Knock Out
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Knock Out
Alpha Professional Tools® recognizes the growing popularity of the specialty tool,
Trac Star 2000; a low RPM wet saw that utilizes a guide rail system. Evidence of this
growing popularity is in the introduction of other brands of low speed track sawing
systems to the market. Until now, good blade choices have been limited! Introducing
the Alpha® Knock Out blade. A specialty blade specifically designed for a low RPM
wet saw, to cut all granites, as well as all brands of engineered stone with minimal
chipping. This blade provides a quick clean cut when used on a low RPM saw and
will increase your productivity while providing a long cutting life. Alpha® Knock Out is
the best blade choice for your Trac Star 2000.The Alpha® Knock Out Blade provides
a solution to the dilemma!
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How to Use
Mount the Alpha® Knock Out blade onto the Trac Star 2000 wet saw.
When mounting the blade onto the power tool, make sure the directional rotation of the blade matches the spindle
rotation of the power tool.
Set the v-groove track on material to be cut and place the Trac Star wet saw on the v-groove track.
Turn on the spindle to start blade rotation.
Set the traverse speed by adjusting the variable speed motor knob to desired cutting speed. (0 – 6 ft. per min)
Turn on the water supply.
Start the movement of the Trac Star to start the cutting process. This will cut 3cm (1-1/4”) thick materials in one-pass.
Review the operation manual of the Trac Star 2000 for proper set-up and operating procedures for this saw.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What materials is the Alpha® Knock Out blade designed to cut?
This blade is designed to cut all types of granites, as well as all brands of engineered stone.
The Alpha® Knock Out blade is a wet blade, can it be used dry?
No. Wet cutting diamond blades must be used with water to prevent excessive heat buildup during cutting. Using
water on the blade also reduces dust and helps enhance the cutting performance and life. A continuous water flow is
critical. Using “wet” blades without water even for a few seconds will cause excessive heat and blade damage.
What size diameter blades does Alpha® offer for the Knock Out blades?
The Alpha® Knock Out blade is only available in 8” diameter.
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What is the arbor of the Alpha® Knock Out Blade?
This blade has a diamond shape knock-out with 5/8” arbor.
Can I use the Alpha® Knock Out blade on a standard circular saw?
No. This blade was engineered for aggressive cutting on slower RPM saws such as the Trac Star 2000. The RPM of
this saw is 1,725. If used on standard circular saws this blade may show signs glazing and the cutting action would
slow down or stop, since it’s being used at higher RPM than it was intended for.
What are the recommended traverse speeds for use of the Trac Star 2000 wet saw?
The traverse speed will differ from one material to another. If you experience the saw slowing down (front wheels
spinning) during the cutting process, lower the traverse speed of the saw. This will allow the blade to cut at the same
speed the saw is pushing the blade into the material.
Helpful Hints
● Review operations manual of the power tool to assure proper usage.
● The Alpha® Knock Out blade is WET USE ONLY.
● Always wear appropriate safety equipment.
● Take appropriate steps to assure personal safety when performing any cutting application
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Document # 6170 - Rev.-July 2008
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