Ergo 02

Ergo 02
RSD is defined as an injury that occurs as a result of over or improper
use. 1 in 8 American workers has been diagnosed with an RSD at one
time or another, and it’s one of the most common types of injuries at
Colby College. Early recognition and treatment is key to preventing
significant long term damage and to ensure a rapid recovery.
There is no one clear way to know that you are headed for an RSD. Often, by the
time you realize that something is wrong, damage has already been done. For this
reason, try and pay close attention to your body for the following early warning
• Pain: Workers may feel a sharp or dull and aching pain in their limbs, which
may increase in intensity over time. Some employees feel this pain after
shoveling or mopping for a few hours, while others start to notice it only when
they make certain movements outside of work—such as twisting a doorknob to
open a door or raising their arms to wash their hair.
• Tingling or numbness: Sometimes a worker's hand or arm may have a
tingling sensation, or the employee may experience numbness or tingling in
certain fingers. This is a sign that nerve damage may have already occurred, so
these symptoms should be taken seriously.
• Fatigue: A worker who is experiencing pain may tire easily or may be unable to
perform the same amount of work that they had done in the past.
• Weakness or clumsiness: A loss of strength, dropping items, or having
difficulty picking things up can be a sign of a possible RSD.
High Risk Jobs at Colby:
Working at a computer
Painting and sanding
Any long duration overhead
Mopping or vacuuming
Preventing RSDs:
Use the proper equipment
Frequent stretches and breaks
Good posture and overall health
Do something! If you are suffering
from early symptoms, tell your
By the Numbers:
Treatment for RSDs include:
Avoiding activities that cause
Stretching and strengthening
Applying moist heat or cold packs
Resting the area and using splints.
Using anti-inflammatory medicines.
Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and
$20 billion
compensation costs annually
spent due to RSDs
25% national average percentage
of injuries due to RSDs
40 words/minute turns into about
12,000 keys per hour, and in an 8hour work day, you will have
pressed a total of 96,000 keys. 8
ounces of force is necessary to
depress one key, which equals
almost 16 tons of force exerted
by your fingers!
Review / Discussion Questions:
What are some jobs that you do at Colby that have a high risk for a RSD?
Have you ever suffered an RSD and was it work related?
Do you have any hobbies or sports activities that put you at risk for an
What are some preventive measures that you can take to protect
yourself at work and at home?
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