UPP Detector Tape Install Guidelines
UPP™ Piping Detector Tape
Installation Guidelines
This document explains general guidelines for installing and
detecting Pipe Detector Tape, and shows examples of a
preferred as well as an alternate installation.
UPP Detector tape serves 2 purposes:
• To locate the buried pipe runs by using a signal
generator and detector as described below.
• To act as a warning indication for digging operations
near the piping.
The tape is installed below ground at 250 mm (approximately
10 inches) directly above pipe runs to indicate the position of
each pipe.
Detector Tape
Earthing (Ground Connection)
Both ends of the tape should be earthed when not in use.
Ground the stainless steel wires that are embedded in the
Earthing Rod
Ends of Tape Must be Grounded at Sumps
Figure 2: Detector Tape must be Grounded
1. Detector tape shroud
is stripped back to
expose metal core
2. Exposed metal core
should be sleeved
D= Diameter of largest pipe size
Figure 1: Detector Tape Preferred Installation
3. Connect a crimp terminal ring
to each detector tape core and
connect to a metal earth source
Note: Detector Tape is available in 100 meter coils, part
number D-TAPE.
For pipe installation, refer to the UPP Piping Installation
Guide Overview.
Figure 3: Grounding Detector Tape at an Under
Dispenser Containment (UDC) Application
Prior to backfill, perform a continuity test on the tape to
insure that the detection with a signal generation would
work in the future
Using a Chamber for Detector Tape Earthing (Grounding)
We recommend using a manway, such as Franklin Fueling System’s Probe Access Manhole 20URTATG, or an openbottom manway such as 781-208-08. The manway should be centrally located and have an earthing rod and connections
to the sump’s detector tape.
If using the open-bottom manway, the bottom can be sealed with a cold-pour sealant like CM 200PF™ Polyurethane
Sealant* to seal against ground water intrusion.
An earth source must be supplied
in an inspection pit for grounding
the detector tape
Detector tape should pass
under any end UDC frame
and be earthed (see Figure 3)
Detector tape should pass
either around or under
any intermediate UDC
Minimum distance of 250mm
above pipe run.
Figure 4: Detector Tape Installation Overview
Preferred Installation (provides pipe detection and pre-warning for excavation)
The preferred installation places the tape over the piping and follows the dimensions shown in Figure 1.
Figure 5: Preferred Installation of Detector Tape
Note: In Figure 5, green detector tape is provided by Franklin Fueling Systems. Red tape is by others.
* CM 200PF is a registered trademark of CM Sealants
Alternate installation (provides pipe detection)
The alternate installation will allow the piping to be located, but will not provide early warning in a digging operation.
Figure 6: Example of Alternate Installation
Using a Signal Generator
Follow the Signal Detector Instructions included with the unit.
When using a detection tool, disconnect the near end of the detectable tape from the grounding point to allow the red
cable from the transmitter to be connected to the tape and the black cable from the transmitter to be connected to the
grounding point.
Keep the far end of the tape grounded to give the highest signal strength. The earth spike should be as far away from the
trace path as possible at a 90 degree angle.
Use the lowest frequency possible from the transmitter around 577 Hz or 8 KHz to eliminate coupling to other grounded
Use the receiver to follow the path of the tape to locate the buried pipe. Follow directions included with the pipe-detection
To overcome the masking effect caused by
re-bar in the concrete, raise the detector around
500 mm (19¾") from the ground to detect tape.
Signal Generator
Detector Tape
Earth Rod
Signal Strength
Figure 7: Using a Signal Generator
The signal generator and detector should be locally sourced
Use the type typically used by utilities companies for locating underground cables.
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