The Fronius Manufacturer’s Warranty for the inverter type
Fronius IG Plus 150V-3
Article Number: 4,210,014
Serial Number: 23283272
has been extended to 20 years.
According to the following terms of warranty.
Wels, 16.07.2012
Ing Martin Hackl
Division Manager Solar Electronics
Fronius International GmbH
Warranty terms and conditions
These warranty terms and conditions apply to the following
For return transportation, devices or components must be
packed in their original or equivalent packaging.
String inverters
Fronius subsidiaries
- Fronius IG 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 HV
As of October 2010, there are national Fronius subsidiaries
in the following countries outside of the EU, Switzerland and
the USA:
- Fronius IG Plus 35, 50, 70, 100, 120, 150
- Fronius IG Plus 25 V, 30 V, 35 V, 50 V, 70 V, 100 V,
120 V, 150 V
- Fronius IG TL 3.0, 3.6, 4.0, 4.6, 5.0
- Fronius RL 5.0-3
Central inverters
- Fronius IG 300, 390, 400, 500
- Fronius CL 36.0, 48.0, 60.0
Current information about this can be found on our website
at www.fronius.com.
Geographical validity
These warranty terms and conditions are valid worldwide.
However, they do not apply to Canada, the United States of
America and Mexico. Separate warranty terms and
conditions apply to these countries.
Fronius manufacturer's warranty
The inverters listed above come standard with a
manufacturer's warranty of 60 months from the date of
installation. Fronius guarantees that your photovoltaic
inverter will function correctly during this period.
Extended warranty
An extended warranty can be purchased up to 6 months
after the date of installation. Applications for an extended
warranty after this date can be rejected by Fronius. The
extended warranty only applies to the inverters listed above.
You can apply to extend the warranty period to a total of 10,
15 or 20 years for string inverters. For central inverters, the
warranty period can be extended to a total of 10 or 20 years.
Services within the warranty period
If a defect should occur within the agreed upon warranty
period for which Fronius is responsible, Fronius has the
option of
- repairing the defect at Fronius or onsite
- providing an equivalent replacement device or new device
- or having a trained Fronius Service Partner carry out these
Fronius pays the transport costs for the inverter (by land or
When making a warranty claim, attention should be paid
to the following:
The following are required as proof of your warranty claim:
purchase invoice, serial number of the device as well as the
commissioning log (transfer date, commissioning date, or
report from the power supply company).
End customers, please contact your installer. If necessary,
the installer will get in contact with Fronius.
The procedure for a warranty claim must be coordinated with
Fronius. This is the only way to ensure that the above
mentioned warranty services will be provided free of charge
for the warrantee.
When devices or components are replaced, the remaining
warranty period will be transferred to the replacement device
or component. This will be registered automatically by
Fronius. You will not receive a new certificate.
If the remaining warranty period is less than one year, you
will automatically receive a full year for the remaining
warranty period for the replacement device or component.
Scope and validity of manufacturer's warranty
The manufacturer's warranty is only valid for the inverter that
is uniquely identified by the serial number. Other
photovoltaic system components as well as Fronius system
upgrades (e.g., plug-in cards) are not covered by the
Fronius DATCOM components (for system monitoring) come
standard with a 24-month warranty from the date of
Exceptions to the Fronius manufacturer's warranty
Defects are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty if
they are caused by the following:
- Non-compliance with operating instructions, installation
instructions or maintenance instructions
into and within countries with a national Fronius
into and within countries of the EU (including the
autonomous regions or cities of Spain and Portugal)
into and within Switzerland
- Damage during device transport
between the respective national or nearest Fronius
subsidiary and the retail site of the official Fronius sales
partner from which the device was purchased.
- Improper or incorrect operation of the device
Transport costs are not paid
from or to EU overseas territories
from, into, or within countries outside of the EU
provided that there are no national Fronius
subsidiaries there.
- Errors during device installation
- Errors during device commissioning
- Insufficient device ventilation
- Tampering with the device by companies or persons not
authorized by Fronius
- Non-compliance with safety instructions and installation
- Acts of God (storm, lightning strike, overvoltage, fire, etc.)
Other legal information
This manufacturer's warranty also does not cover damage to
the inverter that is attributed to the other system components
as well as damage that does not adversely affect the proper
functioning of the inverter, e.g., "cosmetic defects."
The warranty does not cover travel and accommodation
costs as well as onsite assembly and installation costs if they
exceed the service reimbursement received by the installer
performing the work from Fronius depending on the service
and agreement.
Changes to the existing PV system, the building installation
and the like, or any expenditure of time and the costs
resulting from this are not covered by the warranty.
Due to technological progress, the possibility exists that a
replacement or new device of similar value provided may not
be compatible with the system monitoring or other
components installed onsite (e.g., Fronius DATCOM).
Expenditures and costs resulting from this are not covered
by the warranty.
Along with the Fronius manufacturer's warranty, there are
also warranty rights stipulated by law that are not affected by
this manufacturer's warranty.
Claims that exceed those rights named in the warranty
conditions are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty
unless Fronius is legally liable for them. In such cases,
please see the device vendor. Claims under the Product
Liability Law remain unaffected.
The general delivery and payment terms and conditions
located on our website (www.fronius.com) under "Terms and
conditions" are in effect unless these warranty conditions
allow more favorable provisions.
Previously valid warranty conditions are replaced by these
Current and detailed information about warranty terms and
conditions can be found on our
website at
No compensation is provided for lost power that has not
been fed into the grid or for energy consumption that does
not take place and the like.
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