Dupline® Field- and Installationbus
Type GAP 1605, Programming Unit
• Portable programming unit
• Individual coding of every input or output
• Group coding of an entire module
• Reading of codes
• Editing of channel codes
• On/off-line coding of Dupline modules type G ....
• LED display 4 x 8 LEDs
• 5-key tactile keyboard
• Battery powered
• Easy-to-handle plug-type connection
• Automatic power saving mode
Product Description
Ordering Key
Programming unit for Dupline
ASIC-based modules G..(..) ....
Provides means of reading and
programming of channel
codes. Coding of I/O's as
Dupline ASIC Programmer
Type no.
either 2, 4 and 8 successive
channels or individually for
each I/O. Unused inputs/outputs can be defined as noncoded.
GAP 1605
Supply Specifications
Type Selection
Ordering no.
Internal battery
GAP 1605
Power supply
Battery type
Rated operational power
Battery lifetime
9 V Alkaline
400 mAH
IEC 6F22
< 25 µA
< 22 mA
Typ. 1 year
Product Specifications
General Specifications
No. of keys
Degree of protection
Pollution degree
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Humidity (non-condensing)
Mechanical resistance
6/6 modular socket
4 x 8 dots
1.8 mm
Tactile keys
GAP 1605 to Dupline system
2 x 6/6 modular plugs
75 cm
IP 40
3 (IEC 664)
0 to +50°C (+32 to +122°F)
-20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
20 to 80% RH
15 G (11 ms)
2 G (6 to 55 Hz)
ABS, grey
225 g
Specifications are subject to change without notice
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GAP 1605
Mode of Operation
The GAP 1605 is a portable
programming unit used for
reading or programming
channel code(s) in the ASICbased series of Dupline products.
Once the battery is installed,
the GAP 1605 is ready for
use. Connect the cable between the programming unit
and a Dupline module type
5 keys provide the means of
operating the GAP 1605:
two keys are used for reading and programming, two
keys for changing Groups
and Channels and one key
for selecting the desired
The current coding is displayed by 4 x 8 LEDs. The
top row of LEDs displays the
selected input or output.
The two middle rows display
the current channel group,
while the bottom row displays the current channel
« In/Out » - Key
This key is used to scroll
through the I/O's of a module. If a new module is connected or if consecutive
channel codes are allocated
to the I/O's, pressing the
« In/Out » key has no effect
since all Dupline modules
are preprogrammed to their
physical number of inputs/
outputs. This key is also
used to switch between
consecutive and individual
coding of the I/O's. To
change the mode, keep
« In/Out » pressed for more
than 2 seconds.
« Group » - Key
Used to select the Group
address within the range A
to P. The Group LED will
shift one position right for
each key activation.
« Prog » - Key
When the displayed I/Ocoding corresponds to the
desired channel configuration, the codes will be
downloaded to the Dupline
module when pressing the
« Prog » key.
« Channel » - Key
Used to select the channel(s) within the group. The
Channel LED will shift right
one, two or four positions,
depending on the number of
inputs/outputs. If consecutive channels are selected,
then pressing the « Channel »
key will have no effect.
« Read / On » - Key
Used to turn on the GAP
1605 and to read the channel codes of the connected
module. When the reading is
completed, the display will
show the channel code of
the module: either 1, 2, 4 or
8 inputs/outputs.
2, 4 or 8 In/Out LED's being
ON indicates that consecutive channel codes are allocated to the I/O's, e.g. input
1 coded to P1, input 2 to P2
... input 8 to P8.
If only one In/Out LED is
ON, then the I/O's are coded individually, e.g. input 1
to C5, input 2 to D4 etc. The
code for each I/O is indicated by a group LED and a
channel LED.
If the GAP 1605 is not connected to a Dupline system,
it will turn off within two seconds.
After programming is executed, a verification takes
place. If this verification
fails, all activated LEDs in
the display will flash two
times, and the programming
unit will switch off.
If such behaviour occurs repeatedly on the same module, the module may be
faulty. If several modules fail
to download, the GAP 1605
may be faulty.
Individual In/Out channel
The GAP 1605 features an
additional mode of singlechannel editing. Pressing
« In/Out » for more than 2
seconds will change the
operating mode to singlepoint programming. The
« In/Out » key is now used
to select one of the eight
possible inputs/output, thus
making individual channel
coding possible. The In/OutLEDs assign the display
channel code to the corresponding physical input/output of the module.
In singlemode the « Channel » key also has the ability
to disable an In/Out-position.
« Channel » must simply be
pressed past channel 8,
whereby both the Channel
LED and the Group LED will
turn off. To reenable, just
press « Channel » again.
It is possible to change all
eight Inputs/Outputs, even
though some Dupline modules are built for only 1, 2 or
4 Inputs/Outputs.
To exit single channel programming, just keep the
« In/Out » key pressed for 2
Output status setting
On receivers it is possible to
configure the status of the
outputs during Dupline failure. Normally, any output of
a receiver will go off during
Dupline failure. In some cases the inverted function is
desirable (e.g. light applications - turn on light if the
Dupline is down).
To change output status, the
GAP 1605 must be put into
configuration mode. This is
done as follows:
• Remove any connected
Dupline system.
• Keep both « In/Out » and
« Group » pressed, while
pressing « Read/On ».
The first In/Out LED now
turns on. Connect the Dupline
system, and press « Read/
On ». If output status is set,
then channel LED 1 will illuminate. Pressing « Channel »
will toggle the output status
Press « Prog » to store.
If « Read/On » is pressed
when no Dupline system is
connected, the LEDs will
flash to indicated a false
condition. Only a successful
reading will reset this condition.
Specifications are subject to change without notice
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GAP 1605
Mode of Operation (cont.)
Other features
To code a Dupline module
off-line, neither Dupline nor
power to supply the module
is required. Simply connect
the module to the programmer and start coding.
To ensure long battery life,
always remember to remove
the cable from the Dupline
modules. The Dupline modules will be kept in an inactive state as long as the
GAP 1605 is connected.
If On-line coding (module
connected to an operating
Dupline system) is performed, the module automatically disconnects ifself
from the Dupline and returns
to normal operation after the
programmer cable is disconnected.
The GAP 1605 automatically
turns off when no key has
been pressed within the last
30 seconds.
Additional information
Scope of supply:
1 x programming unit
GAP 1605
1 x cable
1 x user manual
Not supplied:
1 x 9 V battery type 6LR61
If the connection cable is removed from the Dupline
module, the GAP 1605 will
switch off within 2 seconds.
Low battery indication
When battery is low, the
In/Out row of LEDs will roll
centerwards in an eyecatching manner.
When using the GAP 1605
you must connect the cable
to the GAP 1605 before
connecting the cable to any
Dupline module that is to be
coded. Even so, the cable
must first be removed from
the Dupline module before
disconnecting it from the
GAP 1605.
Without observing these precautions you may destroy
the ASIC inside the Dupline
module through static discharges.
Specifications are subject to change without notice
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