'94-'97 In-Dash Gauge Back
Installation: Dash Gauges
DODGE Turbo Diesel Truck – ‘94-‘97
Remove Dashboard Fascia
Ash Tray Removal
• Remove ash tray.
• Remove the two Phillip’s head screws securing the ash receiver bracket to the instrument panel.
• Remove bracket.
Cup Holder Removal
• Open the cup holder and remove the two Phillip’s head screws securing the assembly to the
instrument panel.
• Remove the cup holder assembly from the instrument panel.
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Cluster Bezel Removal
Installation: Dash Gauges
• Carefully pry the bezel away from the instrument panel to disengage the retaining clips.
• Unplug the connector from the cigarette lighter.
• Unplug the connector from the auxiliary power outlet.
Storage Compartment
• Remove the three Phillips head screws from the storage compartment then remove the compartment. Save it for later? Throw it away? The choice is yours.
Gauge Installation
• Slip the black Lexan faceplate over the back of the gauge.
• From the back side, slip the gauge (with Lexan back-plate) into the cluster bezel. Note the interference fit at the top and bottom of gauge/cluster bezel. The interference fit has held my gauge in
place since installation 5 years ago. If you prefer, you can use contact cement/super glue to “solidify” the gauge in place.
• Adjust fit and check for clearance of Lexan back-plate.
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Installation: Dash Gauges
Test Fit Bezel/Gauge Assembly Into Dash
• Using a razor blade, etch a 3/8” to 1/2” horizontal, 1-1/4” vertical in dash for clearance of the top
of gauge.
• With pliers, break off the plastic in dash for gauge clearance.
• Test for fit of cluster bezel and gauge.
• Snap lighter into place.
• Snap auxiliary power outlet into place.
• Snap bezel into place.
• Install ash tray bracket/screws/tray.
• Install cup holder/screws.
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