Manual 12667483
FBGuard IN 4
Industrial Fibre Bragg Grating Interrogation Unit
The FBGuad IN 4 is first fully industrial
FBG interrogation unit for high accuracy
static and dynamic measurements of
Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors in
field applications. It can monitor up to 4
different optical lines containing each
multiple FBG-sensors. The device is
controlled by an internal embedded PC
and is independent on external devices
and control procedures. Easy access
via web, 3 direct relay for immediate
alarms and ruggedized construction.
The system contains a broadband light source and performs spectral analysis means of a
linear CCD-array and a spectrometer platform. The input channel to be monitored can be
selected by means of an optical switch. The FBGuard monitoring unit have Ethernet
interface, which allows their remote control from any standard PC through TCP/IP. The
configuration of alarms, frequency of measurements, data logging on the internal SSD etc. is
possible via SSH and web interface as FBGuard IN 4 is designed as web server
Fibre optic interrogation unit for up to 4 optical channels
Designed for 24/7 operation
High number of sensors
Static and dynamic measurements
Embedded processing board with all decision functions
Self data logging
Excellent wavelength precision and accuracy
Direct alarm relays
Web and SSH access
Ruggedized construction
SAFIBRA, s.r.o., Cernokostelecká 1621, CZ-25101 Říčany
tel/fax: +420 323 601615, email:
Standard specifications
Wavelength range*
Number of channels**
Wavelength accuracy
Wavelength resolution
Scan frequency
Dynamic range
Optical connector**
Lifetime optical switch
Switching time
Laser class ( IEC 60825-1 )
Electrical, Environmental and Mechanical
Power supply
Power consuption
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
Embedded PC
Intel Atom Processor
Hard disk (SSD, no moving parts)**
Communication protocol
810 – 860 mn
up to 4
≤ 15 pm
≤1 pm
Up to 500 Hz
25 dB
≤ 2 ms
230 VA
< 40 W
0°C – 40°C
< 80°C, non-condensing
482 x 364 x 43,6 mm , ( 19" rack )
1.6 GHz
2 GB
30 GB
Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232, 3x alarm relays
* Depends on the light source ** can be customized
Safibra reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products herein
SAFIBRA, s.r.o., Cernokostelecká 1621, CZ-25101 Říčany
tel/fax: +420 323 601615, email:
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