Paramagnetic O2 Analyzer (TML70)
Standard two
year warranty
0-1% to 0-100%,
user selectable
Dual ranges and
auto ranging
Microprocessor controlled for versatility
Multi-tasking software allows viewing test variables while
Continuous self checking with warning alarms
Ethernet and RS-232 ports for remote operation
Digital status outputs provide instrument condition
Adaptive signal filtering optimizes response time
Temperature & Pressure compensation
Critical orifices provide flow stability remote operation software
The TML70 uses the proven paramagnetic principle, coupled with state of the
art microprocessor technology to provide accurate and dependable measurements of percent-level O2.
Paramagnetic technology is non-depleting, which means that there are
no consumable parts, and ensures a
consistent performance over time. The
selectivity of the paramagnetic measurement for oxygen means that there
is little or no interference from other
common background gases.
The TML70 offers a stable and inherently linear measurement of oxygen,
making it possible to calibrate the
analyzer by checking only two points.
There is no requirement for a reference
gas during operation.
All of the sensor-e® series include an
extensive built-in data acquisition capability using the analyzer’s internal
memory. This allows the logging of
multiple parameters including averaged and instantaneous concentration
values, calibration data and operating
parameters such as flow and pressure.
Stored data are easily retrieved through
the serial port or optional no-cost Ethernet port and viewed via our software or from the front panel,
allowing operators to perform predictive diagnostics and enhanced data
analysis by tracking parameter trends.
The TML70 combines light-weight, rugged construction, ease of use, powerful
diagnostics, modular design and outstanding performance to yield the ideal
tool for today’s air monitoring requirements.
Paramagnetic O2 Analyzer (TML70)
Zero Stability:
Short Term:
Long Term:
Span noise:
Lower Detectable Limit (LDL):
Lag time:
Rise and Fall Time:
Repeatability: Sample Flow Rate:
Operating Temperature Range:
Humidity Range:
0-1% to 0-100% user selectable. Dual ranges and auto-ranging supported
< 0.1% O2 in 24 hours
< 0.2% O2 in 7 days
< 0.05% O2
0.1% O2
<10 seconds
< 60 seconds to 95%
< ±0.1% O2
< ±0.01% O2
Max/Min 130ml ± 20ml/min
5 - 40˚C
0-95% RH
sensor-e® O2 Analyzers include:
* Standard two year warranty
* Selectable voltage (specify)
* Internal pump
* Auto ranging and dual ranges
* 8 isolated digital status outputs
* Multi-drop RS-232 connection
* Ethernet Port
* software
Pressure Range: Operating Temperature Range:
Dimensions (HxWxD):
Analog Outputs:
Recorder Offset:
Serial Outputs:
Status (Digital):
Current Output: Specify inout AC voltages & frequency:
Additional Options:
100V - 1 15V
220V - 240V
50 Hz
60 Hz
Specify output DC voltage:
25-31 inches of mercury
41-104° fahrenheit, 5 - 40° celsius,
7” (178 mm) x 17” (432 mm) x 23.5”
(597 mm)
28 lbs (12.7 kg)
100V - 120V, 220V - 240V, 50/60 Hz
10V, 5V, 1V, 100mV, user selectable
Format (RS232/485, Ethernet, Multi-
drop) One RS-232 port (DB-9 male), one RS- 232 or RS-485 User Select
able (DB-9 female)
8 outputs, 6 inputs (opto-isolated), 6 alarm outputs (optional)
Optional 4-20mA, select up to three channels
Rack mount brackets (19”) with chassis slides
Rack mount brackets only
4-20 mA output (specify up to three channels)
Multi-drop RS-232 connection
Ethernet port includes 7ft. CAT-5 cable
(disables one serial port)
RS-232 Cable
Expendables Kit
Spare Parts Kit
Teledyne Monitor Labs, Inc. reserves the right
to make changes in construction, design, specifications and/or prices without prior notice.
35 Inverness Drive East Englewood, CO 80112
Fax: 303-799-4853
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