BioLogic Duo-Flow Chromatography System Solutions to Software Version 3.0 Discrepancies

BioLogic Duo-Flow Chromatography System Solutions to Software Version 3.0 Discrepancies
BioLogic™ Duo-Flow™ Chromatography System
Solutions to Software Version 3.0 Discrepancies
Users of this version 3.0 software may find some of the following discrepancies occurring during use. We have provided a
description of the problem and a workaround solution.
Status Bar does not Appear
When the software launches, occasionally the Status Bar is not visible when you are in Offline mode. (For an explanation of
Offline and Online see page 7-25 of the new chapters for the Duo-Flow Instructions Manual.)
To correct this problem, select Status Lines under the Options menu two times. The first time you select the Status Lines the
information and hint boxes will appear. The second time you select the Status Lines the normal Status Bar will appear.
Remember that you can often use the RESET to refresh the database Browser screen. If RESET does not correct the problem,
exiting the Duo-Flow software to the Windows screen often corrects the problem.
Browser–Red Icons
If you access the Browser database while a run is in progress, the Browser automatically converts to offline status, identified by
yellow icons. While in offline status do not attempt to change the Set Browser Options, settings (e.g., Enable Projects, Enable
Methods... explained on page 6-6 of the new chapters for the Duo-Flow instruction manual). These settings are used to change
the hierarchical organization of the Browser. Changing them while in offline can cause multiple red icons within the Browser
that will prevent access to the Browser's Project -> Method -> Run selections.
To correct this problem, exit the Duo-Flow software to the Windows screen.
For a description of Offline and Online see page 7-25 of the new chapters for the Duo-Flow instruction manual.
Browser–Inappropriate Chromatogram Thumbnails
When a run is selected in the database Browser screen, a thumbnail of the run will appear in the lower right corner of the
screen. Occasionally the wrong or no chromatogram thumbnail appears. This most often occurs at the completion of a Queue
run or Multirun.
Correct this problem by double clicking on the run to open it again; the correct chromatogram will appear.
Protocol Editor–Fraction Collection Windows
In the method Protocol screen you may program a fraction collection scheme that includes Collection Windows (with and
without threshold). If you enter a window end time that is later than the start time for the window that follows it (e.g. Window
1 ends at 3.0 minutes and Window 2 starts at 2.5 minutes), the Fraction Collection dialog screen will freeze when you click on
the Save Window button. If this should happen, click the Setup button on the Tool Bar and then click the Protocol button.
When you do this the Fraction Collection dialog box will be closed and the problem window will have been deleted. Note that
only the Fraction Collection dialog box becomes frozen, the rest of the program is fully functional.
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Protocol Editor–Inappropriate Fraction Collection Volumes
When programming Fraction collection, if you set the fraction size before selecting or changing rack types, you may be able to
enter inappropriate fraction sizes. For example, you could select a 96-well microtiter plate that is designed to collect 200 µl
samples as the rack type and tell it to collect 1 ml volumes. To prevent this occurrence, select the rack type before you enter a
fraction volume.
Protocol Editor–Inappropriate Vertical Lines in Fraction Collection
In the Protocol Editor when opening and closing the Fraction Collection dialog box, occasionally the vertical lines that
organize information in the fields can shift. This is reversible and does not cause any problems. To correct the problem close
and reopen the Fraction Collection dialog box.
Setup Editor–Setting the EGP Split Period
If the split period entered in the Setup Editor does not match the split period set in the Manual screen, errors will occur. When
a method run starts the first sample run will function with the split period from the Manual screen and the next run will use the
value entered in the Setup Editor.
To prevent this problem you must enter your desired split period into both the Setup and Manual screens, as they do not
communicate with each other.
If you have additional questions or problems, please call Bio-Rad Technical Support at 1 800 4-BIORAD, (1-800-424-6723).
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