Sontex Heat Meter - Supercal 531 Brochure

Sontex Heat Meter - Supercal 531 Brochure
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Supercal 531
Multi function
Integrator that lives up to
Your highest expectations
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Supercal 531
Multi functional integrator…
… with unlimited options
The Supercal 531 convinces using state of the art multi functional technologies and a modular concept. It satisfies the customer's every wish by its
easy system integration, tariff function, data logger functions, universal
data transfer or connection to system processors.
The Supercal 531 was designed aiming at high flexibility as top priority
also keeping in mind future standards. The Supercal 531 is suitable for
heat energy, cooling energy or flow measurement. The Supercal 531 is also
suitable for combined energy measurement such as heating / cooling.
Owing to the extensive data communication range of options, and a flexible data collection and recording, the Supercal 531 is entirely suitable for
applications in district heating networks, heat cost allocation and industry
Flexible with almost unlimited communication possibilities
As standard the Supercal 531 has an optical interface according
to IEC 1107, two open collector outputs as well as two pulse inputs for
integration of additional meters .
When desired the standard version can become equipped aditionally
with a M-Bus or radio module (factory assembly).
Two of the following galvanically seperated communication modules can
be connected:
• M-Bus interface according to EN1434
(fix or variable data structure)
• 2 relay outputs
• Up to 4 passive, freely programmable
analogue outputs
• Modem output
• RS-232
The communication modules are reactionless and can be equipped
when in operation without damaging the validity of the calibration.
The integrator identifies the communication module.
Owing to three communication channels that are operational in parallel,
the Supercal 531 simultaneously enables data collection and the connection to several processing control and building management systems.
Supercal 531
Universal and ‘future proofed’ integrator
The battery or mains powered integrator is designed to connect Pt500 or
Pt100 temperature sensors, two or four wire. A high-resolution temperature
measurement guarantees the highest accuracy of measurement.
The modular concept of the integrator enables simple and low cost replacement of the meter. For example only the certification and measurement
relevant part of the integrator has to be replaced while the base part with
all the connections and non-volatile memory for communication adjustment
stays in place. This optimizes replacement time and reduces the costs when
replacing the meter.
Supercal 531 can accept volume inputs with a frequency of up to 5 Hz
(battery powered) or up to 12 kHz (mains powered). It can be combined with
either mechanical, magnet-inductive, ultrasonic or oscillating flow
sensors of up to qp 10'000 m3/h.
• Exchangeable integrator module; the wiring
base with the connections remain in place
• EEPROM for the communication set-up is
pre-installed in the base part
• Communication options and functions
can be equipped later and without compromising
verification of the integrator
• Mains- or battery powered
• Up to 4 freely programmable analogue output
• Remote support available via the internet
• Self recognition of options and power supply
• M-Bus according to EN 1434
• Two or for wire temperature sensors
• Clear customer friendly user concept
• Accuracy better than required by EN1434
Supercal 531
Clear display sequences
Easy user readout concept
The Supercal 531 features a particularly large and clearly readable
LCD-display, which enables easy and customer friendly readout.
The display sequences are clearly divided in 8 menus:
Main menu - accumulated values
Set day values
15 monthly values
32 average values
32 maximum values
Service information
Test and parameterization menu
The cycle of the display sequence can be customized.
The two push buttons enable a comfortable menu overview, customer
friendly use and fast readout of measurement data.
Fast access over the Internet
The unique concept of the integrator enable customer support over the
Internet. Configuration as well as the function controls can be operated
with an access authorization distributed on the spot. Swift customer service and support becomes a reality.
Efficient functions
Complete data security
For control and safety reasons of the measurement results, the Supercal 531
runs a periodically self-test, and records all data every hour in a non volatile
memory. When a voltage drop occurs all the values are automatically
updated and registered, and when powered by mains the pulse inputs are
accumulated for two more months.
Efficient additional functions
The Supercal 531 has various additional functions, which fulfill all the
requirements of a complex measuring system:
- Transmission of status messages over the transistor outputs
- Alarm and threshold values for the verification of operation status
- Up to three different freely programmable tariff functions
- Application of solar and cooling installations up to –20°C, the mixture
content can be freely programmable.
The tariff or the threshold values can be used to control an actuator.
The tariff functions can be loaded over the optical interface without damaging the verification seal.
Measurement principle
The Supercal 531, when mains powered, measures the temperatures every
3 seconds, when battery powered, every 20 seconds (with a D-type battery)
and every 30 seconds (with a C-type battery).
The measurement of the flow value is event controlled on the pulse input,
which means that each pulse is constantly updated.
Flexible power supply options
The modular power supply concept offers the following options :
• 6 + 1 year battery
• 11 + 1 year battery
• mains powered : 230 VAC - 45/65 Hz
or 115 VAC - 45/65 Hz
• mains powered : 24 VAC - 45/65 Hz
or 12 – 24 VDC (or supplied by the bus)
The Supercal 531 has an automatic power supply detector.
Technical data
Standard version
Temperature measurement
Pt100 or Pt500
2- and 4-wire
Absolute temperature range
Approved range Absolute temperature difference
Approved range Response limit Temperature resolution t
Temperature resolution ∆t
Measuring accuracy
better than by EN1434-1 required
Measuring cycle
Temperature measurement:
- 30 seconds when battery powered (Standard Type C)
- 20 seconds when battery powered (Type D)
- 3 seconds when mains powered
Volume measurement:
- Pulse volumes are constantly updated
Operating Storing and transport 5...55°C
LCD display
Display units
Energy Volume
Additional pulse inputs Temperature kWh, MWh, GJ, MJ, BTU
m3, Gallon
volume or energy
°C, °F or K
Power supply
Battery Battery Mains Mains 6 + 1 year
11 + 1 year
115 or 230 VAC – 45/65 Hz
24 VAC 45/65 Hz or 12-24 VDC
Data security
Verification- and measurement relevant part EEPROM
Integrator base part
Housing protection
Test and calibration interface
- High resolution test pulses
- Integrated test program
- Internal simulation test
Pulse inputs
Input frequency
Normal mode Fast mode
Battery powered Mains powered Input voltage Volume pulse inputs
max. 5 Hz
max. 3.5 kHz
max. 12 kHz
0...30 V
1-10-100-1000 I/pulse
or 2.5-25-250-2500 I/pulse
or 0.0001 – 9999.9 pulse/I
2 additional pulse inputs
Input frequency
Normal mode Fast mode Input voltage Pulse values max. 5 Hz
max. 12 kHz
0...30 V
0.0001 –9999.9 pulse/l
2 pulse outputs
Output frequency
Normal mode Fast mode Short circuit Pulse values max. 5 Hz (+/-20%)
max. 10 kHz (+/-20%)
max. 100 µA
0.0001 – 9999.9 pulse/l
Optical interface
Hardware according to DIN IEC1107
M-Bus protocol according to EN1434
Preassembled at factory:
M-Bus or radio
Technical data
Optional communication modules
The communication modules can be retrofitted when in operation without
damaging the verification seal.
Relay module with two outputs
Contact potential max. 100 VAC/DC, 50/100 mA
Cut-off current 500 mA
Voltage to ground max. 100 VAC/DC, 50/100 mA
Cable length max. 25 m
Max. pulse frequency 1 Hz
Passive analog module with two outputs
Power supply 9...24 VDC (external power supply)
Power range 4...20 mA
or 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA, 0...10 V
Resistance RL max. at 24 V = 650 Ω
Resolution 16 bit
Max. converter error < 0.02% from end value
LON module
Transmission 2-twisted wire, FTT-10A
Power supply bus interface 24 VAC/DC, max. 50 mA
Connection 4-Pol-terminal screw
RS-232 module
Fix or variable data structure
Potential free, reverse battery proof
Transmission speed 300...38'400 baud
M-Bus module
Fix or variable data structure
Potential free, reverse battery proof
Radio module
Mode FM, bi directional
Frequency 433,82 MHz
Transmitting power < 10mW
Tel: +44 (0)191 490 1547
Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371
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