Canon VC-C50i User manual

Canon VC-C50i User manual
Communication Camera VC-C50i/VC-C50iR
The VC-C50i/VC-C50iR is a high-performance PTZ
camera intended primarily for surveillance applications
and is available in 2 models according to the installation
mode. The VC-C50i is for normal upright mounting,
while the VC-C50iR is for inverted (ceiling-mounted)
In this product, the optical system has a higher
magnification than used in the VC-C4/VC-C4R to give a
wider surveillance range, and to give improved
monitoring performance in low-light conditions, along
with Night Mode (infrared imaging) for better low-light
The VC-C50i/VC-C50iR also features a multi-connector
so that a large number of terminals for control signals,
etc. can be installed in a limited space.
Other features have been carried over from previous
models, including the pan and tilt mechanisms and the
image processing technology, ranking this camera above
the VC-C4/VC-C4R. The VC-C50i/VC-C50iR is
available in NTSC and PAL models for different regions.
Communication Camera VC-C50i
Video or still images recorded using your VC -C50i/VC-C50iR cannot be used in ways
that infringe copyright laws or without the consent of the owner, unless intended for
personal use only.
If dust or rain adheres to the dome, focusing may occur on the dome wall. Please place
the dome wall and the camera as closely together as possible when using.
The VC-C50i/VC-C50iR contains the following items.
VC-C50i camera or VC-C50iR camera, Multiconnector Plug, AC Adapter PA-V16 (NTSC model only),
AC cable, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card (NTSC model only)
The camera uses a zoom lens that is compact but still features the best zoom rate (26x at infinity) in its
class, providing flexibility in installation and wide focusing range. The angle of view at the wide-angle
zoom setting is 42° (1.5° at telephoto).
By employing an f/1.6 lens that is among the brightest in its class, the VC -C50i/VC-C50iR archives
enhanced imaging performance in low-light conditions, making it more suitable for surveillance than
current models.
In addition to the Normal Mode used for ordinary operation, the VC-C50i/VC-C50iR features a Night
Mode in which the infrared cut filter is removed and stowed to expand the camera's sensitivity into the
infrared range. This makes it possible to make observations in low-light conditions where objects are not
visible to the naked eye. The camera can also emit infrared illumination in Night Mode to assist low-light
imaging function.
* Images on the screen are shown in black and white in Night Mode.
A slow shutter can be used which gives a CCD storage time that is longer than the time for 1 field. While
the frame rate decreases when the slow shutter is used, it increases the extent of the support for low-light
A noise reduction function is provided using a processor and SDRAM to store the video data. This
function reduces random noise on the screen to give crystal-clear images.
The VC-C50i/VC-C50iR is equipped with a new function that digital enlarges the displayed image by up
to 12 times. This can be used with the optical zoom to further widen the focusing range.
* When zooming is used, the resolution declines in inverse proportion to the magnification.
This is a 20-pin connector that will accommodate S video input/output, RS-232C input/output, etc. and
allows users to customize their cable connections according to how the camera is used.
Pan and tilt mechanism (pan angle: ±100°/ ±170°, tilt angle: -30° to +90° / -90° to +10°)
9 presets (camera angle, zoom setting, AE setting)
Up to 9 cameras connectable in cascade format via the RS-232C interface
ID setting function for up to 9 cameras
Equipped with a genuine Canon 26x zoom lens, the VCC50i/VC-C50i boasts the industry's highest optical zoom
magnification for a compact PTZ camera. This powerful
zoom makes the VC-C50i/VC-C50i ideal for monitoring
large spaces.
What •fs more, thanks to Canon's expertise in optical
technology, the lens delivers the further benefits of high
resolution, high color fidelity, and fast auto focusing.
Monitoring images can be further magnified using PCbased digital zoom (2x, 4x, 8x, or 12x). Please note that
image resolution decreases as digital zoom increases.
Even in dim conditions, the VC-C50i/VC-C50i provides top-class
monitoring. The VC-C50i/VC-C50i can capture color images with
only 1 lux of available light, thanks to the combination of a highlysensitive CCD sensor, a bright F1.6 lens, and slow shutter
Noise Reduction
Furthermore, whether the scene is bright or dark, the VC-C50i/VCC50i offers high image quality through noise reduction. Newlyadded SDRAM allows the camera to continuously compare frames
and eliminate instances of random noise in the picture.
In low-light situations, Night Mode can be
turned on to capture black & white images using
infrared light. This feature enables the VCC50i/VC-C50i to offer monitoring at night and
in other conditions of limited visibility.
A built-in infrared light source supplies the
illumination needed for Night Mode image
capture. Canon technology ensures that this light
is cast uniformly over the picture.
This convenient 20-pin connector has S-video, RS-232C, and other
input/output terminals, allowing one-plug connection to external
devices such as lights, alarms, and sensors. The multi-connector
makes it extremely easy to adapt the VC-C50i/VC-C50i to diverse
system configurations.
Example: The VC-C50i/VC-C50i is connected to a window sensor, an infrared lamp, and a PC in another
room. The VC-C50i/VC-C50i is initially facing the doorway; however, when the window sensor is
triggered the VC-C50i/VC-C50i turns on the lamp and swiftly moves the camera head to a preset viewing
angle. Images are then transmitted to the remote PC for security personnel to see and record.
As many as nine VC -C50i/VC-C50i camera units can be
connected in a daisy chain and controlled by a single PC
or a network camera server. What's more, the VCC50i/VC-C50i can be added to an existing system
comprised of Canon VC-C4 cameras and operated with
the same control software.*
* Features exclusive to the VC-C50i/VC-C50i cannot be
accessed by VC-C4 control software. Use of these
functions will require separate control software.
In terms of movement range and speed, the
VC-C50i/VC-C50iR is among the finest
compact PTZ camera on the market. Its centermounted pan/tilt mechanism is smooth,
precise, and quiet.
Pan Mechanism:
Rotation angle Left 100°, Right 100 °;
Rotation speed: 1 - 90° per sec.
Tilt Mechanism: Tilt angle Up 90° (factory
default 30°), Down 30°;
Tilt speed : 1° - 70° per sec.*
Pan Mechanism:
Rotation angle Left 170°, Right 170 °;
Rotation speed: 1 - 90° per sec.
Tilt Mechanism: Tilt angle Up 10°, Down 90°;
Tilt speed : 1° - 70° per sec.*
* If you are using computer to control the
camera, the image on the screen may appear
shaky then the camera head is being moved
The optional Wide Converter WL-37 can be used to provide wideangle shots (approx. 0.74x the normal focal distance).
The Wide Converter WL-37 cannot be used on the VC-C50iR. If the converter is used
on the VC-C50iR, the mount will gradually loosen and the converter will fall off the
The VC-C50i may not operate correctly if a converter other then the Wide Converter
WL-37 is used.
The permissible range of camera installation angles with the Wide Converter WL-37
mounted on the camera is ±15° from the horizontal.
The Wide Converter WL-37 cannot be used in night mode.
To facilitate monitoring of a large area, each VCC50i/VC-C50iR camera unit can be assigned up to nine
preset viewing angles. This enables users to change views
quickly and easily. When a preset is selected, the camera
quickly adjusts itself to show that viewing angle.
A preset viewing angle is comprised of specifications for
pan, tilt, and zoom.
The remote control offers programming of up to 9 preset
viewing angles.
The VC-C50i/VC-C50iR includes numerous image adjustment features: automatic and manual exposure
control, manual focusing, noise reduction, backlight compensation, white balance, and more. Many
different areas of Canon expertise have been applied to deliver a flexible, high-quality solution for
monitoring needs.
Users can choose to display the date and time within the monitor
picture. Text strings can be specified as well, to make it clear to the
person viewing the monitor which camera the images are being
sent from.
If camera output is being recorded, time/date/text can be recorded
along with the images.
Once configured, the VC-C50i/VC-C50iR is operated primarily
through a connected PC. The VC-C50i/VC-C50iR Controller
software is available as an option through regional sales
Also, as an aid to installation procedures, a remote control is
available as an optional accessory. One wireless control can be
used to make settings for several camera units.
Some functions (such as shutter speed and noise reduction) cannot
be accessed with the Wireless Controller WL-V5.
Operable Range of the Wireless Controller
Use the Wireless Controller WL-V5 within
the range described below, facing it toward
the sensor for the Wireless Controller WLV5. The operable range of the Wireless
Controller WL-V5 varies depending on the
amount of change remaining in the batteries
and interference from other objects. (This
applies equally to the VC-C50i.)
Communication Camera VC-C50i/VC-C50iR - Specifications
Video Signal
NTSC model for USA, Canada
PAL model for Europe, Asia, Oceania
Image Sensor
1/4-inch CCD
Total number of pixels
NTSC: 340,000 effective pixels
PAL: 400,000 effective pixels
Horizontal Resolution
NTSC: 460 TV lines
PAL: 420 TV lines
Vertical Resolution
350 TV lines
S/N Ratio
48 dB
Scanning Method
2:1 interlaced
Min. subject illumination
Normal mode: 1 lux (at 1/30 sec.)
Night mode: 0 lux
Imaging Modes
Normal mode, Night mode
Drive Mechanism
Pan Mechanism: Rotation angle Left 100°, Right 100 °; Rotation speed: 1 - 90° per sec.
Tilt Mechanism: Tilt angle Up 90° (factory default 30°), Down 30°; Tilt speed : 1° - 70°
per sec.*
Pan Mechanism: Rotation angle Left 170°, Right 170 °; Rotation speed: 1 - 90° per sec.
Tilt Mechanism: Tilt angle Up 10°, Down 90°; Tilt speed : 1° - 70° per sec.*
Connectors / Output
VIDEO OUT: BNC composite video output
Connectors / Multiconnector
S-Video output, RS-232C control (input/output), sensor input, alarm output, external
lighting control
Connectors / Power
DC IN (rated at 13 V)
Cascade control
Up to 9 cameras
Auto/Manual Wide-angle: 0.01 m (0.03 ft.) to inf.; Telephoto: 1.6 m (5.25 ft.) to inf.
(In night mode, Wide-angle 0.02 m (0.07 ft.) to inf.: Telephoto: 2.3 m (7.55 ft.) to inf.
At some zoom settings, the camera may not be able to focus on the subject.
Auto iris servo system
Focal length 3.5 to 91.0 mm, f/1.6 to f/4.0, 26x power zoom (shooting at infinity)
Infrared cut filter
Power-driven insertion/removal (normal mode/night mode)
Night mode
Infrared lighting: LEDs (4)
Effective lighting range: 3 m (9.8 ft.)
Lens filter diameter
37 mm, pitch: 0.75 mm
White Balance
TTL system, Auto/Manual /One-touch
Max. Power Consumption
Approx. 12.5 W (including AC power adapter)
Operating Environment
Temp.: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F);
Humidity: 20 - 85% RH (no condensation)
Installation Angle
±20° from horizontal ( ±15° with the optional Wide Converter WL-37 installed)
VC-C50i: 100 x 117 x 96 mm (3.9 x 4.6 x 3.8 in.) (W x D x H) (excluding attachments)
VC-C50iR: 100 x 117 x 97.6 mm (3.9 x 4.6 x 3.8 in.)(W x D x H) (excluding
VC-C50i: Approx. 420 g (Approx. 0.9 lb.)
VC-C50iR: Approx. 490 g (Approx. 1.1 lb.)
* If you are using computer to control the camera, the image on the screen may appear shaky then the camera head is being moved slowly.
Wireless Controller (Optional)
Infrared pulse system
Power Supply
3 V DC (2 AA-type batteries)
50 x 175 x 24.5 mm (1.97 x 6.89 x 0.96 in.) (W x D x H) (excluding attachment)
Approx. 79g (Approx. 0.17 lb.) (excluding batteries)
AC Adapter (PAL model optional)
100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 50-65 VA
13 V DC, 1.8 A (max.)
External (-), Internal (+)
58 x 118 x 25 mm (2.28 x 4.65x 0.98 in.) (W x D x H) (excluding attachment)
Approx. 205g (Approx. 0.45 lb.) (excluding cable)
These specifications are subject to change without notice.
For the AC adapter, use the PA-V16 dedicated unit. Also, do not use the PA-V16 AC adapter with any other product.
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