the 204-920-2272-INST 2-Piece Exhaust Manifold v1.5 PDF

the 204-920-2272-INST 2-Piece Exhaust Manifold v1.5 PDF
204-920-2272 - INST
Installation Manual v1.5:
2-Piece Exhaust Manifold
2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L
Please read all instructions before installation.
Figure 1 - Dodge 2-Piece Exhaust Manifold
1. Disconnect BOTH negative (-) battery terminals.
2. Remove air cleaner hose from the vehicle and disconnect the water line
brackets from the manifold. The water line manifold bracket can be
extremely difficult to remove. An easy option is to cut the bracket and ziptie the water line to the dip stick tube.
3. Disconnect the turbo from the stock manifold by removing the four (4) nuts
using a 15mm socket or wrench. The two back nuts are easily reached
from underneath the truck using a long 3/8” drive extension along with a
15mm swivel socket or a universal joint and a 15mm shallow socket.
(NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the turbo from the engine
compartment or to loosen the exhaust).
4. Once the turbo is disconnected from the manifold, remove the four (4)
nuts that secure the heat shield and remove the heat shield from the
manifold. Remove the stock manifold bolts using a 13mm deep socket.
5. After the stock manifold is removed, clean the head and turbo surfaces for
a better seal.
6. On turbine housings with long shouldered studs (approximately 1”
shoulder), it will be necessary to remove the stock studs and replace
204-920-2272 - INST
them. If the studs are seized in the turbine housing, there are several
ways of removing them:
Figure 2 - Long Shouldered Stud
a. If a stud remover is available, it is the easiest way to remove the
factory studs. If the stud is still difficult to remove, heating the stud
and flange with a torch will help break it loose.
b. A pair of vise grips can be used to remove the stud as well.
c. If the studs are seized, it is possible to use two M10-1.5 nuts to
remove the stud. Thread the first nut up to the shoulder finger tight.
Thread the second nut up to the first nut. Using two wrenches, turn
the nuts into each other such that they no longer spin freely. Place
one of the wrenches on the first nut and turn the stud out. If the
stud is still difficult to remove, heating the stud and flange with a
torch will help break it loose.
Figure 3 - Stud Removal
NOTE: ATS will not replace turbine housings if damaged during stud removal.
7. Clean out the threads and install new studs into turbine housing.
8. Install ATS 2-piece exhaust manifold.
204-920-2272 - INST
IMPORTANT: If any of your existing exhaust manifold gaskets are damaged,
use new exhaust manifold gaskets available from either ATS or
your local Dodge dealer. If purchasing the gaskets from a local
dealer, use part number 5135789AA for the manifold gaskets
and 3949530 for the turbo flange gasket.
9. Torque bolts to 32 ft-lbs in a clockwise pattern from the center out (as
shown in Figure 1). Re-torque the four center bolts to 32 ft-lbs.
Figure 4 - Manifold Torque Sequence
10. After the manifold is tight, reconnect the turbo to the manifold and torque
turbo nuts to 32 ft-lbs.
Note: Always use anti-seize on turbo mounting studs and replace the turbo
gasket with a new gasket available from ATS or your local dodge
11. After the turbo and manifold are installed, reinstall the air cleaner hose
and water hose brackets.
12. Reconnect the negative (-) battery terminals.
204-920-2272 - INST
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Bill of Materials
1. (1) 2-Piece Exhaust Manifold (Assembled) 204-201-2272, 204-202-2272
2. Instructions
(1) Instructions Folder
(1) Instruction Manual
(2) ATS Stickers
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