Foscam FI9828P Outdoor Camera Installation Guide_V4.6

Foscam FI9828P Outdoor Camera Installation Guide_V4.6
1 Hardware Introduction
Package Contents
1. Insert the CD into the CD drive of your computer.
Physical Description
Quick Installation Guide
HD Wireless PTZ Dome IP Camera with P2P
2 Software Installation
2. Go to the folder “Equipment Search Tool” and find the folder
“For Windows OS”or “For Mac OS”. Copy and paste the
Equipment Search Tool file to your computer, or drag it onto
your desktop.
IP Camera
Power Adapter
Resource CD
Ethernet Cable
Wi-Fi Antenna
Infrared LED
Audio in/out
Alarm in/out
Reset Button
Quick Installation Guide
HD Wireless PTZ Dome IP Camera
Hardware Connection
Quick Installation Guide
If your computer ( Windows OS ) supports autorun function,
you can find the corresponding file in the opened control panel.
Warranty Card
If your computer doesn’t have CD drive, you can download
the Equipment Search Tool from our website for free.
Security Warning
Foscam cameras and NVRs require good security practices
to safeguard your privacy. You should regularly change
your camera or NVR password which is 8-10 numbers,
letters, symbols combination.
You should update your camera or NVR regularly. Make
sure your camera or NVR has the latest firmware installed
for your specific model and better experience.
3 Access the IP Camera
1. Enable the DHCP feature of your router (Enabled by default
normally), then open the Equipment Search Tool program. It
should display the camera’s IP address in your LAN (Local Area
2. Double click the camera listed here, and your default browser
will open up to the camera’s login page. When log in for the first
time, you will need to download and install the add-on. We will
use Internet Explorer as an example. For Google Chrome, Apple
Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, please refer to the User Manual.
Doesn't support 64-bit browser.
1. Mount the antenna and make it stand vertically.
2. Connect the camera to the LAN network (Router or Switch)
via network cable.
3. Connect the power adapter to the camera.
3. After installing the add-on, refresh the browser and click
5. After log in, you will see live video on the interface.
Default username is admin with
no password.
Main stream offers the highest
quality video while Sub stream
offers less quality, but also less
delay when viewing.
4. When you log in for the first time, it will request that you
modify the default username and/or password. Input the New
username, New password, and Confirm the password, click
Modify to complete the modification. You will now use the new
username and password to login to the camera in the future.
CE Certificate Website:
After log in for the first time, it will go to "Setup Wizard”
automatically. Please set the basic parameters, such as the
camera name, camera time, wireless settings and more.
If you forget your username or password, you can press and
hold the reset button on the cable of the camera using a pin for
5 seconds. This resets the camera to factory defaults.
If the IPC automatic focusing failed(image blur), you need to
click the Focus to manually adjusting focus.
ShenZhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Click Install
5 Remote Access
4 Wireless Connection
If you want to access your camera via web browser outside of
your network, you need to configure some settings.
1. Choose “Settings” on the top of the camera page, then go to
“Network - Wireless Settings” section on the left side of the
screen. From here, click Scan.
2. Input the password of
your router.
1. Choose “Settings” on the top of the camera web page, then
go to the “Network > IP Configuration” section on the left side
of the screen. From here, uncheck the Obtain IP DHCP.
1. Click the SSID (name) of your router,
and the corresponding information will
be filled in the fields.
3. Click the Save button and disconnect the network cable.
Keep the camera powered on until it shows up in the Equipment
Search Tool. If the camera does not show up, try unplugging the
power cable from the camera and plugging it back in. It should
connect to the wireless network automatically.
Click through different pages to see
other wireless networks if there are
more than 10.
2. Click the SSID (name of your router) in the list, and the
corresponding SSID and encryption will be filled into the
relevant fields automatically on the right side of the page. All
you need to do is input the password for your wireless network.
IP Address: Set this in the. 264
same subnet
as your computer , or keep it as default.
Subnet Mask: Keep it as default.
Gateway and DNS Server: Set it to the
IP address of your router.
4. If UPnP has been enabled in the router, you do not need to
perform the following steps. If UPnP is disabled, you need to
select one of the following methods to configure port
forwarding on your router. For these steps, we will be using
the TP-LINK brand wireless router as an example.
7 Technical Support
by Smart Phone
Choose “Forwarding > UPnP”, make sure that the Current
UPnP Status is Enabled.
If you have problems with your Foscam IP Camera, please
contact the Foscam reseller you purchased from, or you can
e-mail the Foscam headquarter technical support team:
You can add the Foscam IP Camera using a Smartphone like
an iPhone or Android device. Ensure your smartphone is
connected to the internet.
Input the port and IP address
of your camera and click Save.
6 Access the IP Camera
If there is a UPnP function in your router.
3. You can see the port of your camera here. If you want to set
Remote Access for several cameras on the same network, you
will need to change the HTTPS port for each camera.
2. Enable UPnP and DDNS in the camera’s settings page. We
recommend you to use the DDNS by factory default.
Select Yes and click Save.
Click Enable DDNS and click Save.
The content in the Manufacture’s
DDNS column is the domain name
of your camera.
Download the Foscam App
If you have a QR Code scanner app on your phone, use it to
scan the code below:
Your valuable comments and suggestions on improving
Foscam products are welcomed!
If there is no UPnP function in your router.
You need to manually add port(TCP port) forwarding, refer to
the following steps. You need go to the “Forwarding >
Virtual Servers” panel for setup.
Please Note:
If you do not have a QR code app on your phone, you can
simply go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for
the term "Foscam". Find the app that appears with the same
icon as shown above, and then download it to your device.
5. Now you can access your IP camera by https://domain
name: HTTPS port via the Internet.
Add the IP Camera
Run the App, and then register for a Foscam account. Once
logged in, you can tap the "+" button on the App and follow
the setup wizard to add your camera.
For example, you can type the following in a web browser:
Click Add New.
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