5 with Slip Rings $9823.00
This new R/5 periscope is similar to the R/4 except the over all size has been reduced to give more
clearance and room in the surveillance van. The main advantage to the R/5 is that is uses slip rings so that
no cables will wind up in remote operations.
The next advantage is the periscope doesn’t need to be raised all the way to get a great picture. Just raise it
just enough to get your picture and view away. The new mirrors are of the highest quality. Flat within a 1/4
of a wave length. Thus, reducing distortion when zooming in on the target.
The hand controller incorporates a joy stick controller for ease of operation.
Operational considerations for the periscope raise and lower functions have been improved with the
addition of limit switches that automatically open the power feed to the control motor when the scope is
in the Fully Raised or Fully Retracted positions. An LED indicator light illuminates to advise the operator
that the scope is down and in the water tight position. Optional use of the raise/retract function remains at
the individual Operator’s discretion based upon deployment requirements to utilize while on station or prior
to arrival. Weather conditions may also impact when to use this function.
REMOTE Controller is available by two-way radio, Wi-Fi and Internet/Cell Phone.
Hand Controller for R/4 & R/5
This hand controller controls the camera PTZ,
iris, focus and zoom. It controls the height and
lowers the top miror for sealing the system
from weather. $854.00
See NEW controller Page 14 - Internet or
Wi-Fi control
Iris Controler
Periscope, Standard, R/4 $6785.00
Lens Lock
This new R/4 periscope is similar to the R/3 except the over all size has been reduced to give more
clearance and room in the surveillance van.
The next advantage is the periscope doesn’t need to be raised all the way to get a great picture. Just raise
it just enough to get your picture and view away. The new mirrors are of the highest quality. Flat within a
1/4 of a wave length. Thus, reducing distortion when zooming in on the target.
The new hand controller incorporates a joy stick for ease of operation.
The camera mount will handle our 15x300 lens as well as a our 825 mm lens.
Shipping Weight 34 lbs
KSC-111 Day/Night
See Photo!
Shows Camera Connections
With QRM Quick Release Mount
QRM Quick Release Mount
The Quick Release Camera/Lens
Mount system consists of a set
of mounting plates that easily
and security slide into place and
lock into the receptacle at the
rear portion of the scope. A set of
electrical plugs are included so
that a seperate set of cameras and
lenses may be quickly swapped
out for different applications.
This would include our large long
distancs lens and well as night vision. This option is required with
All large lenses. $367.00
Special --- All 12 Vdc Operation
Periscope (R/4), Hand Controller, Day/Night Camera (KSC-111),
15 x 300 mm Lens, 19” LCD Color Monitor &
DVR with DVD burner & 500 Gb HD (KSR-100)
Wired & Tested --- $Call
KSPRC-Periscope Controller
Video Encoder
Air Modem
Cameras & Lenses
Control Via RS-485
Periscope Remote Controller
Video Path
Little Joe
Periscope Controller. This new controller, using our standard camera control software will allow full control of a periscope camera system mounted in a surveillance vehicle. Buttons on the
front of the remote controller allows for local control of the periscope.
Little Joe makes a local connection between your lap top computer and the surveillance vehicle
controller and if you desire over the internet connection just install an air modem.
When it comes to tthe cameras and lenses for your operation, you must evaluate what you want to video.
If I were working down town Los Angeles I would use a 15x300mm lens with a standard day/night camera. Now if I were working out in San Bernardino county, like Victorville, working meth labs at a distance, then I would be using our KSL-55 lens with a KSC-111 very low light camera. If you are going to
be working in town and out in the desert, then purchase the QRM, quick release mount which will give
you many options. By the way, thermal camera will not work in standard periscopes. For real night vision
set-up, see our LRS-100 Pocket Scope. This NV scope may screw directly on to the 15 X 300 lens for real
low light operations. See Ron’s application notes.
Day/Night Camera
The new KSC-111 is the latest small controllable day/night
camera on the market. With low light rating of .00001 lux, the
camera maybe used in surveillance vans, drop cars, & many applications.
You will be totally amazed at what you will see at night. Replace those Watec 902H and other similar cameras and up date
your evidence collection capability. Camera also has a digital
$595.00 ZOOM capability of at least 3X.
This is the latest long range lens that is compatible with our PTZ357 Pan & Tilt. This lens when used with a 1/2” chip camera, will
have a zoom range of 10 to 300 MM, and when used with a 1/3 chip
camera will have a zoom range of 22 to 435 MM. And when used
with the new 1/4” chip cameras, the zoom range is 30 to 600 mm.
When used in surveillance vans and our scope, this lens is ideal for
city surveillance and our KSC-111 day/night camera. The lens is a
fast F1.5. 3 motor, isolated ground. KSL-10 X 300 $1,895.00
Software Display for Controlling the Periscope
Ask for the data sheet on this product
Model KSPRC-100
Standard City
New Low
Back of Periscope Controller (KSPRC-100)
Local Control. Plugs into Little Joe for Wi-Fi and Internet control
Full Zoom
See page 7 for wide angle shoot
Full Zoom with 3X digital
Zoom from the above camera
Long Range Lens, 15-825 mm
This surveillance camera lens was designed for 1/2” and 1/3”
chip cameras. With a optical zoom range of 55X, this lens will
be perfect for all types of surveillance senores. For out of the
city operations, such as farm land, desert, or meth labs, this is
the ideal lens. $9500.00. 2.5 Kg. When used with our periscope,
the QRM (Quick release mount) option is required.
Model KSL-55
Larger lenses are available upon
request. Our new ILS-6000 Image
stablizer is available at $1850.00
this unit will help you make great
shots at long ranges
Mid Range
Model KSC-C60 $1695.00
Target is 1600 meters
The KSC-C60 is the perfect solution for monitoring a wide
variety of settings, from small retail shops to large facilities,
indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its 56° wide angle lens and
40X optical zoom, the KSC-C60 is the perfect solution when
you need to observe a large area with a single installation.
The KSC-C60’s high sensitivity CCD delivers superior image
quality, even in low-light situations. Offering a wide array of
new “intelligent” functions for increased efficiency, the KSCC60 is the reliable choice for your video monitoring needs.
This network camera is ideal for drop cars and window cameras in surveillance vans. Full control of the camera is done
via your laptop computer. In the lower right is our new Window Mounting Hardware for PTZ and Dome Cameras.
(See this camera in operation at: (
Window Camera Mount
This new window camera mount is perfect for
drop cars, drive by’s & installation that need to
be moved from car to car quickly.
This unit is fully adjustable. The top and bottom pieces slip in between the window and
door frame, thus holding it in place. The PTZ
or dome camera may be placed on the center
shelf and the cables run down to the bottom
shelf or to the IP, Wi-Fi, or microwave equipment transmitting the video.
Model WCM-012 $450.00
Front Pivot Camera System
For the first time, a low cost method of mounting a camera and zoom lens that can
pivot around a small hole or slit in a wall, surveillance van, window or electrical box. Using our PTZ series of Pan and Tilt, this unit allows observation thru a
small hole at +/- 45 degrees panning and +/- 30° vertical FOV .Add $795 for the
standardPan and Tilt or $1895 for R/C Model KSCM-10 $350.00 Ideal for our
KSC-Z670. One could hide the camera behind a small piece of IR glass. IR glass
is available at $35/sq ft. Also available is a hand controller. Call for price
SSD-7981D has 30 times optical zoom and 10 times digital zoom. The
3.3 – 99mm focal range allows user to see enough wide or target at
distance effectively.
The self-calibrating function built in the camera will re-align the SSD7981D periodically and automatically, ensuring the PTZ camera will
run smoothly and correctly during its work.
SSD-7981D PTZ uses Sony Super-HAD CCD and provides 520-line
high resolution image in color and detail, or 570-line super-high resolution in blackwhite when working in dark.
The SSD-7981D lens has mechanical IR-cut filter which will be removed during lowlight condition to allow IR illuminated image to pass onto CCD for forming viewable
If no IR source is supplied in dark, the slow shutter (in OSD menu) may improve image’s brightness by
integrating two or more frames for one picture. The DSS function can be automatically off when light is
enough, if it’s set to AUTO.
Model SSD-7981D $1295.00
YPV-7000 Portable Mobile Video Kit
The TigerPride TPV-7000 is designed as “Tactical
Intelligent Gear and Evidence Recording System” for
manned and portable deployment operations. The TPV7000 also provides a telescoping pull out Tote Handle
with built-in case wheels making it easy to roll
the system from your office or car and into a hotel or
building for deployment. The TPV-7000 system can be
hand carried using its side or top handles built into the
The TPV-7000 base system provides a vibration free environment for its 1U Rack Mounted 100 Channel Audio
Receiver, Multi Video
Input Patch Panel and Video Switcher, Four 25’ Ft. Video and Power Quick Connect Cables, 1U Rack Mounted
MPEG4-D1 Quality
Mobile In-Car four channel Audio/Video DVR Recorders with 40 – 120 or 250GB Removable Hardened Hard
Drives, 1U Rack
Mounted Flip-Up Dual 7” TFT/LCD Quad Monitors.
Monitors & Recorders
TFT LCD Monitors -- 12Vdc
We carry the finest color flat screen monitors
available on the market for surveillance vans.
Check out these Features:
• High Resolution 1280 x 1024
• 16.2 Million Colors
• Composite Video, S-Video, D-Sub Inputs
• Built-in Speakers - Stereo
• 300:1 Contrast Ratio
• Remote Control & PC Cable
19” $450.00
Air Conditioning System
Tiger II Van A/C
• Silent Running with Squirr-cage
• Shock & vibration Componets
• Factory pre-charged compressor
• LED Read out
• 7,000 BTU
• $4650.00
DVR Recorder, 19” Monitor, 4 video Inputs,
Cooling Capacity:
Shipping Weight:
• 12 Vdc Operation
• H.264 Compression NTSC/PAL
• 4 Channel Video Input
• 100 FPS Recording
RJ-45 Connector for Network
Supplied/W 2T HD Drive (SATA)
Motion Detection
One Channel of Audio
Supports Pelco D for PTZ Control
Ideal for Our New KSC-HC
$895.00 W/Drive
Officer Safety Group
Low Light Cameras
12 Vdc Operation
H.264 Compression
4 Channel Video Input
2 CH Audio Input 1 CH Output
Point & Click to Target
Supports Pelco D & P
Alarm Output
60 FPS D1 +
RJ-45 Network Connector
Easy Removal HD Drive
This system allows the officers in the van to observe what is going on around the van. The 4 cameras are
fed to a 4 camera DVR and displayed on a 10” LCD monitor. The cameras are our very low light pinhole
cameras and let you see anyone coming up to the van.
4 cameras w/10’ cables, DVR, & LCD monitor. Add 595.00 for microphone system.(See Whisper II Page
7,000 BTU
Laminated Wood
Auto Grade Cloth
Precharged with R-417
Holding Tank with
Manual Drain Valve
Smart Digital Controller
120 Vac & 7.5 Amps
85 Lbs
DC to AC Inverter for the Tiger II A/C Unit KSI-2812
This inverter is a true sine wave inverter with a clean output and very low noise
There are other types of inverters available such as Modified or Square Sine
Wave inverters. They produce noise which translates into Poor 120vac power
shorting the life of your air conditioner and also causing your air conditioner to
operate at a much higher amperage shorting the operational time of the batteries.
Call for latest pricing:
Radio Equipment
Van Power Package from TTI
Package Includes:
2000 Watt + Power Invert/Charger (Above)
Pro-Battery Status Panel
2 ea 8D Batteries
Cabling and Connectors
Fuses & Installation instructions
Shipping about $350.00
Citation 20R Body Wire Receiver
This is our top of the line body wire receiver configured for rack
mount in a surveillance van application. This receiver features: 100
channels, fully frequency programmable, digital audio filters, descrambling option, 12.5 / 25 kHz switchable bandwidths, & Backlit
LCD display. $2400.00
The True Sine Wave inverter receives it operation power from two dedicated deep cycle gel cell batteries.
These batteries connect directly to the inverter creating 120vac power for the air conditioner. The batteries
are charged from the inverters built-in 100 amp multi stage battery charger when the vehicle is plugged into
shore power back at your vehicle storage facility. These batteries AGM or Gel Cell batteries will provide
approximately 8 to 10 hours of operating time on surveillance based on the temperature settings of the air
conditioner and charge rate of the batteries.
ODYSSEY® Batteries has introduced a new rack mount sealed valve-regulated
lead-acid (VRLA) battery that provides deep cycles performance and enormous
cranking power in one battery. The ODYSSEY® KSB-1800 military grade battery provides long duration deep discharge power with an incredible 475 minutes of reserve capacity at 25 amps. The KSB-1800’s rugged
Construction makes it ideal for heavy duty deep cycle applications such as
Fire and Rescue vehicles, Marine, Refrigerated Trailers, RV Motor Coaches, &
Surveillance Vans.
For van design considerations, use 214 Ah. Typically, 2 to 3 batteries for the
A/C and one for the camera systems. Total of 4 batteries. What is really nice
about this battery, is the short cable that are required to parallel the batteries.
The batteries weight is 132.3 lbs each and since they are so compact, they can
be split up to equalize the weight on each side of the van.
Digital Recorder KSR-560
No more flipping tapes! A single 1Gb flash card can hold up to 36 hours of
uninterrupted audio (monaural .mp3 at 64 kbps). For music recording, the
same size card can hold more than 17 hours high-quality compressed stereo
(.mp3 at 128 kbps). If you need CD or better then CD quality uncompressed
audio, you can get about one 1.5 hours worth of 16-bit linear PCM (WAV)
audio at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz on a suitable 1Gb card. $595.00 Requires 115 Vac
Model KSB-1800 $735.00 + Shipping
Other Available Equipment
Portable Surveillance Kit
Ne ved!
Camera Lux:
Motion Det:
Camera Mounting:
4 channel output:
Date: 1/13- Restrictions: None
Interrogation Room Microphone System
Portable-Mounted in Pelican Case
12 Vdc Operation 110Vac/12 Vdc
Day/Night PTZ
Network Compatible
H.264 Compression
4 Channel Video Input
Pelco D Software
One TB Storage
432 X Zoom Camera
Motion Detection
Van llance
or C
High Gain
MODEL # Whisper II
60 db Dynamic Range
12 Vdc Operation
Full Stereo Operation
Approved by DOJ
• Used by Hundreds of PD's All over
the World
This new surveillance kit was designed for
quick set-up for the narcotics or surveillance team that can be used from a van,
car, or store front operation. With one TB
of storage, and a single camera will store
several days of video.
This system uses our new designed PTZ
camera with 432X zoom range with excelent results. Put the recorder into video
motion detection and get many hours of
recording. Great for a drop car.
Everything is packed into the Pelican case
except for the grab bar.
10", Color 1 to 4 Inputs
4 Channel
Up to 2 TB
Pelican 1520
.01 Lux
Magic Arm
12 Vdc @4 Amps
Add $250.00-4 Outside Conn.
Stereo $595.00
Mono $475.00
Whisper II
Dynamic w/10' leads
This new Whisper microphone system for
interrogation far exceeds any other microphone
system on the market by two fold. The dynamic
range of the amplifiers is so good that the system
can pick up a whisper in the interrogation room.
Just put two suspects in the same room and walk
out for a few minutes, and the two will whisper two each other about their story, and it's all
picked up by the system. Don't buy a recording
system unless it has a stereo input.
Microphones Around Van
Under development, is our multiple microphone system for use in the van by TTI
12305 E. Triple T Ln Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 928-759-2121 Fax 928-759-2144 Email
Visit our web site
12305 E. Triple T Ln Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 928-759-2121 Fax 928-759-2144 Email
Whisper II.indd
Recommended Surveillance Van Equipment
The following is a starter list of recommended surveillance van equipment
Very low light/Day-night Camera KSC-111
In the city: KSL-10x310
Out back:
R/4 or R5
Monitor/Recorder KSR-9004 Recorder:
We recommend Sti-co disguised antennas
KSB-1800 3 to 4 Units
Your department radios or MDT’s
Body wire Receiver with recorder - Citation 20R
Air-Condition Gas -- TTI’s Tiger II
KSPRC-100 Hand controller with built-in Internet Compatibility $1895.00 or with the new”Little Joe” a Wi-Fi
The Following are items that help make surveillance easier
Digital Video Recorder/Interface
This DVR converts any analog camera to an intelligent, high resolution surveillance system. The analog A/V signal
from the camera is captured, compressed and stored to an external USB storage media using H.264 video and MP3
audio formats. Ask for data sheet on this product!
When an IP camera is connected to an KSR-HDVR, all of its features are retained, and the IP camera can be fully
controlled through its own PC/Mac application in a transparent manner. The DVR further adds to the functionality of
the IP camera by offering the store and forward A/V stream feature. It records the Motion JPEG video stream of an
IP camera along with its audio footage to an external USB storage device connected to the DVR. The stored contents
can be streamed in H.264 format, for remote viewing. Model KSR-HDVR $2400.00 See Data Sheet
Body Wire Rx Citation 20R
Video Rx
Microwave receiver with antennas KSR-357
Use 12 Vdc florescent or Blue LED’s
Paneling and carpet
Internal locks on doors
Safety Barricade - with access for door to front
Magic arms to hold camera at rear windows
Window covering with Velcro
4 Camera System - For officer safety with multiplexer and 5-7” separate monitor
Camcorder Canon or Sony
Night Vision Call for latest value
IR Glass $25/Sq Ft.
One of the most important things to do when building a surveillance van is to insulate. This is to say, don’t
skimp here. In addition, keep the window glass to a minimum. The floor should be insulated with a minimum
wood floor thickness of a least 3/4” covered in indoor/outdoor carpet. Put reflective insulation under the wood
floor to keep the heat from the street from penetrating.
Once you have insulated the van, installed the floor, and panel the walls and covered the walls with a light
colored sound absorbent felt or similar material, installed your working desk, secured an area for the batteries,
you are new ready to add the video and electronics equipment.
Surveillance Vans
Only $82K -- Loaded
Call for more info!
New System Under Development
Camper Shell
Sample of different vans available. Call us for a quote!
Covert Systems, LLC 12305 E. Triple T Ln Presscott Valley, AZ 86315
928-759-2121 Fax 928-759-2144 822-231-3589,
This system incorporates the latest equipment and ideas
to furnish a quasi periscope system at an affordable price.
A top that looks like a vent in the top of a van fitted with
the latest PTZ color camera (432X Zoom) and our latest 4 channel PTZ DVR/Monitor makes an ideal low cost
surveillance package. The DVR is network ready for any
network system. The DVR contains the software to control
the PTZ. Call us for details.
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