RB-Dfr-557 WiFi Shield V3 for Arduino

RB-Dfr-557 WiFi Shield V3 for Arduino
WiFi Shield V3 for Arduino
This WIFI Shield V3 supports AP+STA dual mode, and is extremly easy to connect to router network.
You only need a mobile phone or Pad to log in the AP network of this module(similar to the way with a
router). After logging in the module, it is ready to connect the WIFI network (No AT command setup
required, which is often very complex).
This module uses dynamic power management to achieve low power consumption capability (standby:
<80uA; normal mode average: 8mA; peak: 200mA). This is especially useful in prototyping which not
only demands low power consumption, but also requires a standby mode. The module provides
UART(TTL) to IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless communication. IEEE802.11n is a newest wireless
transmission protocol which enjoys features such as higher transmission speed, wider coverage,
stronger compatibility, and much more safety. Currently many wireless electronic equipment
manufacturers have been applying this standard (IEEE802.11n) to a large number of products. With this
WIFI Shield, any device with UART can easily set up a wireless network and achieve remote
management and controlling.
• Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n
• Support AP,Client,Gateway and UART to WLAN mode and so on
• Support DHCP,automatic access to IP;Support allocating IP to salve device in AP mode
• Support network protocol:TCP/UDP/ARP/ICMP/HTTP/DNS/DHCP
• The optional working mode:TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP;Support up to 32 Client in TCP
Server mode
• Support most of WIFI encryption algorithm:WEP/WAP-PSK/WAP2-PSK/WAPI;Type of
• Support transparent UART/protocol data transmission mode;Up to 1M cache space;Highest
baud rate:460800bps
Support UART(TTL) to wireless applications
Drag down the level of the Reload IO pin for one sencod,you can restore factory settings.So do
not worry about the wrong settings.
Support running in AP mode and the node (Station) mode;The real hardware AP, so Android can
directly access it.
Provide AT command configuration
Provide the friendly web configuration page,and can be configured by webpage
Serial frame delay and the amount of data can be set.
Support routing/bridge mode network architecture
Designed by standard Arduino stack, and can be easily put on the standard Arduino, MEGA,
Romeo board or shield
• Working voltage: 5V
• Frequency range: 2.4 - 2.497GHz
• Output power: 16dBm
• Transmission rate: 54Mbps - 1Mbps
• Transmission distance: <400M
• Size: 55mm x 53mm x 11mm
• Weight: 50g
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