Assess Valve Performance, Increase Efficiency
and Production while Saving Money with
Emerson’s Valve Seat Leak Detection Program
Suspect a leaking control valve?
Planning an outage?
Looking to boost the bottom line?
Valve Seat Leak Detection
Emerson’s Valve Seat Leak Detection Program
offered through Fisher Lifecycle Services can help
improve predictive maintenance by identifying
potential problems before they affect the safety
and profitability of your operations. Our
technicians target potentially leaking valves
using advanced equipment to help identify,
prioritize, and schedule repair. Our two-step
process first isolates and qualifies which valves
are leaking, and then quantifies leak rate
and estimates the cost of lost product. Valve
Seat Leak Detection Program is a predictive,
non-intrusive diagnostic service offering that
complements ValveLink™ software, FlowScanner™
valve diagnostic system, and AMS Device
Manager technologies pin-point problems to
help you better schedule service. The program
helps to enhance your predictive maintenance
capabilities to more accurately determine repair
complexity and parts allocation.
Improve Efficiencies, Realize Savings
It’s widely accepted that leaking valves represent a loss of
efficiency and profits. Isolating and repairing leaks of any size,
in any valve, can save your plant money by targeting process
inefficiencies. Our Valve Seat Leak Detection Program uses
industry proven acoustic emissions valve leak detection tools to
quickly locate and accurately quantify through-valve leakage. The
savings can be significant when you engage in planning proper
maintenance, troubleshooting process operations, and repairing
problem valves to increase reliability and process efficiency.
Emerson’s Fisher Lifecycle Services technicians
have the skills, experience, and technology to
help you appropriately plan and execute
outages. The Valve Seat Leak Detection
Program is another way our technicians isolate
issues in-process so you can schedule proper
service of your equipment. While performing a
walk-down of your control valves in the preoutage process, we can use our Valve Seat Leak
Detection tools to:
n Populate a complete testing route with valve
tags, names, and physical properties
n Calculate leak rates directly on each unit
n Transfer all stored data to notebook or
desktop PC, generating custom reports
With appropriate planning you can reduce
downtime, cut back on maintenance costs, and
meet regulatory reporting requirementswhile
repairing only the items you need to get
your facility back online on schedule, within
budget and without the inefficiencies that limit
Whether you suspect process inefficiency or
are planning your next outage, contact your
Emerson Local Business Partner. Our Valve
Seat Leak Detection Program will help keep
you on the path towards continuous reliability
Scan with your mobile device or visit www.
EmersonProcess.com/IVS_LeakDetection to
learn more and request your Valve Seat Leak
Detection Service online today.
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