Dual Database Installation Instructions

Dual Database Installation Instructions
Dual Database
Compact Disc Installation
1. Please review all installation instructions before beginning the installation. The
installation of Eaglesoft must be complete before the installation of Dual Database. You should
have one (1) compact disc labeled Eaglesoft Dual Database Version 16.
2. Close all running programs on all machines.
3. Make a backup (same as daily backup).
4. Insert the compact disc into the CD-ROM drive. The following screen should automatically
appear. If not, click on Start and choose Run. Type “D:\setup.exe” in the open field. (If the
CD-ROM drive on your computer is represented by a letter other than ‘D’, substitute the
appropriate letter) and click OK.
5. Click Next.
6. Click Yes.
7. Click Finish.
Repeat the Dual Database Instructions on all machines, including a dedicated server.
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